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  1. USA IS A VERY, VERY COOL AND SMART COUNTRY. WHY IS IT SO MUCH TO ASK TO HAVE A PRESIDENT THAT IS WORTHY? Approx 340 million of us. Yes. It is a hard job no doubt. But damnit. What is up with the "stupid factor" in that position. I would do it. You would be happy and prosperous. I would do that for you. I promise. I am just a little busy right now. 🇺🇸.

  2. Trump's scared like a BITCH like he's going to jail he ain't pulling-over till the wheels fall off AKA usa is DESTROYED


  4. 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  5. Child 1: being taped for a presentation I don't see any reason why Fortnite would be free.
    Child 1: Wait no I meant wouldn't
    Child 2: sentence mixes the tape so it looks like Child 1 says "mY pEEpEE smALL" and puts it on YouTube

  6. This is not even funny. This like making fun of your friends mother, to turn around and find she's right there! Evidently you do not live in the land of the free with respect to the U.S. OF A!!!!!!!

  7. It was one word. Aren’t you stretching it a bit?

    Why arent you covering all of the dollars wasted on years if baseless investigations?

  8. We need to call out for commitiees of judicial practicies to hold hold banana judges accountable including the ones that railroad cases so that no one will mess with there coart, in thier town, again. #commities for judicial practices.

  9. " I don't know him! I never met him! I can't pronounce his name. That means we never met!". "But I heard he's a really nice guy.".

  10. "My Trump Tower,inTurkey,is doing better than ever. Than ever… I , and my family, can't wait to see how well " Moskow Trump will do…".

  11. In Trump's background where guys , wearing native American headresses wondering where the Trump S.O.B. was gonna pay him for wearing that disrespect.

  12. In some of the words, of one of our POTUSES, " There will be a thousand points of light. Everyone, grab a gun and form a tight circle. The enemy is in the middle, NOW SHOOT!!!". JUST KIDDING.

  13. Everytime i googled POTUS and Putin; these two shady fucks show up, on camera, like they are showing the world," How to do a drug deal."…

  14. Is " Family Vacation" to India. Where he couldn't pronounce a work in his speach, reminds me of his casino," Taj- Mahaul in your money". Didn't The Gaming Commission close down a third of the slots( not sluts) there because they were rigged and Trump claimed that the " machines where hot! That's why THOSE machines are turned off. They just got too hot!". If i didn't see it on video, i would still think;" That sounds JUST LIKE TRUMP!!!".

  15. Trump went, to ask India, to build a Trump Tower next to the Taj Mahal with a Taj Mahal casino inside. That makes sense.

  16. A show came on t.v. called" Ice Cold Gold". It showed glacier veins of rubbies in Greenland. The Next Day. Trump requested to buy Greenland. No joke.

  17. Elizabeth Warren reminds me of that crazy English teacher that always picks on " the hot chick" because she finnishes every sentance with the word" like". It must freak her out!

  18. I'm sorry, Mrs Warren, like, i didn't mean to say, the word like. Like, please, don't hit me with the ruler, again…

  19. I mean….I'd prolly hate Trump too if I was brainwashed by the fake news into voting for Hillary Clinton….a woman who's still married to jeffery epstein's good friend.

  20. " We have a GREAT anser. IT'S GREAT!… … Me; Donald Trump and OUR LEADER…of The Space Force… ARE GOING TO SPACE!!! VERY, VERY FAR AWAY!…".

  21. Pence: "Hey, Trump, did you bring your shorts?". Trump says: "What shorts?". Pence replies:" The shorts you need for "SPACE FORCE".

  22. Yo, Mister Vice President, Biden, when someone, is in the school yard, and getting picked on by a bully, stand up for those victems.

  23. @0:33 Is The Face Of The First President To Ever Betray His Country & Have An Administration Comply & Take Full Part In Corruption & Money Laundering! Hussien Is A Trader & Will Pay!! #WWG1WGA

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