Episode 04 – Permission | Saat Mulaqatain | Drama Series | Nashpati Prime

Sanu. Noman! What are you doing here in
Islamabad? It’s sister Ishrat’s daughter’s
wedding. Oh, alright, alright. Did the children come with you? They also don’t have much
interest in my family, like you. I asked them but they made such
bad faces. Anyway, what are you doing here? Oh, I was here for the premiere
of one of my drama serials. If you’re not running late,
can we sit here for a little
while? Sure. The groom’s wedding procession
will be late in any case. Come. In fact I was about to call you
in one or two days. Why? Oh… I had to discuss something
important with you. What? We’ll talk… what is the hurry? First you tell me about you. I’m doing social work. If I succeed, I’ll become a
(political) leader. Well, you’re a leader from day
one. I didn’t get your vote. You never let anyone stand in
front of you. You won without any
competition. The same old complaints? I’m telling the truth. You’re looking nice. Really? I saw myself in the mirror a
couple of days ago.. and got putoff myself. I thought how difficult it
must be for others. So got fixing done of this old
model. Some denting, painting,
bodyworks. You’re looking good. Absolutely new. It’s a 50’s model. Listen, what are these bribes you have
been offering Asim? My case is so weak that without
bribes nothing gets done. You will not understand. You know he wants to go to
Karachi for studies? He wants to move from Lahore to
Karachi? He says only on one condition
he will get good grades, if I get him admission in
Karachi. Although, Lahore has some
very good colleges. Then why? Because, you live there. He wants to move close to you. Oh. Alright. I didn’t think of that. What an idiot I am. Wow. You are being honest nowadays. Tell me about Mehru. Mehru. She has become very stubborn
nowadays. Starts fighting on the slightest
of things. A child who you have raised, when they stand in front of you
and argue, its very difficult. Then, when I start yelling she
gets upset and runs away
from home. Runs where? To any of her friends’ places. Then I plead with her, to make
her come back. This is a very worrisome thing. Yes, this is how it is. She is dealing with a lot of
emotional complexities. Alright, I will meet her and
try to make her understand. What was it that you wanted to
discuss? We forgot that in the
middle of everything. Nothing. Say it. Its nothing important. You’re getting married. How did you guess? I’ve been with you for 15 years. Who is it? Her name is Seemi. She is a copywriter in an
advertising agency. She’s a nice girl. Well not a girl really.. But she’s intelligent. She plays the Sitar really well. Can she make tea on Sitar? I’m just joking. Its good. Atleast someone should be happy. What do you want from me? Nothing. I just wanted to
tell you. You must be thinking, I might get
you jailed for getting married
without my consent. I’ve never hated you that much,
Noman. She’s also here at the premiere, if you’d like to meet her. Why do you want me to meet her? I wanted your opinion. And, I also wanted her to meet
my family. Family? Is this a new term? Will you meet her? No. I don’t want to put myself
through any more tests. Anyway, congratulations. Goodbye. Love is such a strange
deception. A person keeps indulging
themselves, in the guise of
loving another. Noman also did the same thing
his whole life. Before writing every new
romantic drama, a new love
affair. So he could develop a feel
for it. Thank God he didn’t write a
crime drama, or a law and order
situation would have developed. Both were apparently running
away from each other, but actually were running after
each other. Hello! Sonu, its me Noman. Where are you? This is my third
call since evening. I’ll call again in a short while.
Please stay near the phone. Hello! Hello! Sania! Where are you?! I wish you were here right now.
Tonight is a big night of
achievement for me. I’ll be receiving the Best
Writer Award in a little while. And yes, maybe next week Seemi and I
were thinking of getting
married. Now, I don’t know if I should
be giving you these news
together but.. you know I… I’ve never hidden anything from
you. You’re listening, right? After hearing this message, Sania cried like a mourner. It was as if she lost control
over herself. She was berating herself for
being so torn for a dead
relationship. A middle class woman can bear
another woman in her
husband’s bed, but to share her marriage
certificate, that becomes
insufferable. A couple of days before his
wedding, Noman came to meet Sania all of
a sudden. So the events of this unexpected
meeting we will watch in the
next episode.

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  1. "mazeed test nae lena chahti khud ka" icc "test" ne jo fark kia ae na main stream wirter r digital platform writer mein woh bht awlaaa ae.

  2. Nauman Ejaz se acha actor koi ho hi nai sakta, mein ne sari story nai dekhi abhi tak but acting bahut ala ki hai dono ne

  3. Nauman k acting ka part kafi hai, tu bahi (Khosat bahi) har episode me apni entry kiun maar rha hai,
    Bahi tu bhi bahut ala actor hai, but story me involve hone de bahi,
    Jaise gana gatay howe koi bech me lyrics ka matlab samjhana shuru kar de

  4. Drama or acting bhi boht achi hai noman aijaz mere favourite hain mgr ek bat samjh nahi arhe wo is dramay me righter hain or dramay likhte hain aese log emoshtions feelings se bhary hoty hain kab kahan kya bat ka ri he unse behtar kon Jan sakta hai aese log jo naye naye qirdaron ko bna te hain or phir alag alag jazbaat se qirdar me Jan dal dene waly ko bhala kese nahi PTA k kab kis baat ka kya asar parday ga righters to boht he hassas tabyt k Malik hotay hai selfish nahi

  5. They Are Running in Circle After each other…. But Don't Know…. Ladies ki Sense Love Mamalay Marrdon se Taiz Hoti hey….is Liye Unko Takleef bhe Ziada hoti mahbt na Milany may….!!!!

  6. Awesome , Noman Ijaz ji I'm big big big big fan of you, you are a superb actor ,7th episode mei cigarette jlaye bina cigarette pene ki acting krna , dialogues se dhian hta k cigarette ko bina jlaye pene ki taraf le jata hai ,wow superb

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