EXTREME Bite, Lick, Nothing Challenge with Unspeakable and Preston!

this is bite lick nothing the world will
fix three mystery food challenge we have eight mystery foods today but here’s the
question who will bite to a list and you’ll get a free pass to one habanero
pepper I’ve got neck I’m so excited it’s like
you can’t taste anything like in a pepper I feel like even through the lake
I can taste like a little bit of spicy at all times try I don’t know please
leave a like guys Breanna is going to be crying no no I’m up
I love hot food I don’t know Kiwi died with this last something I feel it I
feel it as her husband I can smell the thing is I feel like you used up all of
your life you got the nothing way too early that
cuz you know I’m still chewing I think that eceive just like one in my nose
choo choo I did totally fine I’m just gonna pour the record guys comment down
below if you’re impressed by okay I I feel like these are weak red habaneros
are not spicy orange ones are the spicy a professional pepper expert Oh eat that
oh it’s heavy I don’t like that that’s not a good thing it’s kind of heavy it’s
not that smell that you can’t sniff it there’s no card that
says ah man I don’t have a good cause okay it doesn’t it doesn’t matter if I
feel like I can smell it oh my gosh it’s moving no I don’t know what no it’s not
interested we cannot eat something that’s alive I might have seen what it
was because I get the nothing card I get to present this delicious item of food
to you okay go oh okay so those are thousand now then wait one of these
these are thousand-year-old eggs I will say they’re like a delicacy and they are
trees it’s a thousand-year-old duck egg to be specific I would open it too
because after lately don’t wonder why I couldn’t smell it they were packaged you
guys over here making me feel bad about my sauce it’s a delicacy oh what a night
thing I talked to you in your life you know it’s actually thousands all did a
concert I don’t know but it smells crusty it smells so crusty oh my god I might start a virus careful oh my god
first oh that looks like toffee okay wait is
this one of the worst items no you guys go ahead and check under this video and
if that subscription button is red make it gray right now so Nathan doesn’t I
can’t open his egg look Nathan you know this egg we don’t need two of these open
in our throw that okay yeah I’ll cut you there’s no that’s not even that much
he’s getting serious aw dude I can’t be in the room for this make sure you still
alive when did she actually I did she lifts it I confirm dude again I didn’t
see it you don’t know you know we’re going in a pretty good
order we got fun yeah by fight you know what Maddie I’m going to tell everyone
Preston eats weird meat he eats organ teeth liver he eats heart so it actually
tastes good okay so the barbecue those are pig’s feet I
feel like this movie maybe a barbecue it’s a barbecue
does it smell good you want to take a bite
hits are you actually that looks like a rib this is the inside of but not they
like floated or something you know they’re cuddly Chum there’s meat inside
a hoof what is this sticky stuff that’s the part yeah what is that what is it
gut that what is that oh sure I’m sure you guys are so kind to marinate it in
barbecue sauce overnight chef prepare that so it’s fine I don’t know how to
professionally prepare that it’s like bite what’s the flavor Hey foot on to number
four Nathan Nathan since precedence in the
kitchen like what if we choose what we want wait a second see that if I get
bite again I’ve literally invited you by I’m gonna cry because Nathan it’s the I
think Hawaii’s Breanna cherry-picking no no let’s see pre open hers but we’re in
the kitchen IQ breeders burger make it happen let’s make a deal if BRE has
nothing she immediately has to bite wait a second I can see what mine is
I know what mine is already what is it like why are you not this is what I get
for trying to cheat just bless you there’s a weird smell oh it’s good
that’s a good one I like mushroom think those are the Guardian soggy though
well this one’s got gills hey wait Nathan maybe they just eat the whole
thing guys guys I have an idea
if you don’t want to do this one Nathan I will eat a mushroom but then when I
get by refreshing yeah you don’t like it oh wait why are you
like it’s a red but you got like the sound effects I don’t like it I don’t
like it is the mark did you guys pick these from the garden because like this
definitely looks like it just came out from outside like this one still has
dirt on look at all that dirt under my fingernails out at you you know let’s go
to the next one you want the like Oh three two one this smells like Eloise
this is a cat food oh it smells so bad oh this is a seafood
medley by the way I’ve ever seen do you want to me as you
like that unto yourself yes it’s not bad yeah I told you I didn’t think I would I
got a nice a gravy touch right yeah I ain’t eat the dog food once and it
wasn’t that bad it tastes like fish well it’s a seafood medley so I think so there’s multiples I’m not passing these
out I would just like everyone to know you know press sounds right wait have
you guys watched the show oh I just went for it oh dude this isn’t even like a good
free-range egg how can you tell yellow is so mustardy
there’s no anything you might again is it but this beats three times zero or
four times zero three no okay we’re gonna roast me in the comments
thinking I’d like you did this what’s inside that plate do I gotta lick it the
bonding experience look at that I’ll bite it actually okay
okay okay at least it’s seasoned a new plate first
plate I’ll take this one so you’re gonna peel that outside did I do something
Nathan’s likes rock music wrong here Indian family all you’re buying the site
with his skin great just an onion I heard there’s a lot of prebiotics in
these it’s like stuff your gut eats oh really yeah kind of like you’re an onion yes a
yellow onion by shape or another now I feel like I’m missing what is wrong with
you guys it’s a bit much good food is very spicy I’m like oh I know it’s not
spicy if I get the bike part can I just give it to somebody else
no you choose first to get bite so I don’t let them shoot Miller’s the laws
of odds are in my Pig let me let me pass these out I’m going for the middle one
the middle one all right I want the Nathan you get this one the buck I got
I’m choosing and I swear I did not cheat so ring okay it wasn’t my fault
I have to like an octopus I’ve eaten octopus before though this looks like a
piece of bacon don’t smell it is a wild I’ve done my part I am done but it kind
of looks like a rose petal yeah for making a mess you woke up one morning
and your beds to put it put it all in a mound that you love the Pope here is
your bed is now pop it in your mouth like a chip comfortable what it’s me in the Bigfoot
it’s like a Bigfoot but in the sea what if it’s icky
it’s got like ocean jerky okay you want to try it – no after Nathan
smelled it I don’t think he’s down I don’t know it doesn’t have this is the
final round so wait did y’all saved the worst for
last of course this is a big deal whoever gets spiderling it’s gonna be me
it’s gonna be me the odds are literally not in my favor no I I’m staying here okay well I got my
I got I know it I know it I know it like fired stupid so stupid
wait Preston did you get my to you I got what okay
don’t worry I have to bite whatever this is for the final round
we have what the so that is a pig stomach I can’t eat it I can’t do that
my gosh I don’t know I I can barely eat chicken visitors dude there’s like this
piece right here this piece of the stomach’s just I’ll tell you what I will
take a bite with you if you take a bite and Nathan little – no I got my nothing
and I miss around white stuff on this I don’t know what that is but I just wiped
that off a piece of the stomach I’m actually about synchros annually this is
like what you put in your eyes I’m actually do that’s like where all
the colonies I’m literally Devon please study that choose your major let it be
known on this state rest took the bite of the pig stomach
next you unspeakable gaming that is not taking you by who is not taking a bite
as also thinking about it if you come in the first 60 minutes of a video being
posted your comments will be featured right above this pig stomach so make
sure you comment join the notification squad and have a great day

100 Replies to “EXTREME Bite, Lick, Nothing Challenge with Unspeakable and Preston!”

  1. Remember when Preston kissed Brianna, also Preston got a bad one, so Brianna was probably having the worst part. Remember Brianna got nothing most of the time that was funny, Preston was like if I get a eat I get to switch that was so funny!!

  2. When they open the duck egg Bri: runs off me:I would puke if I eat that. After I say that.. Nathan:i might start a virus if I eat this

  3. I’m speakable Preston plays Rihanna Rihanna is the day I get to go to 💕❤️💕❤️💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🔥🍃🌱🌿☘️🍀🎍

  4. Do not do it ever again😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  5. The first one. No offense… brianna… i ate 10 chillis and it is spicy but i like it. But i sub to all ur channel and prestons channel as well as unspeakable.

  6. tbh he took a BIG bite and chewed it but still ppl cry and she took it like nothing and it was a orange one lol

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