[Eng sub] Fun and Delightful / Watercolor painting / Guess what I’m painting? #03

Hello, everyone. It’s time for watercolor painting. Today, I’ll use yellow, pink… …and lots of other warm colors. Then use and maintain the brightness
of those colors… …to produce a delightful and exciting painting. This is the shape of the key object of the day. What do you think I’m painting? I’ve started painting this object
with pink and blue. Because I’m creating a pleasant
atmosphere in the painting… …why don’t I add a darker tone of pink? I’m scratching the surface now. See how it’s taking the shape of
something already? Does anyone know what I’m painting now? If you add some contrasting color
like green to the warm colors… …that’ll make the object look even
more gorgeous. Be careful that the green color
doesn’t get mixed with others though. Adding dark colors helps the object
take a clearer shape. See how it works? What do you think it is? Use smooth strokes. Note that I don’t mix colors on the palette
before bringing them to the paper. I’m using the brightness of the color as is. The object is taking better shape. Now I’m adding something little
in a different tone of pink. And add some Vermilion. Now you know what these are. Around the key objects, use these spontaneous smooth strokes
to add secondary objects. The use of these lively strokes is important. Now add some green of the same type of color. This is a lighter tone of green. See how it’s becoming full of changes now? But the main color of the day is red. Opera Pink and Yellow Deep
will make a color like Vermilion. Let’s use this in the painting. Now back to the key object. Let’s help it take a more concrete shape. It’s coming along. Aren’t the vivid pink and blue colors pretty? I’m using the colors as is. The details are being gradually added. Let’s make this object a little clearer as well. Yes. You must know what it is by now. This is coming along as well. Well? This is good. Now let’s add some red here. I’ll add more colors in the front where
some areas are still unpainted. Such free strokes add even more delightful
feelings to the painting. Add a light tone of yellow and let other colors
bleed in it. Paint this big area right here. Now watch this. Don’t look away. Look what I’m doing. Well? Now that the entire area has been painting,
I’ll peel off the masking tape. So that’s it! Today I’ve used lots of bright and vivid colors… …to create a painting with a fun
and delightful atmosphere. It’s a painting of a giant turtle
with children on its back. What do you think? I hope you enjoyed it! Well then, now it’s time for
the Question and Answer corner. Today’s message is… Let me read it… from Mattennand-san. Hello, Mattennand-san! “I have a question.” “It always looks like you are painting
with ease and fun, but how much time and practice did it take before you became completely
used to the materials?” Let me see… As you can see, watercolor painting is a lot of fun… …but it can be difficult as well. So before you become able to paint
with ease and comfort… …it requires some time. It might actually take more time
than other painting materials. It could vary by each individual. It could be troublesome and may not go as you wish at the beginning. But in order to become able to paint with ease… …I know it sounds funny,
but have fun taking time to practice. It’s been several decades since
I started painting. You too, Mattennand-san. Enjoy yourself while taking the time to practice! Well, if you too have a concern or a question for me…, …or even a fan letter … …send me a direct message on Instagram. You must have a lot of comments about this video. Don’t hesitate to leave them if you do. What did you think? If you find this video interesting, please leave a comment and
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  1. The most relaxing voice ☺️. Love the tortoise 🐢, it was soooo relaxing to see and to listen. Love the kind of art that you do❤️

  2. i guessed it right this time!!! the moment you painted the turtle's feet i figured it out 😊✨💕
    very important advice too! i'm trying to learn how to paint with gouache and it can get frustrating at times, but i'm not giving up!

  3. How wonderful ;-> Had so much fun (even laughed and giggled), just like a little one. O thank soooooo much Maestro!

  4. Shibasakisan, thank you so much for sharing your passion with us. You remind me of my late grandfather. He was very creative and passionate about stained glass. I imagine that he would be sharing and teaching his art just like you. Caring, thoughtful, and encouraging us to try even though we are not as practiced and will make plenty of mistakes. Unfortunately, time had stolen him just as I was old enough to learn. This video is special to me because he had made a turtle for me as one of his last projects. It still hangs in my window. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

  5. ポップな亀さんかなぁ~まさか亀さんなのかなぁと思っていたら当たりました🎵柴崎先生のファンタジー描くんですね🎵かわいい

  6. I love these videos!! They are so fun!
    (If you could see me, I would be clapping)

  7. I can't help but imagine someone receiving this as a birthday card….I've rarely seen anything as beautiful as this. Thank you!♥️

  8. 柴崎先生、すごいです。絵、色、お声、発せられる言葉、カメラワーク、まるでこちらの投稿全体が一つの作品ですね。

  9. A superb painting. So bright and colourful and happy. I would love to look at such a Painting in my house every morning. And each day would start with a smile! Thank you.

  10. メルヘンチックで明るい色調の素敵な作品ですね。

  11. What a beautiful and fanciful painting! I admire your ability to bring imagination and color to the canvas.

  12. I've been watching you since last year, you remind me of my grandpa, he didn't paint or anything, but I can feel his warmth through you! He's long gone but watching you makes me feel the same way I did when I was a kid with him!! Needless to say, I love your art, thank u!! 💖💖

  13. あっ、亀さんだ❗とわかった時、凄く嬉しくて楽しかったです😊背中に人を乗せてかわいい事❗😆虹も一筆で描けるのですね、ビックリしました😵

  14. 今回は何を描いているのかすぐには分かりませんでした😓 わくわくしながら観ていると…何とピンクの亀さん🐢 背中に可愛い子供が乗って🙌最後に虹が…🌈 夢のある絵本の世界のようですね💞💮 暗いニュースばかりですが、この動画によって世界中の人が一瞬でも明るい気持ちになり励まされることと思います😊💕 毎回楽しみにしています🎶

  15. スタートから出来上がりまで凄くワクワクしました(о´∀`о)色も鮮やかで気持ちが明るくなりました♪ありがとうございます!

  16. Such a fun and happy painting! And I actually guessed right almost from the start, cuz I love turtles!

  17. 私は、いわさきちひろ さんが好きです。この絵は、ちひろさんを思い浮かべるような作品だと感じています。

  18. Wow!!! This painting was so beautiful. It was one of my favorites that you've ever made!! Great job❤❤❤

  19. What a fun painting! you always help remind me that I should take joy in things. I will enjoy my practice, and other things I do in life as well!

  20. this is such a happy piece, i couldn’t help but smile as it came together! thanks grandpa, i needed some cheering up today ☺️

  21. 亀だったwブルーぽかったから海と思ったけど色使いに囚われてるとダメですね〜w

  22. Once you added the green, I immediately guessed it would be a turtle!! I loved this one so much, your paintings always give me happy and satisfied feelings at the end. It's beautiful and I love how happy the turtle looks as well 😀 you did wonderfully, Mr. Shibasaki!! <3 I feel so happy and at home in this painting in particular. Perfect video to watch to wind down and have a lovely night's sleep!! Thank you so much, I hope you have a lovely day! <3

  23. Dear Mr. Shibasaki, your videos are a ray of sunshine!! I thank you for your calm and loving spirit, with which you keep faithfully radiating your love for watercolor. I too love it. Lately I was having much more time and I did exactly that, enjoy myself exploring and enjoying my art, color, brushstrokes and mindfulness. It all comes together to a beautiful activity of respect for my art. You are a great example for me <3 Thank you ! Blessings to you and your family!! Stay healthy and happy like you are!!!!

  24. this painting reminds me of studio ghibli! i love the vivid colors, i was not expecting the final result! very nice today💗💛

  25. I knew it was a turtle around the 1:21 mark 😄
    Turtles have such an iconic shape
    I like them a lot 🐢🐢🙂

  26. As someone that usually just does black and white sketches, its refreshing to see so many vibrant colors in one area, kinda makes me think i should try to use more of colors. Thanks for doing this Shibasaki

  27. The time of dawing the rainbow is very surpeised! I feel so happy when i see the chidren sit on the beautiful tortoise.

  28. This was so delightful. Everything was heartwarming. The video made me feel like how I would imagine my grandfather would talk to me as I watch him paint. This is exactly what I needed to see today. I hope to try this myself soon

  29. I didn'tt get the turtle until the head and legs took shape. And just like that, again you got me in amazement… Feels like we are the children and you are the giant turtle, touring us around the magical world of painting. Lovely. Arigato, Sensei.

  30. Mr Shibasaki is so right about enjoying doing the painting. If our paintings survive 200 years, it won't matter to us whether the world loves them or not. Fame and fortune…we won't need them…but some fortune now would be all right…🤗

  31. I always love your paintings but this one is different. I love your art even more than before. This painting is magical! Thank you for taking me to the magical world Shibasaki sensei!

  32. These videos bring so much joy to my heart, especially at the end of a long day. The turtle picture was so pretty and cute! The Q and A sections are nice too because it's cool to sit and talk with Shibasaki san outside of just the painting segments. Hope you're doing well sensei, and thanks as always for this great video!

  33. Skibasaki San, would you provide a class in person if I visit you in Japan 🙂 (not now, when the virus situation improves)- thanks!

  34. 2:34で分かりました!

  35. I love the painting so much !!!!That's amazing!!! And the explain of each steps are so clearly~~~Just watched the latest episode from Bilibili…(>~<)ANYWAY ,please take care ~~

  36. Dear abuelito Shibasaki-samaaa! What a lovely and magical piece! I never thought a turtle could look so cute painted in that style. Also the children look so sweet having fun exploring a magical world.

    Many thanks for sharing your fantastic work! Super hugs from México, my dear abuelito Shibasaki-sama, take a lot of care! :3

  37. This was so much fun! At first I thought it was a tropical fish, but then I caught on when you painted the facets of the shell. Thank you for another great painting lesson! 😸

  38. You've taught me how to have fun with my art and how to be free with my talent. Thank you for your endless love and advice in every video. Thank you for every piece of wisdom and every brushstroke. 💛

  39. I love it, Shibasaki-sensei!! My heart is filled with joy after this video ehehe thanks for always make my day better

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