Drama Kısa Film “HASTA” | Enis Öztürk & Efecan Kaya | 2019 [ENG-TR Altyazı]

Thank you… Sorry for holding you for a while. I just finish my post. It happens… Did you able to sleep? Unfortunately not, I’ve been awake since 36 hours. You’re still young, you can take it.
Could you get my results? Let me look… How is your back? It’s fine… I see ninety patients in a day; at home I suffer for that… Do you still live alone? In that situation your wife needs to be– We get used to live separate… But, now, she needs to return. How many times we asked for moving, they never allowed. What can we do, divorce? By the way, we may hospitalize you… Cool it… I need to leave, patients are waiting… See you. Come in..! Welcome Mr Ercan… Would you please give me 5 minutes? Doc, come on, I’ve things to do. I’ve been waiting since ages. I come here today even it’s my off week. Don’t you see… Please, take a seat. What is my daughter’s situation?
Do you have the test results? Her situation is critical, Mr Ercan. Medication doesn’t help on recovery process. So what? We need to do another test. You already conduct thousands of inquiries. Each one of them is money. When is she going to be ok, doctor? In that phase, It’s really hard to say something. Is it hard!!! Sir, please calm down..!
Here, we fight with very vital disease. (whispering) vital disease… She will live! She will live!!! Who are you supposed to be? Fighting with vital disease… Don’t tell me bullshit!! I swear that I shot you! I shot both you and that nurse at the registration!! Do your job!!! Sir, do you want me to call the security? No, not necessary. But please give me five minutes before sending the next patient. Ok, as you wish…

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  1. Oyunculuklar ve verilen mesaj cok guzel; yanliz bir geribildirim: Turk doktorlara adamissiniz, doktorlar Turkce konusuyor, Turkiye'de cekilmis, ama adinin ve alt yazisinin Ingilizce olmasi oldukce gereksiz olmus.

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