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Oh, welcome back! So, how much did
Mr. and Mrs. Noman disturb you? Well, I am very irritated. Strange, unbridled characters
they are. Anyway, they didn’t choose the
option of divorce and instead
decided to just stay separated. But… now they had to justify their
decision… in front of common friends. I made a hasty decision? 15 years. 15 years. If a person lives with themselves
for this long, they get bored. The same voice, same face,
same expression… Now don’t say that I shouldn’t
be a Westerner in my approach. I 100% agree with the Western
philosophy. Change… is very necessary for a person. I got very exhausted. He was very obstinate, he
didn’t want to fix himself. I kept boiling and seething
inside. It was damging me. You have no idea… When your husband smells of a
perfume, which isn’t yours… the kind of havoc it creates
inside you. I know that I have committed
mistakes. But what can I do? Basically, I am a romantic man. This is in my genes. Every… beautiful thing attracts me. It’s not in my control. But… all this doesn’t mean that I
don’t love her. This is rubbish. He would play with words even
in real life. Everyone has their own
nature… But I didn’t have any solution
for his over flooded romance. Looking after the house,
caring for the children! Romance gets locked away in a
kitchen cabinet. And in any case, one should
mature with age. We can’t live like Romeo and
Juliet all the time. She had an issue with my
fame…. my achievements, and all my
respectable work.. She never appreciated me. Alright, if not the full
episode,… a person can at least say that
a particular dialogue was good. But no.. she never said it. Whenever my drama would play on
TV, she would remember a house chore. She would watch the worst of
dramas…. but never those written by me. I didn’t have any interest in
his writings. I knew him well. That’s why it all looked fake
to me. Now, you can think it is
psychological or something else, but that’s how it was. He tried to cover his
shortcomings through the
perfection of his characters. That’s why I used to dislike
his dramas even more. My serial ‘Darrar’ was
super hit. She didn’t even watch that. It was plagiarized. No. No. It was an inspiration. Inspiration. After he read it, I read that
English novel myself. He copied all of it, cover to
cover! It was just a mismatch. Despite that, I spent 15 years
with her. It was me who was dragging this
relationship. Now that I’m tired, its over. I’m happy. Very happy. Feels like… I have a fresh, new life. My writing has also improved. Yes.. well.. I just worry about the children. I don’t know if I’m happy or
not. It’s just quiet inside. The children miss him. Both managed to somehow
convince each other. Some irritated wife revalidated
Sania’s feelings, while a cornered husband
endorsed Noman. Others understood. But.. it’s a little difficult to make
yourself understand. It’s not like I’m not happy. I’m absolutely happy. I’m feeling good. I’m enjoying my freedom, and
even writing much better than
before. Believe me. Just sometimes it happens… Well, often it happens that… I hear her voice. Especially while sleeping at
night. I wake up with a jolt and start
looking for her. I’m not at all ready to accept
that… I love her.. or that she lives within me. No, no. Not at all. I know she is… just a habit of mine. I’ve just become used to her, nothing beyond that. There is just a serious issue
that… I am a little worried about
nowadays, and that is. ..that whenever I am with any of my friend, I
mean girlfriend… … I feel like.. she is looking at me. And I freak out… I become completely distracted. It becomes.. quite embarrassing… I hope you understand, right? So I just wanted to talk about
this. I really need your help. There must be some medicine, which can help we get rid of
her. Yes, mom. I’m alright. Yes, I’m just tired. Why was I supposed to contact
him? What’s the need? The children miss him a lot,
that’s all, especially Mehru. She has become very insecure
after Noman. She gets stubborn about weird
things. I don’t know, mom. I have become a little insecure
as well. He was useless, but at least
people knew there was a man in
the house. I don’t go to any get together
after him. His friends say strange things,
mom. It feels like I have ‘available’
written on my forehead. Some are such rascals that I
can see the entire Kamasutra
in their eyes. That’s the reason I don’t go. Both were proven completely
wrong. They thought that the reason
behind their distress was their
living together. This was a mismatch. So they separated, thinking
that things would get better
but this didn’t happen. Noman was no longer under
surveillance but still he
couldn’t enjoy his love
affairs. And Sania had understood that
Noman wasn’t as useless as
she had thought. All those things they had taken
for granted while living
together, now… they were missing severely
after separating. In this turmoil another year
passed. And yes, while living separately,
they did meet. Where did they meet?… Give me a second, please. Oh yes, on the demise of Noman’s mother. And what happens to both them,
you should watch in the next

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  1. https://youtu.be/4QpatV29j70 ایک اور جج ویڈیو سکینڈل؟ایکسٹینشن مت دو ورنہ آپکی ویڈیو وائرل کردونگی؟؟؟ مریم خاموشی سے کام کرگئ۔۔۔؟

  2. شاعر اور لکھاری کو اچھی بیوی مل جائے تو زندگی اچھی ھو جاتی ھے ورنہ شاعری اور ڈرامے لازمی اعلی ھو جاتے ھیں۔

  3. Nashpati bai, you're doing a great job but don't add inappropriate content for rating. I mean why have you added the scene, in which she's smoking 🚬… 😡

  4. Al Salam O alaikum wa rahma, i have also story to share. If perhaps aap aapna email share kareen main story share kar doon ga

  5. Husband and wife ka Relation infatuation nhe Hota….it's Just like Tom and Jarry Larrty hain but Can't live without each other….!!!

  6. Amazing acting.
    Hamza for the 1st time looks like an actor with great ability.
    Zara looks very convincing.
    Nouman is just too good.

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