Eddie Murphy Is Tracy Morgan’s Favorite | Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee | Netflix Is A Joke

(soothing instrumental music) – The worst I ever did ever, I did a jazz club out on Queens, and my dad had to drive me to the gig. And I bombed horribly, and I was supposed to have enough money to get a cab back home, and I did so bad that
the guy wouldn’t pay me. – Oh my God. – Gerald’s. I was supposed to get 50 bucks, right? – Right. – So I was supposed to
do two shows, I go in, he says, “Yeah, you’re gonna do one set, “and then the band’s gonna come on, “then you have a break,
then you come on again.” I was like, “Okay.” So I go on, and I’m so bad, and there was no dressing
room, so I bombed, then afterwards, had to go sit in the room with the people you just bombed with. (laughing) You’re sitting there, people are walking by going, “Aw, shit.” You just sit there. I’m like 17. And they say, “Okay, we’re
gonna bring that comedian back,” then you would hear people go, “Aw, shit.” (soothing instrumental music) And then afterwards, I go up to Gerald. He’s a grown man too. It was really mean to be like this to me. And I went up, I was like, “Yes, I was supposed to
get $50 for the night.” He turned around and said, “You better get the (beep) out my face.” (both chortling heartily) Then my father had to drive out to Queens at two in the morning and drive me back. “Oh, you a comedian, huh? “Comedian, man, you gonna get you a job, “and you gon’ get out
at nine in the morning “and you come back after five. “Mother (beep) comedian. “Comedian my ass.” (soothing instrumental music) (coffee pouring into cup) I’m a careful man. – Yes you are. But not in your comedy. You are definitely a fearless comedian. – I wouldn’t say I was fearless though. I wasn’t just, I’d just say anything. You too. You’re really confident. – Not like you. – That’s what you had, I’m telling you, you were the first comic
that seemed like you knew it. Like, you got it, and you seemed like you had all the– – Well, if I did, that was
just me acting like that ’cause I know that’s what works. But to me, when I watched you, I thought, this guy is
not scared of anything. – Nothing is more fun than
seeing someone you know bomb and them knowing you’re in the
audience and watching them. And it also, it makes
the experience more fun for the comic that’s on stage. – Anytime I’m dying and
it’s somebody in the back and that knowing laugh, that
always makes it easier to bomb. – Right. – When is the last time
you had to use RAID? – It’s been a while. And by the way, I’m not
interested in any other brands. It’s RAID. – D-CON works too. – Forget d-CON. All these companies that
are in second place, that they hang in there,
why don’t you just quit? – D-CON is in second place to you. – Yes. Avis, Colgate, just quit. – RC Cola. – RC Cola. How sad is it to work at these places? You’re never gonna catch ’em. Pepsi. You’re never gonna catch ’em. You ever have somebody come on stage? – Yeah, I had somebody come on stage once. He was so formal. This young whippersnapper
stepped over the line. You’re a marvelous audience. Thank you and goodnight. – [Jerry] Oh my God. – Oh, and how we left on the way home. We just laughed and laughed. – What people don’t
understand about us is, there’s nothing that’s not funny to us. Nothing. All this careful thing,
that’s just for the audience and for the public. Amongst ourselves, we
don’t care about anything. Somebody died, it’s funny
two minutes after they died. – Oh, we see the joke in everything. – I’ve had people say
to me so and so died, and I went, eh, that’s
enough of him anyway. – That’s funny. Now Richard Pryor is kinda like, you know, that’s who I wanna be. But I also, equally fascinated with Elvis. I was a big Elvis fan. The suits and the way I was rolling with the bodyguards and
the house in Jersey kinda. I bought it ’cause it
reminded me of Graceland. Elvis, Richard Pryor, Bruce
Lee, and Muhammad Ali. – I could see it. It’s like a recipe. I take those four guys,
I put ’em in a blender, and you come out. – Yeah, that’s it. Tracy Morgan told me, what’d he say? Growing up, he said, you know, my three favorite was you,
Bruce Lee and Evel Knievel. I was like, wow. Evel Knievel was the
most, ’cause his body, he’s putting his body on the line and he never, ever lands it. It seems like every jump, and he’s on a regular motorcycle that he beefed up the springs on, and it explodes on impact. – They didn’t even measure
out what it could do. He just eyeballed it. – Evel Knievel, there’s
nobody like Evel Knievel. (upbeat instrumental music)

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  1. I'm old enough to remember those evil kneivel specials. Its was a whole primetime buildup to this one jump over some buses or cars or trucks or the Grand Canyon and it rarely worked out in his favor. LOL. That guy was special……or crazy . LoL.

  2. I wonder what it feels like to be Rich and famous and to have achieved your purpose in life and to be sitting in a upscale bistro in the middle of the day just talking about it. # the charmed life.

  3. Eddie: Your humor in the 80's, was mostly Nostalgia-goggles-good. It wasn't actually good. Especially by today's standards. just fyi

  4. I'd that was this show is! Seinfeld and whomever just blowing each other at a bistro table in a coffee shop? And telling each other how elevated comics are compared to us lower beings? I love you Eddie! I can't wait for that new special you're gonna do though!

  5. I hate how americans show the food inside their mouth when speaking. It's DISGUSTING. Put a hand over your mouth or let the other speak. Nobody wants to see a chewed steak inside nobody's mouth.

  6. I remember as a kid the only movies I literally cried with laughter at were The Nutty Professor and Coming to America. Genuinely never knew anything or anyone could be that funny. Guy's still got it too.

  7. 3:48 Eddie : " Thats funny " ….. NAH nigga u dont think its funny. Jerry is a fucking cornball. 😀 U was to polite to say : nahhhh jerry thats kinda fucked up. Bro if u want that big comeback, u need to be honest maaaan. maaaaaaaannnn 😀

  8. Raid? No … All-Purpose Lysol Cleaner (spray, of course)!
    It kills them in no time. And it smells great!
    Anyway, I could watch these guys talk all day.

  9. As an autodidact (as comedians usually are) student of the austrian school of economics I must say that this small story from Eddie is a great example of why markets are superior to political (state-gov, tax funded) entities, because competition and incentives are based on that part of the world that isn't a "social constuct", namely reality. Being funny is an entrepreneurial art by definition because it is based on outcomes and outcomes cannot be predicted. Whereas legislation gives all sorts of privileges such as minimum wages, maximum numbers of hours, etc., basically guaranteed incomes for moving your body and things (the mechanistic physics definition of work) to get paid as an entrepreneur you must be successful and you don't know beforehand if you will be. To be a comedian you must be funny and funny requires the others thinking you're funny, if it doesn't sell with the audience you might be wasting your own resources but you ain't funny.
    In economics one of the most debunked theories is that of the labor theory of value that says the value in something is in the number of hours or calories or movements, etc., of work that went into producing it. This is not true, the value of something is discovered by the demonstrated preference of the consumer. If they laughed you funny, if they buy it it was valuable if not you've squandered resources. This means there's no guaranteed "equal pay for equal work" because it's not the work that matters it's what the consumer wants that matters. To say that he got funnier as time went on so therefore the number of hours invested in being a comedian is what lead to his wealth and success would also be untrue as it's not the hours but the alertness to the method, to the how to be funny that made him funny, others such as myself are and stay always unfunny regardless the thousands of hours they spend at it. So when consideration is given not to the payer, not to the consumer (and we all are consumers after all) but to the producer, the "worker" then quality lowers because it's no longer about excellence but about ensuring feelings don't get hurt.

  10. I dont understand how this Jerry dude is funny and famous ?? THIS DUDE IS WACK ! only white people maybe laugh at his bullshit, i HAVE NEVER SEEN BLACK PEOPLE PRAISING HIS WACK ASS JOKES !! on the other hand Eddie Murphy is the shit !!! Funny as hell and really has all kind is audiences.

  11. I noticed they didn't talk about any current comedians, it might remind them they are has-beens
    Anyway, they are both legends in their own time…

  12. One comedian and one genius expert in humor…I have rarely laughed at Jerry but; of course Eddie is what funny looks like…

  13. billions of dollars made, spent or earned for others between the two gentlemen at the table… and they still have to swat flies from their food.

  14. I think Evel Knievel broke close to every bone in his body at least once. He probably weighed 300 pounds due to all the metal used to make him "whole" again. LOL I remember sitting in English class next to a girl who told me Evel Knievel was her uncle. 62 years old here. I didn't believe her but she kept telling me stuff about him that only a family member would know and after about 15 minutes of this I believed her.

  15. Gents: As a fellow 50 plus individual might I suggest that you are both well past your prime so if you are contemplating a "comeback" of any sort, give some thought (instead) to perhaps stamp collecting or water aerobics. I say this not to be mean or a hater; I say it mercifully. Neither of you were particularly funny "back in the day" and how (or why) you think that time has improved your, uh, "talent" is simply wishful thinking. Why not just kick back and enjoy your fortunes? Take a look at Chris Rock's latest offering. He was (and I emphasize "was" ) a genuine talent. He might still be, but he's 53 and he has lost, charitably, about three or four steps to father time. You guys have as well, as have I in my chosen profession. Sorry to be a party pooper.

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