Exploring Instagram’s Comedian Page

it’s the holiday season and I’m about to
bust a nut that means to uh break it like breaking nut using nut cracker
right is that what that means a couple days ago one of you tweeted at me and
said that I had said I would eat bugs if I got to 50,000 subscribers by the end
of the year and my response was I said I would eat bugs if I hit 50,000
subscribers by the end of the year I have no recollection of saying that but
then she brought proof so I got three different flavors
sriracha flavored chocolate coffee sour cream and onion I might try all three of
them but I probably won’t cuz that sounds awful put it toward my knees and
my knees cracked him right open oh my god wouldn’t it be a bit like that I
would do if I bought these bugs and then I just I just didn’t eat them I’d sue
min add zoom in one more time and I go got ya I bought the bugs and I
didn’t even eat them isn’t that’s a good bit right oh no hmm interesting
section not as as I thought it would be so today’s video isn’t about anything
trending or something you know potentially illegal that I had been
seeing but it’s something that annoys me almost every day I use Instagram a lot
and for some reason I always go to the explore page when I have nothing to
check in small hopes that I’ll see like a funny old vine or you know like an
actually good comedy video and I do sometimes but most of the time it’s
garbage in the explore page Instagram has a little box that says
comedians on it when you click on it it just keeps a feed going of comedians
making comedy so yesterday I just clicked on the comedians page kept the
links to some of the videos that came up and now we’re gonna talk about what I
saw I’m not just cherry-picking a bunch of videos on Instagram let’s
give them a fair chance of showing us comedy but
first actually I wanted sherry pick and show one video that I saw back in
like April I couldn’t make an entire video out of
this one small Instagram video so I’m finally glad to talk about it it’s by an
Instagram star named Cornell and let’s just give it a look whoa how are you gonna make that funny I
I get it’s like light-hearted you’re in a scream mask but this video is about
forcing her to do that so she doesn’t die maybe maybe he can save this I don’t
know let’s let’s see let’s see how it ends oh you did your thing like that was
the myth had I ever got in my life too I was doing happy and yours what so that Instagram comedy video
was about breaking into a home her anyway afterwards the last just keep
on coming oh boy holy holywhat that one was cherry picked all right we
won’t blame all of Instagram for that blame me if anything just blame me for
every everything honestly these next ones were actually recommended to me
yesterday hey babe I got your place to keep that oh you’re
so nice today red no way we’re gonna cheat on you what hey Brad
who’s that guy over there that’s my brother I’d listen I don’t like making
fun of content just because it’s you know that I usually like to make fun of
content when someone’s doing something wrong and Brent Rivera isn’t doing
anything wrong I just whenever I see a video of his it’s just
it’s that classic Instagram comedy where it’s like was the concept that basic
where you were like hmm friends friends and girlfriends usually
clash so let’s have them battle it out with a whole pizza instead of a slice evacuate
that’s so nice that’s cute yeah and what did you get it a new car a new car Brent’s stuff really isn’t it’s not
cringy in any way it’s just lazy you know his company is like something
you’d expect out of YouTube or the Internet in 2008 just the most basic
form of relatable comedy and he’s still doing it
when Instagram is suggesting content sometimes it’ll choose one creator and
just show a couple of their stuff so I got this guy
crewman or Roo man and he makes some interesting stuff so let’s let’s take a
look at the first one that I saw yeah oh my god are you okay I’m so sorry I
didn’t even see you like there just to my mind it’s everywhere I’m sorry but
you’re okay right oh yeah um it’s nothing is it was just a
little bum okay okay my hand that’s creepy don’t don’t grab her hand
all right have a nice day there was slow romantic music here but I
don’t want a copyright strike so I guess I’ll tell you the story of my life
starting with you know day one I was born we’re out of time
we’re not out of time why would you interrupt how worth if we’re out of time
now why would you interrupt me you don’t want to get married I’m so
sorry my life Instagram comedy videos are a lot like cartoons where you know
there’s one concept in this like like Pepe LePew this guy’s this guy’s a skunk
in this scenario and he’s like I don’t want to bang that girl just like Pepe Le
Pew is like I want to that cat with almost every Instagram comedy video I
see it never makes full sense the concept is sort of there even if it’s
but the execution is always just terrible it’s so I guess that’s what
happens when you put people who aren’t comedians in the shoes of someone who is
a comedian and they need to come up with sketch comedy sketch comedy is hard so
for Lele pons or for rumen or for Brent Rivera to consistently come up with
sketches every day they’re gonna be because they’re not comedians I got a
very small amount of comments on my Lele pons video saying it’s it’s a sketch
it’s fictional so that it’s comedy that’s not an excuse for dumb writing
and plots that don’t make any sense there’s absurdism and you can recognize
it when you see it none of these people are trying to be absurd they’re just
trying to make relatable sketches that kids share with each other also rumen I
didn’t get why you put women women think too much there you both ran toward each
other why was that caption there it didn’t aid it only confused me honestly are you trying to pull Aston
nope this is a sketch about trying to take a girl google it really quick this
song says imma take your girl in it so let’s distort and make the audio
really and just put that over the video cuz that’s hilarious yes you
wanted to take a girl in the video and the song but the song saying I’m gonna
take your girl and and in the sketch holy yes something for my
girlfriend what are you doing in my house guys I
can’t find a part two what happened that guy what happened to the boyfriend do I
need to call somebody do I need to call the police I’m sure there’s a bunch of
kids that would argue and be like it’s comedy it doesn’t matter that he broke
into the house with gloves on and the boyfriend said you really do want to
smash you really do want to bang my girlfriend who literally has not said
anything to you this entire time and has not acknowledged your presence at all
hey guys get this so in the sketch is when she has a boyfriend
and I follow the couple around for a the boyfriend and then after that I get
to smash no why no and why both both together just no and why repeatedly all
the time the next one is from Lele pons who was just featured in YouTube rewind
I saw right before I started filming she was talking to Stephen Colbert they
put Leigh Leigh puns in the front of YouTube rewind sidetrack real
quick clearly shots to do the studio that it works with all those
Instagram star Viners is paying YouTube to be on trending at one point if you
saw my Twitter about a week and a half ago there were three different Instagram
stars who made walking dead promotional videos together and they trended over
the span of two days they were on the top of trending with almost the same
content for absolutely no reason I don’t have full proof other than them trending
all the time we know trending is a place for
advertisements so to put her in the front of YouTube rewind like she’s doing
so well on YouTube and that we should celebrate Lele pons it’s it’s kind of an
insult to everyone who works really hard on this platform now we all know that
YouTube rewind is a pile of garbage anyway but it is YouTube as a company
acknowledging somebody who makes sponsored content to kids that isn’t
monitored who pays to get on the trending page oh and Jake Paul Logan
Paul have a big scene in it so this platform all right back to Leila’s video feel like these Instagram stars have a
dartboard right for ideas and there’s only four sections to the board and they
get three darts the four sections are boyfriend/girlfriend cheating and crush
if there’s none of those in there you don’t have an Instagram video all right
then you’re at it hey I said that’s my girlfriend I’ll
show you it’s just not funny
it’s just not a funny concept or delivery it’s just not good I think to
say that like they make it for children so you know it’s it’s that’s fine is
a dumb excuse there are children’s content that’s really good seasons 1
through 3 spongebob are hilarious you shouldn’t get a pass just
because you make content aimed toward children
I know Instagram comedians aren’t something that are new you know or even
really celebrated everyone’s talked about how they are but it’s still
something to note when they’re continuously getting more popular and
now they’re starting to bleed into YouTube more and more they’re untrained
time if you want to make Instagram content that’s fine just stay
in your lane adults don’t want to watch your stuff stop stop going on
YouTube stop crowding the trending page stop showing us all your content
it’s not good and we don’t want to see it and I’m about to bust a nut time to read off those patreon patrons
bottner let business vulture Damian Smith Carrie Ashley North Maggie Fay no
machine Dominic Petrelli Warren William Shira
wolf Aurora Hudson Evan libel cow fee and Francis pace Nunez thank you guys so
much for supporting the channel I love you

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  1. been wanting to say this since i watched this video a year ago, but Rumman used to be my PE teacher in my sophomore year. He was nice I guess but the problem is that he worked at a Muslim school. The type of content Rumman posts doesn’t exactly align with Muslim values, and most of the people he used to work with have no respect for him any longer lol

  2. The cringey stuff like, I get it. It's polarizing, so that's how it gets so popular that it makes the creators millions.

    But the bland, boring, uninteresting comedy depresses me because like…these people got to be probably millionaires off the backs of barely trying to just shit out a joke. It feels so unearned, with that feeling only beaten by trust fund kids (which likely a lot of these instagram stars are tbh)

  3. If the blow job video had ended with the woman saying “I like our role plays” then it would have been better, and subverted expectations

  4. Instagram seems to a a very shallow well they all drink from
    "hey what if…what if you were a stalker and/or a rapist?"

  5. It would have been more funny if the two girls started to make out causing the guy to be shocked and like "k, cool. Cool." and both girls were just calmn and cool about it afterwards. I mean, true friendship is doing crazy shit to save one another and still being cool.

    ……that or just have the two of them end up with each other, idk, I'm just so mad by some of these plots

  6. That lele Pons sketch would be so much better if they did kiss and then all the lele pons isntagram account turns into a softcore yuri anime

  7. The thing is, these people could be funny, but skits are just hard to make, even if you are a funny person. I won the best sense of humor award and have been told by many people, even people I’m not close to that I’m funny. However, I’m not sure that I could write a good skit, especially not one every single day. The key is to utilize your talents in the right way.

  8. love how many of these are "im going to act really creepy/sexual towards this innocent woman and she cant do anything about it" like Mhm Nice

  9. Discovered you and gus at the same time…. been watching both of you for weeks and I am not quite sure yet if I need to sub or not ….. but its getting there!! I enjoy this in your face style!

  10. YouTube should make two types of YouTube rewinds one for all the cringy child friendly YouTubers and then they should make one for the opposite types of YouTubers because a lot of the funniest YouTubers on the platform are not child-friendly

  11. I'm very impressed you did not cringe even in an infinitesimally small cringe in the face… such skills

  12. I don't want to sound like those kids who are like, "I'm *insert a really young age*, and I…", because I don't feell why it's important to start with your age. I won't classify my age for private reasons, but I am younger than an adult, and I still hate instagram comedians. I've blocked a few of them just so I don't have to see their content.

  13. lele pons voice* and the uh. haha. The uh punchline is lesbians are yucky! so uh haha thatll. Thatll make money

  14. Dude this is the 2nd video I've ever seen of yours and I gotta say you are the ultimate social justice virtue signaler. Yea its not for me. Thanks tho.

  15. Hey Eddy, I’m going back and rewatching all your old videos, and I have to say you’re one of my favorite youtubers. Every time I look at your subscriber count, I’m always shocked to see that you’re under a million. Or even under 500k. Because to me, you’re one of the big dogs, and you so deserve a million subs. Your content is original, entertaining, intelligent, and hilarious. It always blows my mind that you’re not at a mil yet, because you truly fucking deserve it. There are so many shit YouTubers that have well over a million subs for awful content. And I guess I’m just trying to say I hope you don’t get discouraged. I know 357k subs is SO AWESOME, but I really think you deserve so many more. Keep it up bud, people will realize your genius soon enough. Hahaha

  16. The videa of ruuman or whatever was kind of funny but the header "women think too much"?? isn't it the men in this case. Also only one video like this is funny but not if your whole instagram account is like this, that second video was just horrible..

  17. Honestly there was nothing wrong with the first video. It's a joke so you just kind of gotta give it a pass on premise and it had a semi funny twist thing in the end. But anyways this video is years old so who gives a shit lmao

  18. people saying it's ok for kid's content to be bad are saying kids don't deserve good content

  19. this content is obviously made for complete morons, and if it wasn't apparent.. Most of the population? Complete morons who lack simple critical thinking skills.. "where dumbing down everything"

  20. I don't comprehend these skits so the one with lele she wants dude to think she is a lesbian but can't kiss Hannah so it proves lele isn't a lesbian but obviously her "boyfriend" just doesn't care that lele is lying to get out of the relationship?? What? I'm so confused

  21. Brents stuff is just fucking garbage. Alot of ex viners make shit content if you didn't notice that trend. They are just money hungry piles of shit. And some are actually funny. Like Danny Gonzalez

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