Email in Real Life

Hey, Tyler. You going to that all day meeting tomorrow? I’ll be on vacation from Tuesday, June 27th until 2 days ago. Um, your auto-response is still on. I’ll be on vacation from Tuesday, June 27th until 2 days ago. [intro] Okay, everyone, I need you to send me your reports ASAP, before lunch if possible. Will do, Tripp. – Will do, Tripp. Will do, Tripp. – Will do, Tripp. Why are you including me in this? Be there around 7 tonight, if that’s okay? Yeah, sounds good. Kind regards, Tripp Crosby, Regional Sales Manager. Work -404-555-6112 ext. 405. Mobile -404-555- 3767. Email [email protected] “Success is always an option.” ~John Maxwell, Author. Here’s that report you needed. I don’t see anything. Oh, dang it. I forgot to attach it. Hey, Beth, did you see all of the submissions we got today? OMG, I KNOW! Easy on the all caps. Sorry. It’s okay. Semi-colon. Closed parentheses. Hey, son. You have to watch this video of this cat sleeping on a horse. It is so cute! Mom, I’m at work! Dear friend, I am Johnson Emmanuel. This might come to you as a surprise. I am the next heir to the throne in Nigeria and I want to offer you a large sum of money. Please stop coming here. Hi, Tripp. Are you satisfied with- Hi. I’m the administrator. I cannot deliver this document. It was too big. On Monday at 10:37am, Paul wrote, “Hi, Tripp. This is the latest version of the document you were looking for. Hope it’s not too late. Paul.” Yeah, I know what I wrote. Hey, really looking forward to seeing you guys tonight. Oh yeah, circular disclosure: this information transmitted just now is intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed. It may contain confidential and/or privileged material. Any review, retransmission- I don’t know what that means. Inbox full. Hey, what’s this poker game I hear about this weekend? Who’s that guy? You need me to bring anything, or- I meant to invite a different David. Raincheck? Email can be frustrating, but that’s probably because you’re trying to use it for the wrong things, like status reporting or approval tracking. If you’re looking for a smarter way to manage work, consider using WorkFront, a much better than email approach to work management. For more information, just click the link or go to Hey, and, thanks for watching our intakes. If you want to watch our outtakes, click right here. Still watching? We also want to tell you about our new weekly web show coming up- a great reason to subscribe to our channel. It’s going to be great. Great sell! Thank you.

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  1. Spam: to enlarge your…
    Administrator: sorry about this. It will never happen again.
    Tripp: just get her out of here
    Administrator: Yes. (Tazer)
    Spam: Arrrg

  2. want to know why they didnt show the playing of the anthem during the cowboys and kc game. this is how i decise if i watch the game if they stand or dont. is cbs embarresed.

  3. guy out in his garden tidying up. blonde guy from next door goes to his mail box closes it and goes back indoors frustrated. this happens several times with the blonde neighbour getting more and more angry each time. so the other guy asks him whats the prob. blonde guy says my computor keeps saying i have mail.

  4. Went to a business "dinner" this week with a despicable customer. He is a Buyer for a major retailer. Guy is about 5' 8" and weighs 250 lbs. He states that "since you're paying", he is going to order 4 entrees. Two for him, one for his wife, and one for his 18 year old son as take out. He also orders 4 desserts, which he eats about 1/3 each of without sharing with the table. He spends half the interminable 3 hour dinner talking about how many of the women at his office he has "banged" and is "banging". He actually states that he could have a career in Porn if he wasn't such a "talented" retailer. The rest of the dinner conversation is spent talking about what an incompetent Supplier my Company is to his. I made a point to go to the bathroom as the check was being brought out. While in there, I inserted most of my right hand into my anal cavity and roamed it around in there for a good couple of minutes. My handshake with this genius to conclude our evening is something I will treasure the rest of my waking hours on this earth.

  5. Super cute how the only person who isn’t white is a scam artist. Also love how the break room scene only includes white men.

  6. Something sick happend right now, just when i clicked this vid with (Email) in its name. My ipad said the PLING becouse i got a email… Thats pretty scary :////

  7. This reminds me when someone sent an email and included everyone in the company when they only meant to include someone who happened to have a name similar to the email group and they clicked tab to select the user and the group was first on the list to select. This was sent to over 30,000 people so people kept hitting reply all saying "I think this email was sent to me in error, I am not X." Then after about 5,000 people replying all with that same message people kept replying all saying to "Stop replying all, you're locking my inbox." in which others replied "Why are you replying all then?" It kept going for an hour or two and the Chief Technology Officer of the company had to get involved because everyone's inbox was full. He told the IT team responsible for the email server to shut down the group email address and delete all the emails under that group email that occurred in the last few hours. Before they could actually do anything the email server was already crashing due to the load of emails going back and forth and due to people with auto-replies set for vacation it just made it much worse. Almost everyone's inbox was maxed out with messages. Long story short, don't always hit reply all unless you want to be fired for crashing an email server over and over. The CTO gave IT permission to unplug the server rack controlling email until they could get the problem resolved. Just imagine how many emails they needed to delete. They kept bringing the server online for short bursts to delete bulk amounts of emails and then back offline to prevent people from sending more. The last thing I heard of it the CTO sent an email to the entire company and said "Anyone who hits reply all to this email will be fired for being too incompetent, I have the CEO's permission even if you are not under me to fire you. The email from before was sent in error, you all don't need to reply all to tell one person he sent an email in error, just delete the email and be done with it." Thanks for reminding me of this, it was a funny day at work for sure.

  8. hello in regards to your email "TripandTylor"…
    I found it very funny..and almost fell off my chair laughing.. 😂😂..!!

    Kind regards
    The emailer…!

  9. I only wish this included the annoying "Thank you" message with full auto signature! Seriously, if you appreciate my message, show me by not adding to my inbox.

  10. You forgot the example of being added to an email trail where too much is shared by not cutting it off – like details that shouldn't have been shared, or a date that shows this sat in someone's inbox for far too long and is now a crisis at the last minute…

  11. Yes in large corporates you have to

    1. Copy everyone possible in so you are not accused of failing to communicate

    2. Everyone copied in has to make some sort of reply to prove they are contributing.. But nothing that sounds too decisive (see 3)

    3. No one does anything decisive so they can't be blamed when things don't turn out 100 % positive

    The net result.. We all spend our working lives processing hundreds of e-mails a day and not achieving anything.

    Then because no one has been doing anything constructive the company goes down the tubes and we loose our jobs.

    Either only send e-mails to a single recipient.. OR use one to one chat apps in the same way.

    I was once threatened with the sack for refusing to always use reply all!

  12. How About "Chat" in real life? Like when you go onto a website and they keep asking if you need anything. Love these, thanks!

  13. The Reply-All situation was spot on. It annoys the living hell out of me when people decide to use Reply-All on an email that was sent to dozens of people whom which have nothing to do with it in the first place.
    Do yourself and your company a favor: If you need to send an email to a large group of people, please use BCC (blind carbon-copy) to prevent absolute mayhem.

  14. Bolsonaro17 pra destruir o foro de são paulo e este e. Plano macabro de lula pra destruir os brasileiros! Fica a dica todo brasileiro deve derrotar o partido dos trabalhadores! Digam nao pra eles e seus planos anti_ patriotas!!!

  15. Lool at the Nigerian! Guys please stop…not all Nigerians are like that. Def not with that agbada and wrong accent…haha!

  16. There's some other funny email stuff:

  17. Along with the Real Life Telephone Conference, this is brilliant! Some nice touches like with the SHOUTING and the forgotten attachment. 10/10.

  18. funny but you defo need more women in the video. it’s not just guys who use email while working in offices…

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