Episode 3 – Mining Boom – Season 1 – Comedy Web Series

Yeah nah so like, like our sponsors iCutter
on Facebook. Need a fixed cutter drill bit or refurb to get her like brand new? iCutter’s
got you covered man. Just click the link in the description and get your drill
bits spot on. Righto listen up. Safety Alert. An email
has been circulating containing a picture of Janet from a HR’s birthday
cake with a penis and scrotum resting upon it. Counseling is being offered to
all those who ate some of Janet’s birthday cake. Investigation is ongoing.
This is totally unacceptable blah, blah, blah…
suck shit Janet, ya mole. Don’t you fucking laugh!
You have no idea the shit-storm you’ve created. I’m gonna need
arsehole surgery after his tipper incident! Mine manager of all people! You told us to get started cuz. Well he wasn’t meant to be there till smoke. And don’t you start! I don’t know what the fuck you did to that tipper! Needs a whole new tipping ram and hydraulic pump! Totally fucked it! Yeah it was like that when we found it bro, aye Jack? Jeez, there’s some dodgy operators around here bro. Well, until his new ram gets here we’re just gonna have to scrape it out with an excavator. Yeah, nah won’t that look a bit dodgy? We can’t charge it out if it’s not on the job.
I don’t need advice from you! You can’t even get breakfast without fucking it up! I asked for big breakfast get me two containers of
sausages! If the stress doesn’t give me a heart attack the fucking sausages will!
Sausages! Righto, jobs are… first up we need everyone to get ready
for the safety audit in the yard in a few hours. Tommy picked up the portable shower and some new PPE for you to unpack and set up. All hands on deck. Sorry Dan, did you get my email about
Cillian going with the operators now? Oh hi Angela, the email no, no I’m still trying to remember my password. I can get another guy in tomorrow for you Oh Kilkenny? I was wondering where he came from, actually can we have him? You like it here with the contractors, don’t you Kilkenny? Ah sure, happy to help wherever, so I am. Ah, well there’s probably much better job
security a better pay go with these- I wish I was named after a drink… Dan Daniels. Yeah, the more the merrier to get this yard ready for this fucking audit by these snitching, nitpickin, brown-nosing, wanker little auditing flogs!
Welcome aboard Kilkenny! Ah Ciliian.
You have no idea what you’ve just done. You got another one there for us? I’ve no idea who this c*nt is. Hi, I’m here to do the safety audit. What can I do, so? Right, so Dan’s got Geezer stalling the inspector in the crib room while we set up the PPE and the safety shower. Fridge 4 degrees, perfect. Right, so why 4 degrees why not like 6 degrees? Well, I’m glad you asked good for you for taking an interest. You see with harmful bacteria 4 degrees doesn’t inhibit micro growth but rather slows
down all the chemical reactions and slows the… Only problem is, I got you from the airport not PPE, and first I’ve heard about the portable safety shower. Wasn’t quite with it at the time. Hang on, I’m pretty sure the Sparky’s got one we can borrow. Copy Francis, shift electrician, can we
get you in the mill now please? Copy. Ah, I don’t think this is portable at all, at all. No, yeah nah it’s just a few bolts. We’ll stick on a mince-up fitting, too easy. Grab the ute and some PPE and we’re gone. Right, ah, what’s PPE? Personal protective equipment. Gloves and safety glasses and shit. Fuck’s sake! And they we’re gonna make you an operator? You fucked up there killer. Could have had a steady gig doing fuck all! Can’t believe we got away that audit, aye. Nice work Killer! Come on, let’s get it back I can’t be caught stealing gear on my second day at all, at all. We’re fucked lad! Yeah, it’s not ideal. Yeah, copy all the guys
involved with the incident yesterday… Cuz, Jack, Killkenny and Deep Fried.
You’ve all got a drugs and alcohol now. Um, just alcohol for me thanks.

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