Drug King EP4 – Lion King Parody SCM

Angry Bird is gone He crashed And Now to you Hey, i will not suck it, okay? What if I ask you to? Ask me? Oh yeah Dominating! you’re so wet Quite impressive There’s the stuff to smoke Weeeeeed It’s really good stuff yeah, Isn’t it great? We haven’t even paid for it. I know, hah I wonder if there is more inside there “There is only one way to know.
Come on, let’s check it out” “Wrong, the only smoking you will do
is a peace pipe with daddy” shut up “Please tell me that you paid
them for the weed” Looks like angry bird is scared “It’s mr. Banana bead to you fuzzy
and right now we are all in very
real danger.” Angy Bird ha I walk on the wild side I laugh in the face of danger *lol* häh?

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