EXAMS & TEMPLES | Stand Up Comedy | Neeraj Sharma

I’ve seen a lot of people in Temples during EXAM times All kids have come there Eyes closed! Deep Concentration! Someone is chanting Gayatri Mantra. If someone’s eyes are shut for longer then you know he is reciting Hanuman Chalisa! Everyone seems to have memorized it during exam times Kids are standing O Lord! Today is Chemistry! little help is needed Physics is day after and you have already defied physics Remember the time when you lifted the entire mountain? Please I should not get less marks in Maths too O lord! Just help me get in the 12th standard once I promise never to steal from my dad’s wallet I’ll never have dirty thoughts about Sheela Aunty and will never visit Dance Bars Absolutely never I asked my nephew will you be able to clear the 11th? He replied, of course Chacha! It’s inevitable cause I have bribed the teacher 1 thousand per subject and other 5 boys have given too. so the amount is big too the teacher has to clear our sheets I said you are doing all this.. this can’t continue in 12th. 12th will be board exams he said, “that why I have decided that.. .. for 12th I will get the certificate made. He was caught! School Principal called for his father! My elder brother He went He heard everything He pulled out a packet of Rajnigandha pan Masala He then mixed some Tulsi in it Tobacco he then stuffed it in his mouth He got up and he said Please forgive us Sir! I don’t want him to study further I want him out of the school and you start coming to the shop from tomorrow Principal is shocked to see a father like this Then I was in his Radar next! He asked me , What are you upto these days? I said, I intend doing stand-up comedy I will make people laugh I am writing for that & I am observing every thought He asked me, You? will make people laugh? Who will come to watch you? You also come to the shop from Tomorrow! I said, bro at least the ones who are fed up of watching snakes on TV will turn up! He said, you don’t come to the shop because I have gotten your nephew also out of the school He can still be taught something I give up on YOU!

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