Ellen’s Favorite Funny Ladies: Wanda Sykes in ‘Black & White’

– I have three words
for you: Wanda Sykes is hilarious. That’s not three words. Wanda Sykes is…
let’s just leave it at that. I’m gonna add “hilarious.”
That’s four. Whether she’s on my show or we’re starring in a TV drama
called “Black & White,” she always makes me laugh. – When it comes to the law, things aren’t always
black and white, except here at the offices of
Black and White. starring Ellen DeGeneres as Belinda Black, and Wanda Sykes as Wendy White. They’re two of Washington’s
biggest power players taking on the toughest cases
in town. – Oh, oh. I’m looking for Black. – Well, don’t look at me,
I’m White. – Which one of you
is Black? – I’m Black.
– Okay. – But technically,
I’m also black, but not “Black.” – Right.
– She’s Black. – Okay.
– Same for me. I’m, well, opposite though.
I’m– Okay. I’ve been shot
and I need some help. I need some help.
– Where have you been shot? – I’ve been shot
on the right side. – The white side?
– The–the right side. – Well, if you want
my legal advice, I say go to the hospital. – We gonna fix this. – But how? – When black is white, and white is black, black backs white
to fight what’s right. – I’ve got bad news, White. – What is it, Black? – I’m being transferred. – What? – Who–who’s gonna
replace you? – Olivia Orange. – What? So now Orange
is the new Black? – Are they cops? Are they lawyers? Nothing’s clear. Even though
it’s black and white. – Snap out of it.
– And the drama does not stop. – I need White-out. – Oh, no.
I’m staying right here. – No, I need White-out.
I made a boo-boo. – I will fix this. Right here? – “Black & White”
by Shonda Rhimes’ sister, Rhonda Rhimes. Only on ABC.

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  2. "I need white-out!"
    "Oh, no… I'm staying right here!" #LOL
    I would love this to be real 😂😂
    Best video in this channel 😂😂😂

  3. White: WHAT? who's gonna replace you??
    Black:Olivia Orange
    White:what, so now ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK?
    That part was hilarious!! Plus the slapping moment was too funny

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