DRAMA | Gimana Caranya Biar Cepet Tambah Tinggi Yaaa Gess ??

I’m so starving now! Asep’s (my brother) ? please get me the plate! where are you? I’ll get the plate get the plate, uh I can’t how to take it? ahaaa! (get an idea) what ? Jeevan’s, what are you doing? I get the plate what if it falls, I’ll take it for you how much you need the plate? i just need a plate for eat, i’m so starving why your not to telling me ? I was to tell you, but you’re not answer oh I’m sorry, I was listening to the music with earphone hmm.. what if I’m tall I’m no need to take a chair and tell you you have to be patient, you’ll grow, will add height no, I want to add height now that is so hard hmmm… try to search the step to add height ok, i’ll try searching oh, i get it how about that ? let’s do this the first, you have to measure height so, the height is 120 cm ok, let’s do it the first step (jumping) the second step, swimming how do you feel ? my brother is want to add height you have to be patient, you will grow and add height I want it right now he wants instant sir, in this world is nothing instant, must be patient but, this is instant (laughing) that’s right although that is instant, that is must to boiled the first, cooked, add seasoning there are a process that’s right is there a faster way to add height? you have to eat, rest, and swimming he was swimming, but he is not add height yet how many times did he swim? 1 time, doctor ! what ? so, the height is 120 cm, in 6 months start right now you have to eat, enough rest, and swimming so, later will check the height after 6 months that will add okay, doctor! so, there isn’t the medicine? nothing, just eat if it pulls? don’t do it, that will causes injury that isn’t pulling, sir? pulls right now! so, you have to come here after 6 months we’ll be measuring height okay, doctor! okay Jeevan’s, get up! you have been sleeping during the day in 2 hours what? 2 hours? yes, let’s go to lunch I was cooking let’s go ! this is the drink I was cooking long beans, steak beef (protein), potato (carbohydrate) let’s get to lunch, I’ll wait here spend it now, and you’ll get to grow and height yes, I can’t wait to grow and height that so yummy right? this is so delicious ! I’m full do you like it? so yummy! this was spend that so cool! I’m curious to measuring height, will be adding? not yet, not one day yet the doctor said, there is nothing instant I’m so curious please measuring height not yet, just one day what is my height? 130 cm what I said this is cause the long beans, I”m so excited for cooking again

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  1. Haii Aunty n Uncle , mampir bentar yuk di chanelnya krystal ,, bantu suscribe juga donk 🙏🏻,, bantu krystal biar makin semangat buat videonya yaa 🥰🥰🙏🏻🙏🏻

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