[ENG/FR SUB] 여자친구가 커플 속옷을 사왔다 Voice Drama, Role play ASMR

You’re here? Huh? What is it? Later… I’m sleepy. What is it? What’s this? This… Do you want me to… Hey, are you crazy? How am I supposed to… You’ve been really… Hey, how am I supposed to wear this? Couple? What’s yours? Show me what yours is. What, yours is… Yours is pretty. What’s wrong with mine? No, I’m… How am I supposed to wear this? No, I’m… that… Regardless of the design…
I don’t care about the design because you’re the only one who’s going to see it, but I’ve never worn anything like this before.
How can I wear this… This is… What is this? Is this underwear? Isn’t this just a string? Not this one, refund it. No, I can’t. I can’t. Think about it.
If I leave this at home and my mom comes and finds it while trying to open my drawer, what should I say? Are you crazy? How did I… And my mom would have never seen anything like this before. It’s not a shoelace. What is it? I first thought what you were going to show. What’s wrong with you? Hey, I usually wear whatever you want. I usually like everything you want, but this is a bit strange.
I don’t know how to wear this. What? No… and this is uncomfortable. Underwear should be the most comfortable. If it’s uncomfortable, that’s not underwear. And you’ll feel uncomfortable wearing this, and your mouth will be bothered and uncomfortable all day. Oh, come on. You know very well. Have you seen it a lot? What? No, I really can’t do this one. I… I’m not going to wear this for the rest of my life. I hate this. I won’t wear it even if I die. No, I don’t, I can’t do this. Hey, why are you talking like that? No, honestly, how am I supposed to wear this? I only have a strap. Can I wear it? I… I know how you feel, but how can I wear this…
Put yourself in a different position. What if I suddenly told you… Can you wear it if I give you underwear that has only a string and only an inch covered? You won’t be able to wear it either. Do you say words easily? What’s wrong with you? Let’s not be forced to do this. Oh, my god. By the way, does anyone ever wear this? Who really wears this? Who really wears this? I’m not kidding, but the way it looks is shocking to me. It’s like… you know, you know, man…. Strange man videos, like they come from something like that. No, that’s not what I saw. You know, when you surf the Internet… You know, you know…
Anyway, do you really wear this? No, it’s a model, so they’re wearing it because they get paid for it.
They’re just trying to make money, do they actually wear it? What on earth did the employee who sold this to you have in mind? What… what are you thinking? Is this for people to wear? Honey… it’s a little… Please understand me once. Okay, so… I’ll just try this on. I’ll just try it on, so that’s it for me.
I won’t force myself to say it’s uncomfortable after I try it on, so if this is inconvenient, I will talk to you then and not wear this. Yes, I’ll tell you that I’m really uncomfortable if I feel uncomfortable. I’ll wear it if it’s comfortable. If it’s convenient. Okay, give it to me. Whoo… What are you doing? Get out. You must be crazy. Don’t come in. Hey, don’t open the door. Hey, I’m going out. Don’t laugh. I’m not really lying, I really… I think it’s stuck. This is so uncomfortable. It’s really uncomfortable. This is… …like it’s just a string. Don’t know

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  1. 고생하셨어요~다온님~😊
    영상잘들을게요 ~😊👍♥️

  2. 헉..🙈🙊 ^^ 정말 디테일한 설명 리얼하셔서….
    이거 실시간 들었어야하는데 아쉽네요 ㅎㅎ
    고생하셨어요 ^^

  3. I would never force my boyfriend to try on something he didn't feel comfortable in, but he tried it on anyway for her sake. Cute!

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