“DO NO HARM” |DRAMA| – @chess.brown

you see as doctors take this oath
hypocritical to be exact where we basically vow to never intentionally
harm our patients…that we would always do our best to aim for the preservation
of life. I know what you’re thinking… What if it’s an abortion? What if the
patient’s brain dead? What if his family request it? do they have
to sit there and just watch suffer? is it fair that they have to sit there and
watch? well I have a better question for you…what if (GUNSHOT) [music] Bezo luciano – “B.A.R.s” Whaddup Dizz… – whats good big homie Whaddup Boy. starting literally I don’t know I think
I made a mistake poor baby he struck out all but once and that’s
because the ball hit him okay baby it’s He’s gonna catch on fuck you looking at give me a little bit more time I can’t I
love you I could give it to you buddy Wow I got a peach ash my field trip tomorrow of course I gotta put the garbage can up
again oh thank you doctor man I swear if I had my bed clothes I
would laid up in one of those nice sanitary cozy hospital beds bruh after
the day we had I wouldn’t mind sleeping right here on this floor now that’s just nasty man so what’s up
so what come on harp don’t whats up me man you gonna go to the game with me this
weekend or not? man I told you unless they plan a Saints I’m not going with
you to see no damn Atlanta Falcons man you in this black and go look bro uni
come on this game with me this weekend Imma have your mantle platter bro you
can’t find nobody else to go with apparently not because they playing the– (intercom)
me though we don’t pay us enough for All a part of the job intern
dr. Williams we have a 32 year old male gunshot wound to the right
upper quadrant he’s lost a lot of blood we have two for ips we’re going and we
want to three units of packed red blood cells from the bluffing IVs going and
drove itself here portions all right if you understand my needs to raise one
hand okay good job yeah you think happy thoughts alright
yeah we got to get him the surgery still lodged in there pick ups pick up make no
noise okay wasn’t no nobody what are you doing home so early
look I told you to only answer what I asked you my coworker let me go home
early give me your phone how are ya what’s the passcode 6091 one what’s the alarm code 1938 I’ll give me the keys at house how’s Daschle doing yeah see you not
fully understanding what’s going on he had a game Wednesday right played
against the Tigers number 12 that’s just son right you know he almost
hit one over the fence but right before the ball comes he gotta let that bat go
a little bit because see resistance is the key to a lot of things but you
resisting me will be the key to shit but you getting killed
now give me those keys right now I’m not gonna ask again heart attack the Haiti
device three four five everybody clear hey hey don’t worry I promise you listen
you don’t okay mr. king well so much for a shower and a nap am I gonna be a one to have to address
the big pink elephant home you know what the hell are you talking about
big scruffy guy gunshot hello what the people always blowing stuff out
of a fortune man I mean so what if he’s caught up in the game does that mean
what I’m supposed to help I see somebody hasn’t read the oath anyway man
I’m thirsty. why don’t you get me a cup of Joe. doc I’m serious so am I mad I’ve been up all
night will he make up a joke before I’ll make
this hospital bed into a bunk bed you’ll be needing a doctor nathaniel king so who are you really cute kid your dad’s gonna make it back to you
I promise you that… sterling medicine med/surg floor
now the other own extension you want Nick you I transfer you alright
you walk Thanks oh man I see uh dr. William still has you running his
errands huh these are for me thank you very much to
come I was extra thirs- baby alone all right hey my sterling medicine may
search yes lieutenant Brown I’m sorry sir I can’t give out that information of
solving any of our patients all right may have some formation on the patient
in recovery in that neighborhood that can’t be the
right address and the victim is Danielle Williams okay sir um sure we’ll keep you
abreast on the progress thank you okay HARP! think about this think about what the
man’s wife is damn to the asshole we say if you go there right now I’m telling
him that this man just killed his wife what do you think personally don’t give
a fuck and you call yourself a doctor what happened to that old do no harm
we’re not here to judge life all they asked of us is to preserve it I kid
trust me I get it believe me I get it but risking one
light is not gonna bring Danielle’s life back you gotta realize he has a son
who’s gonna raise his son if he goes to jail who’s gonna raise Joshua where is Elijah with my coffee
you gotta do everything yourself alright alright you’re right I’m sorry
but we’re gonna eventually telling up we gotta save killing my Guess we got to tell him now So you knew!?! When did you find out Elijah?? Was it when I was saving his fuckin’ Life while he was killing my wife?! FUCK YOU Man! Come on man. Harp don’t do this Wake up motherfucker So you remember the woman you killed today?… answer me! that was my wife you bitch! that wasn’t suppose to happen… did she suffer? Well you are going to SUFFER TO! awww…what’s wrong Nathaniel?… you in pain? oh…you got shot? how about some alcohol! Harp stop it! stop it harp And that look…. I can see it in your eyes
you recognize me don’t you cute I’m fuckin sorry man I’m sorry ohhh shit i was suppose to go home to my wife tonight don’t do anything crazy man come on ! shut the fuckup! i don’t want to hear your excuses man think about josh bruh i’m fuckin sorry man should’ve stayed home tonight should’ve stayed home fuck am i doing man? this motherfucka killed my wife we were suppose- fuck…he suffocated… fuck…i cant say that shit FUCK YOU! your a sick son of a bitch man fuck come one wait- tell me why what are you talking about? why’d you do it?…. what? you needed money for some drugs or somethin look man.. i had to hustle for everything in my fuckin life i aint never had shit I aint had no fuckin handouts man i’m not lucky like you I’m not trying to hear your “i aint never had nothing” B.S we got choices in life you had a choice you had a choice not to… not to kill my wife look man if you gonna keep waisting my mother fucking time then just fuckin kill me don’t you tempt me you sick son of a bitch you think you any better than me you think this gonna change anything you just like me
if you kill me go get the keys! i will never be anything like you I can’t tell…what kind of choice are you making now? [GUNSHOT] “REVENGE” No what teacher thank you so much [GASP] Don’t worry….your dad’s going to make it back to you….I promise you that (echo)

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