Drunk Audience Bullies Comedian With Stutter

Hi everybody! welcome to another episode of dog vlog I’m comedian Drew Lynch, I have a stutter and this is my dog Stella she does not so I was a little premature in my last “this is the worst experience at a comedy club ever” video *lolz* I did a show in front of a crowd of about maybe 40 people? 25 of those people were a drunk birthday party a small army if you will this was the most di-di-dis-dis-disrespectful group i’ve ever seen there were 2 people in that group celebrating birthdays which is great! I think going out is-s-s-s to a comedy club for a birthday is awesome i also think that if you think you’re the only people that are there and that the world revolves around you because you were born on a day you’re a piece of sh!t #truth the first time they sang “happy birthday” was… it hit midnight and in the middle of one of my friend’s sets they just started singing “happy birthday” he was in the MIDDLE of a joke the second time they started singing “happy birthday” was when I was onstage HAPPY BIRTHDAY *alright* DEAR ????? *hm* HAPPY BIR- *s-s-s-s* they made the comedy club look like an elementary school cafeteria with Jäger “yeah… so-so-s” “HEY, LOSER!” I don’t heckle you a-a-at your job what happens if you work retail at JCPenny and you’re just folding things and I’m just *vlaaahh HAHAHA* “maybe try sweaters! *ppttttttlllllhhhh* I don’t subscribe to the idea that you need to have alcohol to have a good time unless the.. it is a one night stand you can just not get around that the comedy club appreciates their buisness I don’t wanna be the a**hole “your guy’s business is just.. is the… the worst kind of business” like a Phở shop that has a C grade get the Phở out *hehehehehe* so I was very polite they were talking over me and I said “hey… hey… hey if you guys keep talking I can’t I’m not able to talk… so” which is true ask any person who stutters we are hear our natural voices without a stutter in our head but then our mouth can’t do it but then you’re voice… which is a different voice is going in this ear and we’re trying to process it through our voice to say it through our… in our sh!tty filter voice just too many voices there’s already 30 in here cuz i’m a psychopath this was a group of people that were “woo” ers for themselves they were making jokes like within them… like the group then just go WOOOooooOOOOoooOOOoooOoOoo there was one guy, 6’4″, huge, he had a neck tattoo fake chains every time a comedian would do a joke or hit… like… a punchline he would go “YEAH! OR ______” one comedian would be like “you know- you know when your like- when you shopping and uhh, there’s just the clothes everywhere and he’d be like “YEAH!” or like “CHICKEN NUGGETS!” “WOOOoooOOooOOOOOoOOOoO” the comedians who went up before me did not have a good experience I also knew the audience that watched the show prior to me did not have a good experience they felt bullied because they were outnumbered by this group of “people” I’m not going to stand idly by and watch you show the rest of the audience that this is what a comedy club experience is no it’s not! and yo shouldn’t be heckling the comedians so then I finallysaid something “I’m talking to you… just… just…watch what? *unintelligible* “huh?” “I’m talking to you, the biggest guy in the f*ckin’ room” *lolz from audience* I was prepared to at least get my a** beat for standing up for the rest of the crowd *clapping* “so what are you saying? That you have such audacity to interrupt someone who has difficulty talking” I went up there with balls as big as this guys mirror dice tha- *hehehehehe* like bullies do when they are confronted all of a sudden they’re a little bit taken back “and he amazingly, talked through the entire show and then when I asked him directly he didn’t say sh!t! that’s amazing!” *OHSH!TWADDUP* *CLAPPING* and then, I don’t know that he could have said a worse thing that would make him possibly more hated by everyone in the room? but he said “G-G-G-G-G-G-Unit” *heeEEEY!* *booOOOOOOO *AWE MANNN* *COME ON!* *BOOOOOO!!!* “GET OUTTA HERE* *YOU’RE AN A**HOLE!* “G-G-G-G-G-” “COME DOWN AND DO SOMETHING!” That’s what spoke to this guy belligerence and intelligence he could have said anything! he called me by… by my street name you don’t get to go in to comedy showrooms and then just think that you’re a comedian from the audience thats why you’re in the audience “I paid money here, I get to do whatever I want!” No you don’t! You know what place where you can just pay money and then just do whatever the hell you want? A zoo and you could just… stay there I need it to be very clear, what’s socially acceptable at a comedy club, and just in… in life I accept that people will walk away saying, “well I didn’t think the comedian who stuttered with the… the great biceps was… was that good” it’s my job to make sure that if you didn’t have a good time it’s because of me, It’s not because of other people in the showroom so anyway thats… thats been our show everybody I’m sorry if I was salty AF this is… uhhh… our show called dog-vlog we… we do this every Monday and Thursday so please subscribe below *PCHT* also check out my tour schedule in 2K17 *PCHT* and if you wanna see my past videos check them out here *WOOSH* and… uh… If you… uh… like crazy characters, follow me follow me on snapchat where you can see… uh… stuff like this *PCHT* “yeah, we go and party all night, we gon go to da bar… n maybe go to da strip club, go to a buffet, go to an old…” alright thanks everybody, G-G-G-Unit out! *HAHAHAhaha HEHEHEHEHEHEHEhehe* I gave him the snake eyes of… of ba- *hahaHAHA*

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