Hey everybody how are today? Wooo Damn everybody , it’s me Today we make a beat in 10 minutes Eh hi everybody it’s SuperKonar well done I think You can rate on 10 the imitation me i think it’s 10 Ladies and Gentlemen , new concept a little initiative concept No, it’s inspired by “Jokes de papa” I will let someone explain because i totally stole his concept Yes thanks, it is very kind That is truth that i am the strongest and the most beautiful Subscribe on my channel it’s Amixem a little bit for me ? He’s also the genius , the genius it’s also he who gave birth to me Ah yes the concept is extremely simple It is to take a brand and associate it with a slogan from another brand for example : “Youtube , thoroughly the form” not funny right now, but uh, the goal is to maybe create some pretty daring gaps who will provoke humor in others, well , like that I told myself : “A short video one this topic, in mode Joke de Papa it can be very funny”. So now, there’s a little voice-over who’s going to explain you the rules. Joyca: Each in turn we’re going to introduce ourselves at the table to face another player, the goal being to make him laugh. For it, we have the right to use the slogans that we had prepared before this video, but that’s not all. To spice up all of this, I provided some costumes so we could make eccentrics entrances. We can tell two slogans each, then the players leave their place. Raska: Bang, voice-over counter, it’s Raska. If the person laughs, it takes a point, and you understood it, the loser is the one who has the biggest number of points at the end. Joyca: Careful, there’s a subtlety in this video. We have a referee, which is: *’Coucou’ of MissJirachi (French Youtuber)* JOEY ! *laughter* Joyca: I think it’s the best entrance of someone in a video. Amixem: He was there from the beginning huh !
Joyca: He was there from the beginning. Joey, that will be the referee, he’s the one that’ll decide if it’s a rictus… Amixem: Mister the Referee.
Joyca: We’re going to greet the referee of course, but there’s a way to greet someone, I find you a bit…pushy. Amixem: Mister the referee Joyca: Way better. Joey will decide if it’s a rictus or a real laugh. Amixem: The nose blowing, the sudden rictus the humid rictus Mastu: Blocked *laughter* Joey: Well the blocked one doesn’t count anyway Mastu: It’s like… Yeah, that is okay. Joyca: Yeah, the resistant. Cyril: Can we resist ? Can we resist ? Mastu: Alright. Joyca: An example of the resistant ? Yeah, exactly. The resistant doesn’t count, the resistant is there to create a tension. And what is the stake for the one who loses ? I’m telling you it’s simple. The loser, so the one who laughed the most, will leave with a free wax depilation ! *TADAM* What’s going to happen, is that we’ll have… so the three winners will have a wax strip, and they’ll place them wherever they want right ? Amixem: No No… *laughter* Joyca: No, it’ll be the leg. Amixem: No because there’s clearly an unfairness because I have obvious Portuguese roots Joyca: *Cliché joke* The leg Maxime. Amixem: Alright. Joyca: Everyone is okay with the leg ? We shake our hands, okay for the leg ? The leg Mastu: Why are you holding out your hand to me first ? Amixem: THE LEG ! THE LEG ! Joyca: Well to shake your hand okay it’s decided, it’s decided, it’s the leg. First duel, we play heads or tails Cyril: Heads, for me Joyca: It’ll be Maxime against Mastu Yeah it’s a heads or tails uuuh…. Very complex Joyca: Gentlemen, greetings *Bang* *discreet laughter* *Tibetan relaxation music* *discreet laughter* Joey: *laughs* Sorry Maxime, you begin Amixem: *hum hum* I begin calmly It’s all about strategy Mastu: ♫ When I don’t believe in my dreams anymore♫ ♫I live other’s ones♫(French song) Amixem: Unfair, clearly unfair We have to look in the eyes There’s a look in the eyes inevitable Joyca: There’s a look in the eyes yeah Amixem: Volkswagen, It’s strong in chocolate. *muffled laughter* Joey: It’s controlled Joey: Your turn ! Cyril: It’s approved Mastu: Ready ? Mastu: Who sows flowers, gathers softness Gillette Fusion. Amixem: It has nothing to do with it A razor brand who’d say that, would be a really bad razor brand actually I wouldn’t buy it personally… Chocapic, Das Auto It’s the opposite you know… of the first one… I was thinking that it would be funny, given that it was the opposite *muffled laughter* Mastu: Give to your mouth a natural feeling Vaseline. *breath in* Cyril: Meaningful Joyca: Yeah, meaningful, nice one Joey: 2-2 each Joyca: Perfect Gentlemen, nice first round Cyril: Hello. Joyca: Hello, you can let go of my hand. Cyril: Oh okay. Amixem: Excuse me, it’s a… It’s a Kipsta (pun on kippah) *laughter* *ding* Joey: Who wants to begin ? Joyca: I’ll go Let’s take the life side Jardiland Joyca: Well, it was a try Cyril: National Front (racist political party) whiter than white. Amixem: Nice one Joyca: Really good one Cyril Knacki Ball, Male perfection Joyca: Link with the balls Mastu: Excuse me you lost your Kipsta Joyca: Never mind Hmmmm Cyril’s really tough Cyril: Do you like coffee ? I enjoy drinking coffee before… leaving for a shoot for example Jacquie & Michel, (French porn site) Granny knows how to make good coffee Joyca: After a shooting ? Cyril: During *laughter* Joyca: Very good Cyril Amixem: Oh yes Joyca: We made 2 each now ? Joey: Yes Joyca: Oh great because.. it was really hard to hold it Joyca: Maybe we can greet ourselves before ? Mastu: Why not Amixem: Greetings please Your Kipsta is upside down Joyca: *Nose blowing* Amixem: Well, you- you’re the referee but there’s a big nose blowing Joey: Yeah *Ding* *Laughter* Joey: It’s repetitive also Amixem: Oh yes Joyca: Oh it’s disgusting Oh fuck the public makes me laugh like that, I’ll have a field day Maxime Mastu: Can we greet ourselves ? Joyca: Yes of course *fart* *laughter* Amixem: Oh my god he’s trying everything *laughter* Amixem: It’s legal, it’s legal Joyca: Really I’m leaving, clearly I’m leaving I leave the… I leave the table Amixem: Really ? Well I lost, I lost 2 times so… Cyril: I’m not gonna fart otherwise I’ll screw my pants up I tried a bit earlier Joey: Cyril, go on Cyril: Smecta, Without a crack, It’s safier Joyca: Oh, Well done in comparison to annals fissure Mastu: Hum, there’s true researching Mastu: We stay in the same topic… Pampers, That goes without saying Cyril: That’s cute Joyca: Oh yes it goes fro-frooom from the ass of the baby Cyril: *slight laughter* Cyril: No, but that’s… Joyca: Oh Yes ! Yes ! Yes !
Amixem: Yes ! Yes ! Joey: Smile and there, it-it’s controlled but… Cyril: Eh! Eh! Eh! Borderline huh Cyril: It’s a joke that relates to you again I think but… Wizdeo Where your money is happy. You known Wizdeo, right ? You never had… No ? Mastu: No Amixem: You must know YouTube but nice one anyway Joyca: You must know YouTube yeah Mastu: Even wet, she’s not ripped up La Laitière (woman called ‘The dairy producer’, face of a dairy product brand) Joey: *laughs* Sorry ! I’m sorry Amixem: I hold my laugh even if I’ve the right to do it, but it’s reaaally funny Joyca: There’s was a long smile at a point Maxime.
Amixem: Yeah Joyca: there was a nice little smile Joey: Yeah yeah it’s controlled honestly Joey: Who wants to begin ? Maxime, you begin ? Amixem: I have 2 for you, prepare yourself Jordan. Because those ones, I wrote them FOR you Joyca: I wrote some for you too Maxime Amixem: Very well Joyca: *muffled laughter* Joyca: Wait, no, I have a problem of… Cyril: Ooooooohhh, Referee ! *Ding* Amixem: You have to speak It’s your turn huh Joyca: Oh alright I’ll begin then My slimness water, Maxime, It’s Novalac (milk for baby) Amixem: I get it Amixem: Jordan ? Joyca: Hum Hum ? Amixem: ♫The washes last longer with♫ Société générale (French bank) Mastu: *muffled laughter* Joyca: You can have more money, o-or make a credit for example Amixem: For example, Jordan Joyca: *restrained laughter* Amixem: Referee I let you umm… Joyca: I’m resisting Amixem: You haven’t seen it ! Joey: I haven’t, I saw after, it’s resisted Amixem: The referee’s always right but, let’s rewatch it Joyca: He’s crazy Babybel ! He’s crazy ! *laughter* Joyca: YEES !! YES ! YES !! Amixem: It’s not making any sense Joyca: Yes, well, I was sure it was it, I needed to tell it fast Amixem: This one you have to watch TV to get it, but it’ll be okay Dulcolac, Artisan de la qualitad Joyca: Nice one
Amixem: Thanks Amixem: It really reminds me of a wig I’ve seen on Mastu a few minutes ago. There’s a really little budget at the RedBox concerning costumes Ready ? Cyril: hmmm Amixem: Stairlift Stannah, for the players Amixem: It’s a stairlift for old people, but for the players Cyril: There’s a controller ? Amixem: Actually there’s even a PC included You press the button, it climbs the stairs and you can finish your Fortnite game while spinning Cyril: How many Gigabyte ? How many… Amixem: 32 Gigas of RAM
Cyril: Yeah ? De RAM 3.2 GHz 8 hearts For the players. Amixem: GTX 1080 included in the stairlift Cyril: Do you know what the players like too ? Pornhub, best results in one move Amixem: There’s the body language There’s the gestures of masturbation *BIIP* *spits* *Tibetan relaxation music* *Spits* Joey: *laughs* Joyca: Yes that’s it, I think it’s masturbation but I’m not sure. Mastu: *laughs* Amixem: It was amazing, I found it very funny Inside I’m dead Joyca: It doesn’t show at all Amixem: I swear Joyca: Oh really ? When he did… *spits* Like this you mean *laughter* *Ding* Amixem: You really are a son of a bitch oh fuck… Amixem: OK Joyca: When i think about it, Mastu’s fart was the best joke for now *Ding* Joey: You laughed Cyril: What ? No Sir ! No no no no no ! Cyril: Really, I laughed twice for the same thing, I took 2 points for a fart *laughter* Joey: That’s the game Cyril: It’s disgusting Joey: It’s Maxime Joyca: Oh it’s…*fart* Maxime *laughter* Cyril: It’s not really fair play, mister the referee I have to say that uummm everyone farts all day long Amixem: But allow me to say that it stinks Cyril: *snigger* *ding* Cyril: I forgot !!! Joey: It counts Amixem: Unicorn, Good sheep’s milk *laughter* Joyca: Amazing Cyril: Maxime, SACD, Isn’t the life beautiful ? Amixem: Very based on YouTube but good It touched my affect and my bank account Joyca: SACD reminder Joey, You are the referee, can you remind us what’s SACD Quickly, it’s the royalties’ company Joey: it…Yeah *laughter* Mastu: Careful both of you Cyril: Well done Joey: Who’s starting ? Joyca: I’d like to
Joey: Alright Joyca: What do you think of my cap ? Mastu: I think it gives a style Joyca: I maybe put it upside down, tell me if I did Mastu: I don’t think so Joyca: Perfect, then let’s go Mastu: Hum hum Joyca: With ♫ Tin, tin, tin, an other one drive the ♫ Renault Modus. Amixem: Oh fuck it’s awesome dude Joyca: Kangoo, also, if you want Joyca*whispers* : Another one drive the… You can do it too Joyca: Sing ! Sing ! Joyca: Okay, too bad Should I do it one more time maybe ? Mastu: No, it’s fine I get it Joyca: Okay, well, Nice resistance Mastu: Wait a second Amixem: Oh oh !
Joyca: It’s physically impossible Amixem*laughing* : Oh oh oh oh oh ! Joey: I need the pen however to umm… Joyca: Well hidden anyway Cyril: *laughs* Joyca: Well Mastu umm… Go on Mastu: Well when you’re fed up, There’s Afflelou (French optician brand) Amixem: Not really no Well personally, when I’m fed up I don’t go to the optician Joyca: I understood the subtlety… When you’re… fed up but it would be better like that It would work better I think *laughter* Amixem: What an asshole
Joyca: Now, you would have put the glasses on and say ‘ When you’re fed up’ There’s Afflelou *laughter* Joey: Controlled Joyca: This pen is terrible Don’t put it anywhere else No really *laughter* Cyril: He’s challenging the laws of gravity Joyca: Atoll ! (Another optician brand) ♫It’s strong in chocolate.♫ Joyca: It’s not… It has nothing to do with it you know I shouldn’t have told that one Mastu: Diesel, We are the taste Joyca: *nose blowing* Amixem: Woow…He gave in Cyril: Yeah he gave in Joyca: Cyril, I’m giving you, not all my differences, (French song) but the right to speak Cyril: Thank you very much Jordan ! Joyca: In Wifi Cyril: Tampax, You’ll love having balls ! Joyca: So there are a lot of things in a.. vagina Cyril: Well given that you have balls, you don’t need Tampax that was the joke actually but… I gotta catch up, I can do it now Gay Pride, we don’t have the same singlet, but we have the same passion Joyca: Wich is ? *BLOP* Joyca: Receiving Twitter notifications ? *slight laughter* Cyril: Why not ? Joyca: No ! The kitchen, It’s us ! And Babybel. I love Babybel You know, you put it on your nose, it makes a red nose Cyril: It makes a clown Joyca: I’ve got a second one right Have a break, have a Croustibat (French brand of breaded fish) *laughter* Joyca: Stop, you’re pissing me off ! Joyca: There’s a 10 seconds look into the eyes before starting, of course We move aside the hair from the face Mastu: um.. *laughter* Joyca: Maxime, I don’t wanna tell you crap, but I think it was an ass Cyril: *laughs* Amixem: We know now which part we’re gonna shave if he loses Joyca: Come on, look in the eyes of course 10 seconds before telling the sentence Mastu: 10 seconds is a long time Mastu: Go on Amixem: International Handicap because the world’s moving ! Joyca *Whispering*: Waaw, that one was insane Joyca: You know they can’t move because they’re handicapped Mastu Mastu: Hmmmm I understood *burp* Joyca: *inhale* Subway Teriyaki ! Amixem: Well spotted Mastu: Duracell, Requires energy to be a kid Mastu: I’m telling myself maybe you would have a nervous laugh, you know, because the situation is quite bound I think Joey: *laughs* Joey: Sorry dude Amixem: In life, there are things we cannot buy for everything else there’s CB12, the anti – bad breath mouthwash Joyca: Yes, because you can acquire things with a good breath you know Mastu: I’m fine. I’m more calm than before, now I’m good Joyca: You still have your ass on a bandana that I’ll never wear again you know We agree that no one will use it Cyril: Besides he farted earlier, he’s a bit sweating Joyca: Yeah no, no one will use that bandana Oh yes, it’s turning a lot now Mastu: *nose blowing* Joey: Ah ! *Ding* Joey: He laughed Mastu: EA Sports ♫Let’ go for the stories♫ Amixem: *Inhalation* Joyca: Usually It’s Playmobil Amixem : It was Paymobil Playmobil, it’s in the game, it’s the opposite It was really really good Ouuuh so good That was sooooooo funny Funny ! Funny ! Funny ! Funny ! Hilarious Théo Thanks *laughter* *Ding* Joyca: Actually I was you, that was the joke Amixem: It was really funny ! Well done ! Joyca: Very well, it starts really good Amixem: Who starts ? Joey: Jordan Joyca: Mercurochrome, and your desires come to life Mastu: Why not ? Joyca: I would have said nice but not necessarily funny, it’s kind of a mise en abyme Amixem: Durex, It’s smarter with your hands ! Amixem: You…You…Really you… *dribbles* Amixem: See ? Joyca: Say, that dick is huge ! Amixem: *spits* Joey:*laughs* Joyca: *laughs* *Ding* Joyca: The mime went to far ! *laughter* Joyca: Well done Amixem: ♫When I do mashed…♫ Castorama Joyca: It’s a mash made from tools ? Amixem: For example ! A hammer, Even a fence Amixem: *laughs* *Ding* Amixem *laughing*: A mash made from fences ! Joyca: It could have been…
Amixem: A mash made from fences Joyca: A mash made from drills Amixem *laughing* : For example yes Amixem: I’m sure of what’s in it, it’s the end of the slogan ♫I’m sure of what’s in it♫ Amixem: Not at all, because Casto(rama) is full of references
Joyca: There can be lots of things yeah Amixem: There’s not only potatoes Joyca: Maybe some bulb’s filament Amixem: Maybe Joyca: Or maybe a cashier Amixem: *inhalation* *laughter* *Ding* *Ding* *laughter* Joyca: Oh fuck nooo… I shouldn’t be laughing at that, crap… Cyril: *singing Macarena*
Mastu: Sku Everyone: Heeee Macarena Cyril: Oncle Ben’s It’s strong in chocolate ! Joyca: No it’s rice, there’s no chocolate, I’m telling you… Amixem: Or it’s a really bad rice, a bad rice
Joyca: Don’t believe him ! Joyca: Don’t believe him ! That’s not… that’s not it ! Mastu: I have a little one for you Total, Help us keeping a clean sea Joyca: That was an ecological joke Cyril: Not bad ! Joyca: She’s without bi-bi without yo-yo, it’s without bibiyoyo Joyca *whispering*: Without bibi, without yoyo, without bibiyoyo (Movie line) Joyca: Fatal the movie… (french movie) …with Michaël Youn Joyca: No one knows that movie ? Amixem: Yes yes, of course Joyca: Alright Cyril: He has to shut up, we have to tell him that… that… He shuts his mouth Joey: It makes you laugh ? Cyril: Not at all it’s not funny actually Cyril: Curing 2 cancers on 3, we believe it ! Twitter Amixem : Oooohhh….. Cyril: *Weird sound* Joey: I heard a ‘eerr’ Amixem: I was going to say ‘We have to give him a point for the beautiful writing’ and at the same time he lost right after so it’s cancelled Joey: Because it’s compensated Cyril: Oh no, I was going to win a point and so that means I’m losing two ? Mastu: No, actually it’s cancelled, it’s like nothing happened Cyril: Aaah It’s cancelled ! Ah, it’s kind Mastu: No but that’s true that it was reaaally… really good Mastu : ♫ Pornhub, ♫ ♫The strength of the fruit♫ Amixem: The fruit ! For example a courgette that reminds us of a big dick Cyril ! Cyril: A big melon ! Amixem: A big melon for example Mastu: Or just a porn with watermelons Amixem*laughing* : Well spotted ! Cyril: It’s the moment when we think about the scene actually. Imagine you can see the watermelon uuummm… It depends on the sound, the watermelon it’s a bit dull it’s like… *blop* Mastu: And its ass sounds like… *tic* *laughter* Joyca: First of all, I’d like t introduce myself [David LaFarge : Heeeyy hi everyone it’s David LaFarge Pokémon !] (french youtuber) [I hope that youuuuu are fine, well me I’m really fine, really really fine] [I’m with Miss Jirachi] [Miss Jirachi *saturated voice*: HI EVERYONE] Amixem: *laughs* Joyca: Now I’m ready to start Mastu: Wait, I didn’t introduce myself Joyca: Oh okay then I’ll wait (French Youtuber) [The Kairi: Hi guys, hi everyone, Assalamu alaykum to everyone brothers] [welcome on my YouTube channel] [so today guys we’re here for a new video] Joyca: I don’t know that person Joyca: Oh I start ? Mastu: Please, yes Joyca: It’s very nice anyway Joyca: No stress, There’s Arnigel Amixem: No stress, There’s Arnigel Cyril: What’s Arnigel ? Amixem: I have no idea Joyca: It’s a gel, I don’t know for what it’s used, but the add often appeared Joyca: Do you know what’s Arnigel Mastu ? Mastu: Not at all Joyca: Well no stress if you use it. Joyca: Please Mastu, it’s your turn Mastu: ♫Zero trouble,♫ ♫Zero waffle♫ Face Time. Joyca: Face Time is a brand ? Mastu: We can do it again if you want ♫ Zero trouble♫ ♫Zero waffle♫ Lapeyre. Joyca: There arent’t two ♫ Zero trouble♫ ♫Zero waffle♫ Bordeau Chesnel. (French brand) Joyca: *laughs* Amixem: What ?? Mastu: It feels like I’m doing a Camoulox Joyca: ♫ Playmobil, ♫ ♫ the new storekeepers ♫ Mastu: Youporn, That’s a bar ! (?) *crickets singing* Amixem: Which brand has ‘That’s a bar’ as slogan ? Mastu: Carambar Amixem: Carambar, that’s a bar
Joyca: Carambar, that’s a bar ? Joyca: Yeah indeed that’s really funny Amixem: And I have a question, are there jokes in Youporn videos ? Mastu: Jokes ? Amixem: Jokes when you unwrap them Joyca: At the end of each videos ? Aximem: At the end of each video, there would be jokes Mastu: Like the fables of La Fontaine except there it would be ‘the ass of Mrs De La Fontaine’ or ‘the squirter’s fables’ Joyca: or ‘Jean the squirter’ Mastu: Also Amixem: I don’t know, it looked cool… You know because, you’re watching a huge cock on a creepy guy, and at the end, ‘A girafe asks to an elephant…’ Joyca: *laughs* *Ding* Joyca: That’s true that it would be in the context right ? Mastu: Oh yeah yeah Joey: *laughs* Joey: Alright, thank you gentlemen Cyril: We’re going back in childhood a little ? Amixem: Let’s go Cyril: Do you like Christmas ? Amixem: I like Christmas Cyril: What did you do at Christmas ? Cyril : ♫ 36 30, 36 30, ♫ ♫ Jean-Marie Le Pen ♫ (Racist French politician) Cyril *with Jean Marie Le Pen’s voice*: Oh the frontiers, you know, we gotta shut them !! Joyca:*laughs* Cyril: *laughs* *Ding* Cyril *laughing*: Shit !
Mastu: *laughs* Amixem: It was amazing ! Joyca: It was the french dubbing of Bruce Willis ! Mastu: *laughs* Amixem: Well done Amixem: ♫Atoll the opticians fix, Atoll the opticians replace ♫ *slight laughter* Amixem: Do you know that when there’s an impact smaller than a coin of 2 euros on your glasses Mastu: *laughs* Amixem: that takes actually the whole glass, they can inject a special pastry on the glass that fixes it, and sometimes, you don’t pay the excess Joyca: Knowing that 2 euros, it’s bigger than the glass Mastu *laughing* : That’s what I wanted to say dude Amixem: That’s it Amixem: And on top of that, they offer you a subscription to Coyote (magazine) Joyca: Are you sure that it’s not some… ‘small windscreen wiper’ Bosch ? the miniatures ! Amixem: It’s fucking true, for the glasses Amixem: *laughs* *Ding* Mastu: Joey didn’t bat an eye, he directly took the pen Cyril: Let’s speak about companies, about business *BAM* ‘I’ll get him one day ! I’ll get him !’ Boloré, Ubisoft. Amixem : Ouaaaahh, skilful Amixem : Google Chrome, the heros plaster !! Google Chrome, the heros plaster !! Google Chrome, the heros plaster !! Google Chrome, the heros plaster ! Google Chrome, the heros plaster ! Google Chrome, the heros plaster !! Google Chrome, the heros plaster !! Cyril: Is it over ? Amixem : Google Chrome, *laughs* *Ding* *Ding* Cyril *laughing*: Shiiiit !! Joyca: Well that’s not a funny costume, But I’m simply a GTA5 ganster. Mastu: *laughs* Amixem: They didn’t keep him for the game, really Joyca: No ! Do you wanna join my gang ? Amixem : No Joyca: We are against the purple ones, the purple bandanas and sometimes we do this Mastu: Can you do it faster ? Because it’s becoming long *fart* Joey: *laughs* Joey: Fuck… Joyca: I could have said Amixem: What did you not say ? Joyca : RhinoShield Amixem: Fuck it would have made me laugh Joyca: ♫ Everyone stands for ♫ ♫ La Poste ♫ ♫ La Poste ♫ ♫ La Poste ♫ Mastu: *laughs* Amixem : Woaaaw… Joyca: Fuuuck !! That pisses me off !! Mastuf: If you did it a second time I’m sure he would have laughed, look! Joyca: Normally, it’s Danette ! Usually we stand up for Danette ! We go to the fridge and we take a Danette Amixem: Thank you for that nice moment Joyca: Before you start, do you want me to read in your future ? Mastu: *laughs* Amixem: Why not Joyca: Show me your hand Joyca: When it’s good, It’s Baygon Joyca: Baygon, it’s eumm… used to kill mosquitoes actually Maybe I have the right to do another one, as the brand wasn’t famous Amixem: Who knows Baygon ? Mastu: I didn’t know
Cyril: I don’t know Joey: Well me I know “Baygon-les-Granits” Joey: *laughs* Amixem: It’s terrifying what you just did because no one knows that town, but there really is a town that is named “Bécon-les-granits, and he did ” Baygon-les-granits” And for a guy that lived here for 20 years, it’s terrifying… *laughs* Joyca: That’s why I liked it Joey, even if I don’t know the hamlet Amixem: Actually just “the Hamlet” is a joke Amixem: Bleach “Mr Clean”, for the sake of taste Amixem: As if we were drinking bleach Joyca: We mustn’t do that Amixem: No. But it might be really good Joyca: If Juiswell, Quick. *laughs* *Ding* Joyca: Juvamine Joey: You laughed too then Joyca: Eeeeehh, I just breath out !!! Joey: No, you laughed Joyca: Stop ! Joey: It was a satisfaction laughter but it was laughing anyway Joyca: Alright, yeah it’s true that I was satisfied *Ding* Joyca: Ladies and Gentlemen, to end that video, before the results, we’re going to do a Battle Royal Amixem : Rogé Cavaillès, (brand that makes soaps) a good lawn all season Amixem: And I’m not speaking of a garden… I’m really talking about a big pussy Joey: *laughs* Fuck… I’m really just a child *Ding* *Ding* Joyca: Cyril too Joyca: Okay I have one Amixem: Oh you stay in game ? Cyril: Well you lost huh Joyca: Oh really but I had one, can I make a joke ? Amixem: Yes, well it’s maybe a Battle Royal but you can still participate, you’re telling the jokes Joyca: A meal, a coffee, a Pierre Martinet Amixem: That’s a shame, because I don’t know Pierre Martinet Joyca: What ? Amixem: But a meal, a coffee, a Dacia Logan *cricket sound* Mastu: I wanna say before telling that joke that it’s in any case what I think Mastu: NF (National Front) say “Goodbye” to the dirtiness Cyril: *nose blowing* *Ding* Cyril: I’m dead anyway so I don’t care Oh but I can have a penalty ? Joey: Yes Cyril: Oh shit ! Oh that’s hard ! Mastu : Doritos, it feels good where it hurts in the penis for example Joyca: Well there, it would hurt badly yeah… But in the ass it’s even worse Cyril: *nose blowing* *Ding* Cyril: It’s hot ! Amixem: Last Amixem : Dacia Duster, the little pot of the tough bones Amixem: It’s “Petits Filous” (yogurts), you know, the pots Joyca: Yes it was funny, well done Joyca: I’m sure you think about dead rats and all to persuade yourself that you won’t laugh Amixem: Dead rats are funny I think they are funny A good dead rat, disgusting Joey: *laughs* Amixem: A dead rat cleaned with Rogé Cavaillès Amixem and Joey: *laugh* Amixem *laughing*: His washing it Amixem: Okay Mastu: You know I think that if you continued you’d have seen the tear flowing, I’m sure it rises so violently Amixem: So you’ve won the Battle Royal *TADAM*Cyril: Well done ! Congrats ! Joey: The result is without appeal I guess Cyril: Oh shit ! Joey: The loser is nammed Jordan with 16 points Cyril: YESS! Amixem: 16 laughters ! Joey: Then comes Cyril Cyril: How much ? How much ? How much ?
Joey: With 10 points Joey: Then comes Maxime ! With 9 points And then Mastu with only 3 little points *TADAM* Mastu: Yes ! Amixem: So when do we pull you leg’s hair off ? Joyca: Yes, no, it’s a free waxing, I prefere that word Joyca: I lost, so I’m gonna have a free waxing made by my very kind associates that are right behind me Amixem: So where’s the wax ? Joyca: I’m gonna take it Mastu: It’s wax strips or just wax that you…? Joyca: IT’S WAX STRIPS !!! Joyca: We agreed that it’s that ? Joey: That is just shits of paper Jordan… Joyca: But it’s clearly write “wax strip high quality” Mastu: Actually that’s strips and normally you have to buy the wax that you spread on it *laughter* Amixem: Did you just buy only white strips ? Joyca: I make a filming for my channel, I’m happy to do it, it’s a concept that I stole from Maxime, it’s really funny, I install everything, it’s really hot, I fix a forfeit that I absolutly don’t want, the forfeit is for me, I lose, I bought wax strips that aren’t wax strips but actually cotton’s wipes, with anything on it, I have to go myself pick the wax strips that will allow to wax my legs, I intend to go in vacations, one week, on the beach, with other people, I have very hairy legs, and I’m at Super U, to buy wax strips. Is there a better karma than that ? For real it really bothers me… They don’t know that, they don’t know what I’m saying, but really, I’m revolted… It was really funny ! But I’m revolted… *pffffff* *bip* Joyca: 7.85 euros for a humiliation, terrible *bip* Return to the RedBox ! Joyca: Maxime isn’t here he had to go to a appointment VodK: I’m replacing him ! Joyca: Valentin is replacing him but there will be… Hi everyone uuuhhhh… It’s Yximen ! Joyca: Right, really good imitation Joyca: Don’t look my wee-wee right Joyca: There’s my leg Oh alright son of a bitch !! But you’re a bastard !! VodK: No but dude Cyril it’s a demon Joyca: But dude !! But stop ! Stop ! It’s only 2 normally ! But you’re a bastard ! Okay, 3 it’s alright, it’s over ! Cyril: There look ! There’s Nothing ! Joyca: Oh you’re such a bastard ! You’re really a son of a bitch ! Joyca: No !
Cyril: Come on ! VodK: Aaaaaaaaaaaaah ! Lalalala !
Mastu: But you’re a bastard ! Who told you to remove it all ? VodK : AAAH ! Joyca: Ah ! Fuck you ! Cyril: But wait it doesn’t work we have to wait 5 minutes… Cyril : AAH NOOO !! *laughter* Joyca: Ouch ouch ouch !! Cyril : AAAH, noooo… Joyca: FUCK you dude !! It hurts so bad ! Joyca: Yes ! It’s uuhh… That video concept will never be done again *laughter* Joyca: Look it looks like it really removed all around VodK: You’re not fine right
Joyca: I don’t know how to finish that video… VodK: Well anyway it’s a great video (play on words) VodK: *slight lauhter* Joyca: It’s a good joke Joyca: Did you enjoy ? Cyril: Yeaaaaaah ! Joyca: You too ? Cyril: Yeaaaah !
Mastu: Yeah…You punch hard… Joyca: Well good then Joyca: Well you know, if you enjoyed it, you put a little thumb’s up, you share the video, We’ll maybe make other concepts like that if you like it,
*this scarf was under Mastu’s ass* but we’ll do it on other channels because on mine I’m done with humiliations
*this scarf was under Mastu’s ass* Joyca: Thank you it was cool, there’s a video that displays right here, here you can subscribe to my channel, them you can subscribe in the description it’ll be cool. We do that ? Joyca: Double ciao !


  1. j'ai trois blague pourrie peux êtres

    1. Pourquoi l’impriment n'aime pas l'eau?

    réponse: par ce que elle na papier.

    2. Quand un footballeur se dispute avec un autre footballeur que ce qui dise?
    réponse: non mais tu te foot du monde.

    3. Je vais compter le jour d'Halloween..
    1trouille 2 trouille 3 trouille 4 trouille 5 trouille et citrouille

    like si ça te plais 😉

  2. J’ai fais le même jeu avec un pote mais sur une feuille en cours . La feuille se retrouve sur le banc de quelqu’un d’autre , je ne sais pas comment , et celui qui était assis là à poucave à la prof . La prof crie « Qui a écrit ça ! » mon pote jete un coup d’œil , puis me regarde d’un regard qui veut tout dire . J’ai commencé à chialer prcq je savais qu’elle allait convoqué mes parents et en parle . Mais dieu merci , ma prof est gentille et ne rien fait . En sachant que sur la feuille il était écris des trucs du genre «  YOUPORN PLUS BLANC QUE BLANC . TA MÈRE C’EST UN BARBECUE TOUT LE MONDE MET SA SAUCISSE DESSUS » Pq j’ai pleuré , prcq je suis le gars le plus «  innocent si on peut dire » . Voilà je voulais juste dire ça

  3. Euuh joyca avait dit qu'il ne toucherais pas au bandana que mastu à touché avec son cul qui sue… Il finit a la fin avec le bandana sur la tête… Voilà voila

  4. Quelqu’un aurait la marque de la casquette de Cyril svp ?

    J’ai beau l’avoir regardé 10 fois cette vidéo je rigole toujours autant 🤣





  6. Becon les granites putain c'est chaud bordel y'a trois habitants 1 vache un paysans et … une … autre vache voila vous savez tous .

  7. J'en ai des violentes:
    Front national, c fort en chocolat
    Guérir 2 cancers sur 3 nous on y croit, Marlboro ( le marque de clope)

  8. Voyer a quelle nous souffrons a nous épiler nous les femmes pour ne pas être jugé et vous vous plaignez quand on vous arrache 2-3 poils mais nous c’est sous les bras, la jambe droite (ENTIERE) , la jambe gauche(ENTIERE ,aussi) . Donc voila merci a tous et bonne journée.

  9. Personne n a remarqué que il se sont dis qu il ne mettrais jamais le bandana car mastu a pété dessus et 3 minute plus tard il le met

  10. L'isopaïne mots de gorge ça soulage le ventre
    Croustibat qui peut te battre un anus
    Intermarchier pouvoir tout faire plus chère
    Avec tampaxe c'est facile de louer une voiture SIX
    Ne jamais se fier au recherche sur Google car c'est des gogoles
    Alors on rentre pas les vaches pour manger tranquille notre fromage ,lui si si j'allais te dire de rentre .voilà au revoir

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