[ENG SUB: Korean Drama] The Temperature of Language: Our Nineteen (EP.7)

Hey. What are you doing? You must be tired. Get ready for bed. [The temperature of Language : Our Nineteen] [Should all high school seniors have a dream?] You’re so naive. I didn’t ask you to decide
what you want to become. I need something to write on your profile! You need to pretend
you know what you want to be
even if you don’t. You need to pretend
you are desperate even if you’re not. This is how it works. Everyone else is shaping their profile to the major they want. What is this? You’ve written different jobs every year! There are no signs at a life crossroads. I don’t know what I want to do but should pretend I do
to go to university. Adults want us to be full of hopes and dreams. By the way, where’s Chansol? Please join us. I’ve brought the top of the class. Eunbin! Come and have a seat. Why isn’t he coming in? Hi. Hi. Have a seat. Mom, two more Tteokbokki please. Are you sure
you want to study Physical Education? Yes, I do. But I need better grades. I’ll crash the finals. Oh~ Hope you do! You want to study business management, right? Yes, it’s better for the law school. Wow. It’s another level. You have everything planned. What about you, Eunbin? I’m going to apply for Public Administration
or Foreign Policy. What can you do after studying it? I can be a public servant or
get a job at a public corporation. Ew. You have to take an exam. Aren’t you tired of exams? You also have to sit an exam to become a teacher. Huh? What? Oh my god. Ask Yuri if you don’t know. But I’m not sure I can make it. I’m worried. But you’ve got a great record of
extra curricular activities. What about you, Ganguk? You did a great job with design last time. I’m not going to go to university. Really? Are you not going to go to university? I don’t think I should. I have something else I want to do. What is it? Well… I’ll tell you later. Wow. So cool. Everyone knows what you want to do. I now know why the teacher was so upset. This is on the house. Jinah, don’t you have your dream job? You should these days. Please don’t! It looks so good. Bon appetit. – Thanks.
– Of course. – Thank you.
– Thank you. Bye. See you tomorrow. See you later. Ahh… Aren’t you embarrassed? I can’t even bring your name to any conversation We’re spending almost 10 million won a month on consulting and everything. And you’re number two? Can I change my major if I become the top of the class? Not again. Do you want to see me go mad? Aren’t you sorry for me and your dad? I’m sorry. Is it okay to work longer hours? I love it because you do such a great job. I asked for it. I should thank you. Do you still write this stuff? Public servant? This used to be a dream job 15 years ago. Aren’t kids these days different? They want to be YouTubers and all that. Ah… I like a stable job. Ganguk. Yes. You must go to university
if you want to become anything in Korea. You see students dropping out on TV. And that’s their pride talking. Wait for 10 years. They’ll regret it to death. I don’t understand. What does going to university have to do
with becoming anything? Aren’t you just trying to increase university admission rates? What? Also, when students drop out of school,
it’s not their pride talking. They do it because they have a dream. Where did you learn to talk back like that? If you’re done. Hey! You… Oh my god. Isn’t this you? Hey. The ring! It’s him! This is sick. He’s Shin Ganguk! – Let’s look at another clip.
– Oh my god. So this is him. Wow~ It’s so cool. What’s the key to solving a grammar question? I told you this 100 times. Finding a position. Correct. You should see if this should go here or there. So, if you look at question number two… I feel anxious now. Everyone is going somewhere. But I don’t know where I should go. Where’s mom? Taking out the garbage. It’s late. Where are you going? Drink in moderation.
Mom’s worried. Mind your own business. Will you be able to go to university in Seoul? What? Can’t you see I’m doing my best? Sure. Good work. Love you, sis. Hey! Seriously. Is she really my sister? I’m glad you’re here. Could you help me wash dishes? It was so busy today. Why didn’t you ask Jinseol? She was here until now. Could you just help me? Let’s wrap it up and go home. I’m a high school senior. You should fill this out and submit. What are you going to write? I don’t know. I don’t have a dream. What are you talking about? I was poor and only boys in my family were educated. But I’ll let my daughters do whatever they want. So just tell me what it is. I really don’t have a dream. Look at Jinseol. She wanted to be a psychologist
since she was young. The whole neighborhood knows her dream. And she now attends SNU to study psychology. How come I gave a birth to her? I am so proud of her. Mom. Am I same as Jinseol? Jinseol is called as a legend in my school. Not Jinseol, but a legend. (a Korean pun) How am I called? I am just a baby sister of the legend. Do you know how I feel when compared
with Jinseol all the time? That’s not what I meant. Look. You let Jinseol go have fun. But you make me wash the dishes. Why? You are proud of Jinseol, but me? Am I not your child as I am not good at study? Jina… I… I don’t like people asking me about my dreams. You don’t know how stressful it is, do you? You don’t care about me, anyway. What am I doing? I can’t go back. Having no signs might mean that, if I took a wrong path, it could be the path towards misfortune. Why didn’t I know this? Thank you. Isn’t it a luxury to you? I feel jealous. I am not doing it just for fun. As I can’t live without doing it, I am doing it pulling all nighters everyday. That’s what I am saying. I am jealous of that you found something you want to do and you can pull all nighters for that. It’s like 19’s life. I heard you are applying for education major. Isn’t being a teacher your dream? A dream? I want to think about it. Ah…
What’s my dream? Not being bullied, maybe? I am applying as my dad told me to do so. If I have a dream, it would be just being graduated soon. that’s it. You are here. What are you doing? You must be tired. Go wash and get some sleep. Mom, this is too much… What’s wrong with you? These are unnecessary. These make you not to focus on study. That’s why you are always in 2nd place. I got it. I got it, so… Please let these be here. A movie? Huh? Don’t you dare to think about it. If you had a talent in it,
I would recognize before you. I don’t have any talent. I didn’t raise you, wanting you to become like that. What a surprise. What are you doing here? You must be cold. Where’s your bag? What’s with your hair? Did you fight with someone? I’m hungry. Are you okay? Lee Chansol, it’s a relief that you’re here. May I have another fish cake bar? Why haven’t you eaten until this time? Since when did you want to
become a P.E. teacher? Why do you want to do it? What? I see. You’re good at exercising. So you might want to do what you’re good at. I’m not good at anything.
What have I done? Hey, there are things you are good at. You write well. You have no clue. Writing some Instagram posts doesn’t mean
that I’m not good at writing. There are so many good writers in the world. I’m nothing. Why are you nothing? You’re Woo Jina. Hey, I don’t feel like playing with words. I’m not playing. I just like you because you’re you. Whatever you do or not, you’re just you Whatever you choose, I’ll support you. So, as a friend, I like you as a friend. I know, you fool. I’m full. Huh? Hang on. Stay still. It’s alright. It’s okay. I got this. I just like you because you’re you. Whatever you do or not, you’re just you. Whatever you choose, I’ll support you. Having no signs means that no paths exist. Doesn’t that mean I can go anywhere? I feel so burdened with my sign. What’s wrong? What’s going on? It’s a bit long… I’ll listen to everything. It can be long. Am I living my life or my mom’s life? Maybe I was born just to fulfill my mom’s dream. As I follow the sign that my mom chooses, it feels like I’m losing myself. [Temperature of Language
Our 19]

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  1. How many times they reuse the best friend turned lover many times in every romance dramas, I never feel bored with them.

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