Donny Goes to School – The President Show – Comedy Central

(“Hail to the Chief” playing) Wow. Unbelievable. What an incredible crowd. What great little kids. I wanted to come here because
education is so important, and we want to make sure
that the school is good for you. We think you guys
can go without lunch. You don’t need lunch.
You know you don’t need lunch. And we want to shorten
the school day. ‘Cause we can’t afford
to fund the schools. All right, great.
All right, well, such fun. Wonderful kids. Okay, Bridget, I’m done.
Let’s go. -Uh, sir? Sir?
-Thank you so much. -WOMAN: Excuse me, sir,
-Wonderful time. Great time. No, no, no, no. Sir? Remember? You’re supposed
to read to the kids? All right. Let’s read this. This is an incredible book calledThe Art of the Deal.I filmed this book cover
in a forest. Look at that guy. So handsome. “I call Ivan Boesky. “Boesky’s an arbitrageur. My idea is to hire Steve Rubell
and Ian Schrager…” You guys know who they are. “…the creators of Studio 54
and the Palladium.” What is it, kid? Who are they? They are incredible
real estate guys who owned Studio 54,
and that’s a place where you could doanything.Yeah, “what the heck” is right. -Fake children. Fake children.
-No. We are not! -Fake children.
-No. We’re not fake. Fake children. Play with the kids? What’s fun about them? Now, first off,
you’re the foreman. Okay? You’re
the chief electrician. Now, this is a contract, okay? Now, this guy, he’s
gonna want to take a kickback for everything you do. Now, bring me three yellow ones. The yellows are the illegals
that we hire to do the job that the guys
in workman comp won’t. And that’s the way to treat
an illegal– just throw ’em right on there. So these guys
are gonna do the work. The foreman’s
gonna get a kickback, but he’s gonna have to pay
the Mob guys. Now, the Mob guys,
they talk to me, okay? Only me. This is what’s so much fun about
building– are you kidding me? Oh, no! Oh, no. -GIRL: Let’s build it bigger.
-But this is fine. We can claim insurance on that. See, now, we could just claim
a bankruptcy against the construction costs. Then we can sue
to lower the costs, make $40 million off a building
we don’t even build. Then take my name and just slap it
on the front of this building. We don’t even need
to construct it. And that’s how business works. Now, I’m thinking about creating
a mass deportation program, where we’re gonna take people
who are illegal immigrants, separate them
from their families and ship them
to other countries. What do you think of that? -No. Don’t do that.
-You shouldn’t take them away from their parents. What do I do about that? You could just keep them here. Sir, do you want to go,
or are you, uh…? -Excuse me?
-I’m s… Mike, get out of here. -We’re making beads.
-Sorry, sir. Sorry. Unbelievable. You know, you got
to have a best friend, right? But, boy, they can get
on your nerves. -You know what I mean?
-Yeah. Mike’s always like,
sir, this, sir, that. Oh, sir, don’t do that.
Sir, sir, pull your pants up. -PENCE: Sir, I can hear you.
-All right, good. -Okay.
-Maybe you’ll take the note. Anyway, I want to give you
a friendship bracelet that I’ve made for you. Annabelle, I give you
this friendship bracelet because you’re now
my new best friend and my only best friend
in the world. Everybody else, including the
last person I was talking to, is no longer my best friend. -(Trump clears throat)
-Yes, sir. ♪ ♪ Red light, green light,
one, two, three. Red light! Green light. Red light! (indistinct shouts) ♪ ♪ TRUMP:
Yay, yay, yay. Yay, yay, yay, yay. That’s right.
Watch it, kid. There we go.
You can stay up on it. -Sir. Sir, we have to get going.
-(school bell rings) -What?
-We have to get going, Sir. -I don’t want to go.
-I know, but it’s time to go. -I don’t want to go, Mike.
-But it’s time to go. -I don’t want to go!
-Sir, it’s time to go. -I don’t want to go!
-Let’s go. -I don’t want to go!
-Come on, it’s time. I know you’re having fun,
but it’s time to go. -Come on, let’s go.
-(Trump sobbing) Let’s go, come on. Drop the ball, give the ball
to someone else. -I don’t want to go!
-Give the ball to someone else. -Give the ball to someone else.
-I don’t want to go! Mr. President, give the ball
to someone else. -I don’t want to go.
-Give it to someone else. -Give it to someone else.
-I don’t want to go. -Here. No, no. Don’t do that.
-I don’t want to go. Here. He’s your ball,
thank you. -It’s okay, it’s okay.
-(Trump sobbing) It’s okay. We have to talk to the
president of Argentina. Let’s go. -We have to talk
-I don’t care. -to the president of Argentina.
-I don’t want to go. I don’t want to go! You had a lot of fun. We had a lot of fun. -We had a lot of fun.
-(Trump moaning) Nope. -My friendship bracelet!
-Okay, thank you so much. You’re the president
of the United States. -Let’s go.
-(kids laughing) (Trump groans) -CHILD: See ya.
-You didn’t see that. That didn’t happen. Thank you very much. TRUMP (crying):

100 Replies to “Donny Goes to School – The President Show – Comedy Central”

  1. Wow excellent imitation Anthony acts/sounds just like Trump. It's very, very funny!! After 28 days of the government shutdown, this is unbelievable to watch. Right on! comedy central!

  2. This would get you arrested in almost any other country. Thank God for freedom of speech! I’m republican but think this is hilarious!!

  3. A coworker showed me a smaller clip of this video and I really thought it was him. I didn't register it as it not being him until he started freaking out when the bouncy ball was being taken away from him. At first I was like "What the hell?" Then I said "Oh shit that's not really him, it's a dude making fun of him by acting like that." I was cracking up big time.

  4. OMG this is one of the funniest f**king things I've ever seen! Anthony Atamanuik is hands down the best Trump impersonator ever. And the cleverness of these skits. Pure brilliance.

  5. No disrespect to All orhers including Colbert, but this guy caught all the dark secrets that make up trump and translated it into this visceral eerie character that you feel all the subconscious layers that ooze out the real cesspool Drumpf. He is scary, simplistically dangerous and as shallow and narcissistic as the real deal. No wonder he is the only one gone from tv. Thanks man! Hope you return one day!!!

  6. This guy is a great DT impersonator, I actually felt like it was DTRUMP talking. LMBAO CRYING ON FLOOR SCENE WAS GREAT! Lmbaorotfl

  7. THATTSSS SUPPER FUNNNY!!! Especially the last scene!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA😭😭😭😭😭😭

  8. This is so accurate. I feel like this is exactly how Trump acts everyday. Hes worst than a kid. Freaking Orange head.

  9. Impressions don't work when you hate the person. Could have been much funnier if you didnt have an agenda

  10. Best impersonation ever. And I bet that's how he was when he was in school! Also, now we know what his so-called executive time is!!

  11. Play with the kids?
    Teacher:Yeah it's fun
    Trump: What's fun about them?

    Are we sure this isn't a cut from when Trump visited a school for a real photo op?

  12. It's hilarious! And honestly, probably 90% of the German think about him that way. Such a stupid idiot what the people in the US call a president.
    But funfact. The satirc shows have an easy job right now. They don't have to think about jokes. They just show the news.🀷
    Could have been so funny, wouldn't it be so sad!

  13. Please bring this back 🀞 theres nobody who can do this better than Anthony. I miss these episodes everyday.

  14. In real life, Trump will end up in a straight jacket shouting "Pelosi! Biden! McCain! Clinton!" over and over as he runs from side to side in his rubber room.

  15. Why did Comedy Central cancel this show? We need it now more than ever! This was my favorite show in 2017, it is still hysterically funny.

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