100 Replies to “Ellen Gives Tiffany Haddish Her Dream Gift”

  1. Hmm I'm not sure about this.
    I had to read the comments to find out if the paper signing and one week rental was a joke. Seems a bit mean like Ellen needed to quickly pop all of Tiffany's balloons real fast
    Tiffany deserves to be paid well so she can buy her own car.

  2. I love that shes os big bit shes always saying this meTiffany haddish like she has to remember who she is

  3. Tiffany is such an inspiration! After all she has been through in life she still shines. I want someone like that in my life. Thank you Tiffany, Kat Marano

  4. I think its a bit demeaning…giving someone successful a rental car for a week! It would have been better if she actually gifted something smaller

  5. Rental?
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    Shout out to Shutterstock and Shutterfly for the gifts THEY GIVE.
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  6. Did you guys see Tiffany's interview on the Breakfast Club? Tiffany was asked to give the key back and didn't even get to drive the car!! She got all excited and cried… that's so wrong!!!

  7. I luv how greatful Tiffany is…she was legitimately still excited that Ellen would even think to rent her, her fav car. What a beautiful joyful spirit she has.

  8. Just discovered this lady right here, is golden. I’m so grateful for such inspiration – ‘joyful greens.’ Can’t get enough of her – this type of purity is food for the soul. So happy 😂♥️🌱 keep your joyful ness coming baby

  9. Y’all realise that the rental part was a joke right? She said that because Tiffany suggested that. Nobody signs so many times for a rental car and nor does it come all readied up like that

  10. Seriously? Only a rental for a week? Are u kidding Ellen? I hope Ellen really got her that car. They're both so funny though.

  11. I get what she said about not wanting to be broke again. I had to use super glue one year to fix my daughters shoes. Thank God we at least had the shoes to glue.

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