Episode 05 – Solicitation | Saat Mulaqatain | Drama Series | Nashpati Prime

Who is it? Its me Noman. Noman. Yes, I just came to see the
children. That is fine, but its 4 in the
morning. Whats the big deal? I used to come at 5 a.m. You
never asked me before. Its pouring. You should have called. I would
have sent the car. Why haven’t you changed this
door lock? What if a thief had broken
inside? I thought a thief had
broken in. Ahh, you must have been
disappointed to see me. You’re drenched. Here, wipe
your face. Nothing has changed. Everything is the same as
it was. What’s the issue Nomi?
Its pouring and you.. I don’t understand. I was just passing by.. I saw the moon so thought I should celebrate ‘Eid’
with my family. Are you drunk? I was trying. You were getting married, right? What happened? I haven’t come 500-600 miles to
discuss the wedding menu
with you. Where are the children? I told you, it’s late.. Alright, they must be sleeping. They must be sleeping. I will just look at them from
a distance and leave. You have come this far to look
at the children from a distance? No, I… I wanted to see you too. Take off your coat, it’s drenched. Yes, it started raining all
of a sudden. What happened? I had forgotten… What? The fragrance of your body. I used to like this habit
of yours… Taking a shower before sleeping
at night. Putting perfume. And then, the whole night,
the soft fragrance… Tell me clearly Noman. Why have you come in the middle
of the night? And, why haven’t you gotten
married? Tch… She wanted to live alone. She wanted to live alone
with you? I don’t understand. She wanted to live alone
with me, What do you mean? She didn’t want to live
with you. Now, how can this happen? I don’t understand how I have
come between you too. That’s what I said to her. That you are not between the
two of us. But she was very possessive. I don’t understand what the
issue is. Well, she used to say… She used to say that if I divorce you, only then
she will marry me. Now, what is this supposed
to mean… She had gotten scared of you. She said to me, that if I can’t leave you for her sake, then I should go back to you
for my sake. Now you tell me, it’s not
compulsory that a woman who plays the
Sitar would think the same way. So you should have agreed to
her condition. Oh, why? Why not? When we no longer have a
relationship, why should a person break a new
developing relationship
for that? Who is she to break your and
my relationship? Who has given her this right? If I wanted to divorce you I would have done it out of
my own will, right? Or, if you had wanted it. And then, things like, you will visit the
children, the children
won’t come here. What the f**k?!! So I also told her, go get lost. I don’t want to marry you. Go away, bitch. She was a bit*h. I’m sorry. Sorry for what? I shouldn’t have come here in
this condition. I shouldn’t have come. You’re in a lot of pain, right/ I became very alone after
she left. She used to play Sitar
beautifully. I had to talk to someone
about this pain… but in situations like these
I only think of you. You know, I …. can’t cry in front of anyone. And you also know that I… …how easily scared a man I am,
from inside. You’re shivering. I’ll bring a blanket. No.. No. I want to keep my head in
your lap. For old times… please. I really need you today. You know, when you run you fingers through my hair, all my depression, all my
anxiety is washed away. I become light. Share my burdens, please. You have done this so many
times before. Today, once again for my sake… Please… Ok. But you will leave before the
children wake up. You also kept a condition. *laughs* You also kept a condition. You don’t need to worry. Feeling, feeling better. Feeling better. I am leaving. I am leaving. The children… Give the children my love.

42 Replies to “Episode 05 – Solicitation | Saat Mulaqatain | Drama Series | Nashpati Prime”

  1. WHAT THE [email protected]@K 😲 ?

  2. shadi k 15 sal bad seperation hui phir 3 sal guzry pr actors still saying 15 sal se bardasht kar raha ho and all that.otherwise story is awsome

  3. last seen sy sabit howa k marad jetna b taqatwar jabar q na ho aakher gerta pake howay phal ki tarah eik ourt ki goodh main he hai beshak wo goodh maa ki ho begam ki ho ya kesi toowaif ki

  4. O please, Nauman Enjaz ko intimate scene me mat dalo yaar … !! us ko apne level pe rehne k liye kisi side corner ki zarorat nai

  5. Episode#4 tak mujhe as viewer yeah yaqeen a gaya tha, k dono k beech acha khasa piyaar rha hai , infact aysa piyaar k jo alag hone k bawajood bhi khatam hone wala nai tha, worst kam worst dono ki achi yadien jurri thien aik dosre k sath,
    phir yeah erotic scene daal k chawal maarne ki kia zarorat thi, array Kahani jab kamzoor pharne lag tao kapre utaar do, ta k loog aur tarah se bhi involve ho jayein, … !! bakwas episode

  6. Noman Sahb tou khair … finest actor of our times. But ZARA TAREEN is Absolutely Brilliant, What an amazing actor … Mashallah! Hamza … reminds me of younger Firdous Sahb, wohi awaaz . wohi andaaz … wohi tone .. wohi pauses… gestures. Its Natural. But would be ideal if he had his own individual style. A very well written and well directed play. Sound Quality is pretty bad in a few episodes and so is the lighting.

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