erotic black comedy Cantonese film “Pretty Lady (銷魂大姐)” (1938)

อับราฮัม (啞巴喊), my dearest younger brother, erotic black comedy Cantonese film “Pretty Lady (銷魂大姐)” (1938) was written and directed by Mr. Wang Fu-ching (汪福慶), the film plot is about a village girl Ah Hau (阿巧) which is played by the sexy bomb Ms. Nancy Chan (陳雲裳), Ms. Nancy Chan (陳雲裳) played as a farmer, just wore sexy hot pants and showed off her white smooth thighs, she carried two buckets on her shoulders to irrigate the vegetables in the field, and sang a Mandarin love song, attracted a group of farmers, such as Ah Mou (阿茂, played by Cantonese opera comedian Mr. Chan Kim-fei (陳劍飛) and Ah Sau (阿壽), the “Idiot (傻仔)” Mr. Lew Mung-kok (廖夢覺) played as her lover, he just sold out his green grass, and back from the downtown, he drove a horse-drawn vehicle, and asked Ah Hau (阿巧) to way home with him, Ah Hau (阿巧) begged “Idiot (傻仔)” to bring her into the downtown, the “Idiot (傻仔)” said that there are so many “bad guys” in the downtown, he really worried about her safety, and refused to let her to the downtown, when Ah Hau (阿巧) just back to her home, her mother told her that her cousin Ah Ching (阿清, played by sexy bomb Ms. Chan Sin-yu (陳倩如)) visited them from the downtown, cousin Ah Ching (阿清) has permed her hair, and wore a deluxe silk cheongsam, she gave them a lot of gifts, such as sliced dried beef and an aeroplane toy, cousin Ah Ching (阿清) said that her employer want to hire an extra maid, she wanted to let Ah Hau (阿巧) to do this post in the downtown, cousin Ah Ching (阿清) stayed in the hometown for 4 days, Ah Hau (阿巧) say good bye to the “Idiot (傻仔)” in the third night, she assured the “Idiot (傻仔)” that she will not turn bad, and will marry him at the last. Ah Hua (阿巧) came to the downtown with her cousin Ah Ching (阿清) in the fourth morning, she took up the maid post for the Chow (周) family. the host Mr. Chow (周) is played by the musician Mr. Ho Tai-so (何大傻), the role is a 50 years old wealthy businessman, he frequently leave Hong Kong for his business, he has a lame wife Mrs. Chow (周), played by Cantonese opera actress Ms. Chow Siu-ying (周少英), Mrs. Chow (周) is handicapped, she always sit on a wheelchair, and be taken care by a maid, played by Ms. Lee Lan-fong (李蘭芳), all family affairs are controlled by Mr. Chow (周)’s elder sister, peoples called her as “Auntie (姑太)”, played by sexy actress Ms. To Sam-ku (陶三姑), she is the housekeeper in the the Chow (周) family, … Reverend บอสโก (扑西哥神父), my dearest elder brother, this Ms. To Sam-ku (陶三姑) was originally a Singaporean Cantonese opera heroine in 1900s, she immigrated to Republic of China in 1910s, gave performing in Shanghai, the audience called her as “Silver Mouse (銀老鼠)”, she always perform in erotic play, Ms. To Sam-ku (陶三姑) used her sexy eyes to ogle her audiences, her masterpiece should ne “Mr. Hsu Shih-lin worshipped the pagoda on Lei Hill (仕林祭塔)”, she played as the principal role – the white snake fairy. อับราฮัม (啞巴喊), my dearest younger brother, she is exactly the sexy actress Ms. To Sam-ku (陶三姑). the deluxe film scenery for the Chow (周) family, it is still valid in the 21st century. the servants in the the Chow (周) family are really lazy, in addition to the 3 maids, such as Ah Ching (阿清), Ah Hau (阿考) and Mrs. Chow (周)’s maid, the Chow (周) family has 3 male servants, two of them are played by comedians Mr. Ning Meng (檸檬), and “Fat Guy” Mr. Lau Kwai-hong (劉桂康) as a chef, they are lazy, as the housekeeper, “Auntie (姑太)” is often angry with them. Mr. Chow Kok-man (周覺民) is the elder son, played Mr. Kwong Shan-siu (鄺山笑), he has a younger sister Miss Chow (周), played by Cantonese opera actress Ms. Tam Sau-chun (譚秀珍), she has a boy friend Mr. Cheung Wan (張雲), played by comedian Mr. Wong Cho-shan (黃楚山). Ah Hau (阿考) is hired for serving Miss. Chow (周), Ah Hua (阿考) appreciated the wealthy Chow family, always seduce the men, apart from her peers, such as the 2 servants and the chef, she ogle to Mr. Chow Kwok-man (周覺民) too! In one evening, a dancing party was held for celebrating the 50th birthday of Mr. Chow (周), Ah Hua (阿考) need to clean up the sleeping room of Miss Chow (周), when Ah Hua (阿考) saw her cosmetics, luxurious dressing and high-heeled shoes, Ah Hua (阿考) lapsed into a reverie, became a wealthy girl, Ah Hua (阿考) secretly wore Miss Chow’s evening dress, …! Mr. Cheung Wan (張雲) suddenly came into the sleeping room, Ms. Nancy Chan (陳雲裳) showed off her white and smooth thighs on the silver screen, she just wear pantie and singlet, the audience can clearly see her back muscles, …! Mr. Cheung Wan (張雲) erect his big cock immediately, and asked her rapidly wore an evening dress, came down to dance with him. when she down to the ball floor, it is no doubt that she was scolded by the Auntie (姑太). In the mid-night, Ah Hua (阿考) sang another Mandarin love song beside the pond in the garden, Mr. Chow Kwok-man (周覺民) peeked at her from the balcony, he saw Ah Hua (阿考) jump into the pond for catching a toad, Mr. Chow Kwok-man (周覺民) ran down to the garden, stripped off his dressing gown for Ah Hua (阿考), they hug together, …, Mr. Chow Kwok-man (周覺民) want to hold her upstair back to his sleeping room, but they met the trouble maker – Auntie (姑太) in the staircase, they ran back to their own sleeping rooms respectively, Ah Hua (阿考) want to send back the dressing gown for Mr. Chow Kwok-man (周覺民). but the disagreeable Auntie (姑太) put a chair on the midway between their sleeping rooms, when the Auntie (姑太) was slept, Ah Hua (阿考) quickly delivery to Mr. Chow Kwok-man (周覺民)’s sleeping room, and wet kiss with him, but the Aunt (姑太) saw all from the keyhole, Mr. Chow Kwok-man (周覺民)’s fiancée Wan-ying (雲英) just came at that time, Ms. Lok Wai-ying (駱惠影) played this supporting role, the Aunt (姑太) sowed discord, Wan-ying (雲英) was so angry, threw back the diamond engagement ring! Later, Miss Chow came to a gambling club to play cards with Mr. Cheung Wan (張雲), she also brought Ah Hua (阿考), Ah Hua (阿考) secretly drank seven guests’ cup of brandy, Miss Chow asked Mr. Cheung Wan (張雲) to send her back to the Chow family, but the wicked Mr. Cheung Wan (張雲) brought Ah Hua (阿考) to his home, and rape her! Ah Hua (阿考) found that she is pregnant, and requested Mr. Cheung Wan (張雲) marry her, Mr. Cheung Wan (張雲) categorically refused, and used a stack of bank notes to expel her, she threw back to him. Mr. Cheung Wan (張雲) called the Auntie (姑太), he slander on Ah Hua (阿考), the Auntie (姑太) fired Ah Hua (阿考) and her cousin Ah Ching (阿清) immediately! As Ah Hua (阿考) doesn’t dare back to her home, she rent a wooden hut with her cousin Ah Ching (阿清), and born a son later, Ah Hua (阿考)’s son was so ill, but they don’t have money, in a rainstorm night, they came to see Mr. Cheung Wan (張雲) for some money, Mr. Cheung Wan (張雲) ignored them, her cousin Ah Ching (阿清) scold Mr. Cheung Wan (張雲) with foul language:
“you are bitch, you whole family come to die.”
扑街你禁衰,冚家鏟。 they came to the Chow family, begged Mr. Chow Kwok-man (周覺民) to help them, at that time, Mr. Cheung Wan (張雲) came to make an engagement with Miss Chow (周), all enjoy the steak as their dinner, Mr. Chow Kwok-man (周覺民) led them into the dinning hall, Ah Hua (阿考) angrily pointed out Mr. Cheung Wan (張雲)’s bad behaviour to the public, and send back her son’s corpse to Mr. Cheung Wan (張雲), Ah Hua (阿考) ran away from the Chow family, and commit suicide by jump down from a cliff, but she dropped down to a bed of green grass on a horse-drawn vehicle, and see her last lover “Idiot” again, her cousin Ah Ching (阿清) and Mr. Chow Kwok-man (周覺民) arrived at that time, Mr. Chow Kwok-man (周覺民) want to marry her, Ah Hua (阿考) decided to take “Idiot (傻仔)”‘s horse-drawn vehicle way home, Ah Hua (阿考) marry the “Idiot (傻仔)”, and be a farmer in her hometown.

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