Fake Family | 짝퉁 패밀리 [2015 Drama Special / ENG / 2015.10.24]

(This program was produced with funds provided by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning.) (2014 KBS Script Award Winner) Jejudo! Where in Jejudo have you been to? Not the kind of Jejudo that you can see in your mom and dad’s wedding pictures. Dolhareubang, women divers, ponies and black pigs. Not those things. I’m talking about present day Jejudo. There are beautiful beaches and hip and beautiful coffee shops and restaurants. Present day Jejudo. This is a restaurant that makes French Cuisine using seafood from Jeju-do. This is a well-known cafe that makes cakes using only organic ingredients. How about this village? Artists from the mainland have gathered in this town. They built unique guesthouses, and are living a leisurely and slow life. You know what? I’m going to Jejudo. I’m going to live there for a year. Don’t you feel nervous? Why? Think about it. If you waste a year like that, how are you going to support yourself? If you want to get married and have children, you need a lot of money. You work your butt off day and night, and then you can’t buy your own house. I’m just going to live for a year on Jejudo. For the past 10 years, you’ve used all the financial services in our bank and paid off your mother’s credit card debt, which was up to $97,500. Let me get things straight. I didn’t pay it off. I was robbed. Do you want the remaining $370 in cash? No. Deposit it here. Yes, ma’am. If you’d used this money, you would’ve paid off the debt last year. What did you save this money for? No need to know about it. I’m proud of you, Eunsu. What do you mean? Eunsu, why do you go out with me? I have to go now. I’m busy. My lunch hour’s almost over. I have to go. Eunsu, let’s eat something delicious after work. We should celebrate. I have to work tonight. Take this. Hold on. I’m really okay. You don’t have to do this. It’s okay. Just take them. Thank you. (Mother) What? Eggs? Didn’t you buy some the other day? What? Have you already finished them? Okay. Hello, sweetie! What? What’s all this? Why such a mess! Don’t you get it? Ms. Cha Songja is making a year’s-worth of fish and vegetable balls. Geez! Move! I have to get into my room. Can you talk nicely to your own family? To my own family? Here she goes again! Minsu, can you turn on the radio for me? The radio? Okay. You tripped! What an idiot! Minsu, can you turn up the volume? Okay. I’ve only finished 100 of these all day. Look! My nails are all ruined. While making these meatballs. Eunsu! Eunsu! Don’t you think my hair’s too messy? I need to get my hair done and I have a few other things to do. I’ll be sure to pay you back. What does this bastard want now? What did I do? No. Minsu didn’t ask me for anything. His running shoes are too small, but he didn’t ask me for a new pair. Didn’t you know that he would grow when you had him? If you can’t buy him shoes that’ll fit him, why did you give birth to him? Hey! I didn’t ask you to buy me shoes. Besides, I’m not a beggar. I don’t want Eunsu to pay for my shoes. Okay. Do you want to talk about it? Where should I begin? Should I begin with his father who stole my college tuition? I finally paid off almost $100,000 of your credit card debt with the money that I’ve saved over the past ten years. Besides, who’s the bread earner of this family? Don’t you think you’re being unreasonable? Did you give birth to me so that I could support you? Who forced you to do that? Why are you yelling at mom? Oh my! Thank you, sweetie. Did you pay it all off? Congratulations! Sweetie! Congratulations! I only need $4,000 more. (Fake Family) I’m off to school. Go see a doctor today. The seasons are changing. I get headaches and have indigestion problem. Eat some rice. That won’t be enough. I’m good. Sweetie, have a good day! I made a leaf with the milk. Don’t I look a little pale today? I didn’t have dinner last night. Fifty… No, withdraw $200. What for? You don’t need to know. Don’t you think you’re being too mean to me lately? What’s this? Well… It’s just… You’ve been mean to me lately, and I don’t like that at all. But I want to marry you. Eunsu. It was lame. I’ll do it again somewhere else. Why do you want to marry me? Do you even know me? Of course I do. We’ve been together for ten years. You’re taking care of your mother and brother, and have saved up for the past ten years and paid off your mother’s debt. No. You don’t know me. You don’t know me at all. You’re right. I don’t know what women like. I’ll propose to you again someplace else. You and I can’t get married. Why not? I don’t like you. You asked a girl you don’t even know to marry you. Let’s just break up. Okay, I’ll propose to you again somewhere else. Don’t call me anymore. Why not? Eunsu? Hey? Eunsu? I’ll give you the money for Minsu’s shoes. Stop being so whiny. Don’t pretend that you’re sick. Do you want to watch me die of suffocation? Hello! Hello! Yes, I’m Ms. Cha Songja’s daughter. Mom, open your eyes! Mom! Mom! Ms. Cha Songja, 57 years old, deceased. She was brought into our hospital by paramedics around 11:35 a.m. due to cardiac arrest caused by stroke, but when she arrived, she was already deceased. Are there any more people coming? How much more do you need? About $3,800, but I’ll take care of it. Why? I have money. Get some sleep. We need to get up early tomorrow. I envy you, mom. Hey! Get off! Why? Get off! Now! Come on! What’s wrong? Mom’s gone, and I have no reason to see you anymore. Get off the bus! Have you gone crazy or something? No. I’m going to do what I want to do. I won’t waste my life taking care of others. I’ll go on trips like other people, eat delicious dishes and buy pretty outfits. Eunsu? What? Eunsu? What? You must be tired. We’re home. Get off. What an idiot! Wipe off your drool! Can I spend the night here? What for? It’ll be too crowded. Thank you and sorry. Go home. Kim Eunsu! You’re so mean. “I’m sorry and thank you”, yet you’re kicking him out. No. I’m going home. We need to leave early tomorrow morning. I’m off, Eunsu. Bye, Minsu. Okay. Good night, bro. Get some rest. Okay. What now? Who’s your bro? Stop being silly. He told me to call him bro. Marital status? Her first husband died, and her second husband lived with her for a while and she had a baby between them. I don’t know what her marital status was. Did she register her second marriage? No. Then, she’s widowed. Right. Thank you. (Daepyeong Real Estate in Jejudo) Yes, this is Kim Eunsu. The rest of the money? Something came up so… Next week? No. I’ll do it. Thank you. (Name : Kim Eunsu / Brother : Lee Minsu) Oh my! Eunsu! Hello. Here. Thank you. Everyone in this neighborhood thinks it’s so sweet of you to take care of your brother. By the way, it’s hard to say something like this to you, who’s been through a lot recently, but… What is it? Well… you know your lease is up. Either you can give me $3,000 more for the deposit, or $200 more each month. What do you think? Which is better? Let me think about it and get back to you. Will you? Okay then. Hey, idiot! Did you talk to the landlady about the rent? Give me $50. I need to recharge my bus card. Do I owe you money or something? What? Hey! This is only $10. That’ll get you through today. This is the final straw. This is just… How come we have no decent suitcases? I’m going to escape this hellhole. What the heck? What the heck is this? Was she saving money behind my back? While watching me go through all that trouble? And she wanted me to pay for her son’s shoes? How much is all this? Forty-seven, forty-eight, forty-nine, fifty. Fifty. That’s $60. It was 35 and this is 90 and 60. How much is it? $1,800. $5,000 deposit plus $1,800 is $6,800. $10,870 plus $6,800 is $17,670. I only need $400 now. Right. Excuse me, Auntie! You can’t find anything better than that, right? I’m moving out. We’re moving out. I’m going to leave. You should find your own place to stay. I don’t know. I’m going to find his biological father. It’s not like I’m abandoning him. Lee Myeongguk! Where can I find this bastard? What are you doing? You scared me! Idiot! The water’s running. Were you talking behind my back? Anyway, feed me. I’m hungry. I’m not your mom. Fix your own dinner. I’m going to order Chinese. Hey! Do you have any money? Heat up some of the meatballs and kimchi with rice. I’m hungry. Hey! What now? You told me to heat them up. Just heat up three. Three balls aren’t enough. I’ll let you have two. I’m going to eat only three a year. Don’t open it. Aren’t you eating? I’m going to have ramen. Aren’t you sick of damn ramen? You’d never know the stories I have about ramen. What? My father ate all your ramen? Did mom tell you that as well? Ask him to pay you for the ramen along with your college tuition. If I knew where he was, I’d go to him right now. His number’s saved in mom’s phone. Call him and ask him where he lives. What? You didn’t know? Which one? Under what name did she save? Myeongguk. What? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? About what? That mom kept in touch with that bastard. I thought you knew. How may I help you? Well… Hey. We’re not open, yet. You can accept customers, yet. You went to middle school and this is how you write? Look, miss. Go get some coffee and do some shopping if you have time, and come back later when we’re open. It’s too early. I’m Kim Eunsu. Are you the helper who I interviewed the other day? No? Where have I seen you? You look familiar. Right. Songja’s daughter, Eunsu. I thought you looked familiar. By the way, you’ve gotten old. Geez, if I’d run into you on the street, I wouldn’t have recognized you. What’s this? My college acceptance letter. Are you going to college at this age? It’s from 1999. You took my college tuition and ran, so I couldn’t go to college, even though I was accepted. When I was 20. What is it that you want from me? I want you to pay me back, and become a father to Minsu from now on. Songja, that wench, is the problem. What did she teach her own daughter? Mom passed away. When? How? Take Minsu. Sue me! Go ahead and sue me! What? Go ahead and sue me. My donation in memory of your mother. (Yeonhui-dong Government Office) You can’t afford to take care of your brother? You heard the whole thing, right? I already told him about my situation. If you ask me to repeat myself again, I’ll… I know you’re in a difficult situation. I know that. But it’s not like you’re married and have other family members to take care of. You make enough money to take care of two people, so we can’t support you financially. You have to legally support your own brother… Are you saying we should keep on living like this? I’m not trying to offend you. If you really want, you can send Minsu to an orphanage. But we’re trying to help you take care of your own brother. Why? Because he’s family. Because we’re family, we should roll in dung together. Because we’re family, we should swim in sewage together? Should we keep on living like that? Excuse me. Can you calm down a little and think about this issue like an adult? Minsu is still underage. You, on the other hand, are 36 and an adult. I wasn’t 36 when I was born. I started making money when I was my brother’s age. I supported my mother, his father, and myself. Why didn’t anybody help me back then? Huh? Why? I was under age and there were two adults. Why didn’t anybody tell them to take care of me? Put your clothes and the things you want to keep in here. What’s this? I’ll pack mine and you pack yours. Are we going on a trip? Where are we going? Far away! I’ve hesitated too long. I’m leaving tomorrow. What’s wrong with her all of a sudden? What should I pack then? Why aren’t you talking to me? You should tell me something. We should wait here. What? Wait for what? Do you want to sing? You two are here together. Are you going on a trip? What is it, Kim Eunsu? You live with your father from now on. What? Hey! How dare you! I told you yesterday. Sue me. Go ahead and sue me. Your father owns this. He’s got enough money to support you. I’ve been silly all along. I’m getting married next week. So what? What do you mean? I feel bad for your mom, but I can’t do this to my new wife, who doesn’t know anything. It’s better to know now than on your wedding day. Hey! Kim Eunsu! You have no right to decide who I should live with. Because I don’t want to live you. Hey! Hold on! Let go of me. I don’t want to live with you. I don’t want you either, you idiot! Did you see her eyes? She’s like her mom and she’s very determined. She’ll come to my wedding and ruin everything. It’s a tactical retreat. Grow up, you idiot! If you don’t want to live with me, use your brain, you idiot! Instead of being irrational and violent. Who did you get this violent gene from? Hey! James Dean! Yes, sir! Get a room in a nearby hotel for this idiot. Yes, sir! This is heavy. Hello. Now? Okay. Sir, I’m really sorry. What do you mean? Can you take my suitcase out? I should’ve gotten the key from you. Let me. Give it to me. No, I’ll do it! Go on inside. Can you wire the rest of the money later? Okay. Eunsu. The light was on so I thought you’d come soon. Where have you been? You didn’t answer your phone. What’s all this? Are you getting rid of your mother’s stuff? I’m glad that I’m here. Minsu and I can do this in no time. I brought some pork belly for dinner. Minsu, let’s have some pork belly. Minsu! Minsu’s not home. Where is he? Is he with his friends? I abandoned him. What do you mean? You know what? I always wished that Minsu and Mom would disappear. Or I wanted to run away from home. I was sick of them. My mom’s gone, just like I wished. I couldn’t wait until Minsu disappeared voluntarily, so I dumped him earlier today. Eunsu! Now you know that I’m not a nice person. That’s why I felt small in front of you. I was ashamed of myself. I’m such a terrible person, but you liked me because you thought I was nice. No. It’s not that I like you because you’re nice. And you’re not… You don’t get it, do you? When I was with you… When I was with you, I wasn’t happy. Why? Are you going to take it? Yes. Go ahead. I tried to be generous. Thank you, sir. Call me any time. Take care. Thank you. I guess you were meant to take my bus after all. Go ahead. Get on. A ticket to Jejudo, please. Do you have a reservation? Yes. Kim Eunsu. Can you give me your reservation number? Sure. Hold on. You can show me your ID. I’ve got it. Wait a minute! Yes, this is Kim Eunsu. I just checked my messages. I’m not Lee Minsu’s legal guardian. Lee Myeongguk… I’ll be right there. I said I’d be there. Excuse me. If I cancel my flight, do I have to pay a cancellation fee? Eunsu. Over here. What’s going on? Are you a peddler? Why do you carry that bag all over the place? What’s in there? Tell me. What is it? Hey. That bastard! Do you know that bastard over there? He doesn’t deserve to be called “bastard” by someone like you. I guess he’s your boyfriend. Tell me. What’s going on now? Why are you getting angry with me? That bastard called Minsu last night, and drank all night. And they got into a fight with the people sitting next to them. I guess he’s just like me. He can fight. What does that have to do with me? Huh? So what? What does it have to do with me? You’re his legal guardian. Why am I his guardian? If you’re not his guardian, am I? You lived with him for all those years. Don’t try to dump him on me. What do you want me to do with him now? Can you keep it down? Please! Ms. Kim Eunsu. Can you come and sign this paper? Why me? I’m going to release him, and I need your signature here. Detective, that guy is his guardian. That guy is his father. Sir, why don’t you sign this paper here… I’m not his father. You’re being ridiculous. I already told you. I have nothing to do with him. Not legally, but he’s the biological father. We live in a constitutional nation. Excuse me. When the police release someone, whether that person is of legal age or not, we need someone who can vouch for that person. You don’t have to be his legal guardian. If you can prove that you know him, whether you’re his school teacher or a next door neighbor, you write down your ID number and sign the paper. Why are you making things complicated? Why are you making a scene in front of a minor? You should’ve signed it when he first asked you to. Why are you making an old man like me look bad? What’s wrong? Hey! You can’t just leave like that. What am I going to do with this bastard? Eunsu! They’re busy. Is there a table upstairs? Yes. Four soups. On the double. Coming up. One without green onions. Yes, sir. I know everyone has something to say, so let’s speak freely about what each of us wants, over a meal. I knew it! Eunsu, tell me! You haven’t been happy even once since you met me? I guess you screwed up. You idiots! I can’t stand it anymore. Hey! Look at this! If you have eyes, take a look at this! Do you know what this is? This is what your mother Cha Songja wrote. Now I have your attention. What does it say? Cha Songja took $15,000 from me and promised me that she wouldn’t hold me responsible for Minsu. Do you know what that means? If you want to dump this bastard on me now, you have to cough up at least $15,000. You liar! Didn’t anyone teach you any manners? How dare you talk like that to your own father? Cough up Eunsu’s college tuition you took. You don’t get it, do you? There’s no theft between family members. At the time, your mother and I were living together, your money was my money and vice versa. Even if it was theft, it’s way in the past. The statute of limitation passed a long time ago. Do you know what a statute of limitation is? Even if I stab and kill someone, if I stay hidden for 15 years, I’m off the hook. That’s the law. Stop talking if you don’t know anything, you idiot! Are you doing well at school? I told you loud and clear. Korea is a constitutional nation. No matter how young and naive you are, you picked the wrong person. How much is it? I owe you $15,000, right? What? $10,870. I’ll wire $4,500 the day after tomorrow. That’s more than $15,000 altogether. Is that right? What about interest? From February in 2011 up to now. If you put $15,000 in a bank account, how much interest can you get? Do the math! What? Okay. He’s still drunk. Here. It’s $500. And another $1,800. Happy? Take it all. Why do you keep following me? Can’t you just leave me alone? What more do you expect me to do now? Eunsu! Where are you going? Give me my sister’s money! She fell. Give me Eunsu’s money! Hey! Minsu! Look at this! (Kim Eunsu, 36 years old Let’s live one year on Jeju-do and leave.) (On this beautiful island of Jejudo, I will leave this world.) (Now I have a wish of going somewhere.) Kim Eunsu, you idiot! Do you think she already left? I hope not. Hey! What are you doing here? Why do you have this? Take this. I don’t think he gave it to you just like that. What happened? Did you steal it from him? Why do you care? Give it to her. Tell me! Did you steal it from him? We got a little physical, but we ended up persuading him. How? Don’t tell her. Tell me! I’m more afraid of Eunsu. Take this first. Minsu said he’d pay him back. Why are you going to pay him back? No matter who pays him the money, I’m not your responsibility. You and I aren’t family. We can be acquaintances. You don’t need to pay me back. It’s yours. Forget it. Mom’s not your mom. Think of her as someone named Cha Songja. Until you don’t feel resentful and angry at mom… She’s not your poor mother, she’s just a lady called Cha Songja. Go to Jejudo and be happy. Don’t think that you’ll only stay a year. Try to keep on living there. Besides, this belongs to me. Why are you taking it? Come on. Let her get some rest. Do whatever you want to do. Try to relax for a year and… Come on. Lee Minsu, that bastard! Die, you bastard! Minsu. Yes, I just arrived at the airport. Take Bus 100 on the right? Okay. Can we see Mt. Halla today? We can’t? Are you here to eat? Yes. The owner and his wife went to the mainland. They went to a wedding and it’ll be a few days. These are my guests. Hello. We’re going to climb up an oreum. To see the sunset. Do you want to come along? Come with us. It’s really beautiful up there. Come with us. You just got here, didn’t you? Sorry? Your shoes. You’re wearing heels. How long are you going to stay here? Well… For about a year or so. All by yourself? For a year? Yes. Wow! Awesome! For a year! Isn’t it beautiful? It’s so beautiful! It’s so beautiful. Let’s take a picture! Come on. Wow, this is way better than Yongnuni Oreum. It’s more beautiful that way. Let me see. Let me see. Wait for us! We’re here! We’re here! My legs are weak. Let’s go up a little higher. Okay. Be careful! Watch your step! I can see everything! We’re here. Wow! It’s so… Awesome, isn’t it? Look behind. Look behind. That’s Mt. Halla over there. Look behind. 360 degrees. Wow! The sun’s setting. It’s red. The sun is red. That’s Marado, the southernmost point. That’s Gapado over there. That one’s Hero Rock and Mt. Songak. You said you’d be here for a year? Yes. I was only going to stay only for 2 years. But I got to thinking. Fill a transparent acrylic case with 100 ping pong balls and take two out. No one knows the difference. If I can’t do what I want to do because of those two years, I thought I’d die without doing what I actually wanted to do. It’s only 2 years of my 100 year long life. I thought I should do something what I wanted for two years before I die. Why don’t you drop by my guesthouse while you’re traveling around? Okay. Come by sometime. You’ll like it. Okay. Good luck! I’ll see you later. Come by any time. Hello. You came. I’m cooking lunch. Have you had lunch? If you haven’t, why don’t you have lunch with us. Take a rest on the bench. Five bowls of rice, right? Right. This is soup and this is the main dish. Looks good. Did you pick these leave from your back yard? Most of the ingredients are from my yard. You’re a good farmer. Dig in. This is radish from Jejudo. Did you grow it yourself? You can’t eat this anywhere else. It’s a recipe from the grandma next door. This is rosemary. I grow it myself. Use it as air freshener. And this. Come by again. You have to return this lunch box. Thank you. Come by again. I will. Take care. Thank you. – Bye. / – Bye. Bye. Mom! Mom! Mom! Eunsu! Eunsu! Yes. Can you show him his room? Sure. Welcome. This is where you work. Who is he? Do you know each other? Yes. He’s my brother. He made a reservation without telling his own sister? I didn’t know. Good. You can show him around. Okay. Why did you come here instead of my place? I didn’t come to see you, you idiot! Why are you here, then? You’re not here to see me? I heard that Jejudo was beautiful. Jejudo sure is beautiful. Don’t you love it? Is it as good as you thought it would be? Actually it is. Right? By the way, can we…? Do you want some meatballs? I’ve had lots of them at home. – Did… / – Have you talked to Yeongjin? You never call him, do you? Who? My brother-in-law. Your brother-in-law. Eunsu’s married? No. She is. Right. Did you tell them you were single? What are you talking about? What did you tell them? Don’t look at me like that. How should I look at you, then? What? You’re unbelievable. Let’s have some fun. Let’s have some fun.

68 Replies to “Fake Family | 짝퉁 패밀리 [2015 Drama Special / ENG / 2015.10.24]”

  1. Is she stupid or what ? Her brother is NOT an invalid . I just can’t watch this . When our older sister got married and our mom was away for the weekend , my older brother expected me to cook for him . My answer was : “ I’m neither your mother nor our older sister . “. And walked away !!!

  2. Fake Family | 짝퉁 패밀리 [2015 Drama Special / ENG / 2015.10.24] this show stopped being worth the clicks it took to keep it running gs

  3. Lee Hana is a really good actress. I'm currently watching her in Voice 2, and she is just brilliant as Center Chief Kang Kwonjoo. I hope to see more of her in dramas/films!

  4. This story is one of the best fictions I have ever watched any kinds of books or movies in the whole world. I really want to know who has written this. The actress delivered the emotional pain of the family well. This writer is better than any world known authors. If I were a judge I would have given the writer for the best prize of the world year Today.

  5. about her brother,..he's : young.. weak.. still studying.. lost his mother.. his father abandoned him..
    It really hurt me watching them arguing about him in the police station..
    I don't know if I'm talking out of my Arabian background or.. whatever,.. but, as much I relate to her story, I would never leave my brother under such circumstances no matter what. he'd do the same for me… I'd only leave when I'm 100 % sure that he will survive it and be OK and successful without me.
    I'm so glad the ending was that (they met again).

  6. A very enjoyable drama and most realistic. My heart goes out to all those courageous people who care for there loved ones with such dignity.

  7. This movie is boring without much plot. In the end she just starts to accept her brother. She wanted to abandon him and when she did she felt bad about it

  8. I am really frustating about the story. Bcz I can feel what her feeling was. Lee hana is really good actor.

  9. One should not be with a family who doesn't know the meaning of FAMILY
    A parent cannot bring a child into this world, if they cannot secure themselves for future and throw the other tax-payers to feed them.
    If u have no security, STOP breeding and do not destroy/shatter the kids world,

  10. Poor gal working for minimum wage at pet store and supports her mom's lavish lifestyle.. mom needs to support herself.

  11. I thought that was her step mom but I guess I was wrong, I feel sorry for her brother, I hope he didn't drop out of school, he surely a good bro for understanding her tho even tho he has every right to be mad at her, if it was me I would've felted betrayed and hated her for life, I do understand her tho, I want to leave too, but not because of my family.

  12. What a greedy guy! A un dependable brother. Omo!! He even let her sister carry the baggage and he is not even helping. Being underage is not an excuse to not even help to carry a heavy luggage when u have a big body. Seen a lot of Korean stories based on real life where one is being taken advantage of their family member.

  13. A fictional story and yet very relatable reality of life. Family responsibility is a way of life in most asian families. Some do it willinglyand happily but some do feel drowning and suffocated. I do like how the story progressed and ended. In the end family is family. There is a red string that binds you no matter what.

  14. That brother is very disrespectful and lazy. And it seems that after all the years living as a family the dependent brother and providing sister never had an affection for each other. But in the end there appeared the unspoken link of closeness.

  15. This story reminds me of me
    Caring for everyone
    And I’m so ill now and no one cares for me so sad 😞
    Enough is enough I can’t help no one anymore
    I need to look after my poor heart it’s so ill …
    I can relate so much

  16. I felt very bad for Lee minsu. No one was going to bail him out And not taking the responsibilities of him. When he gave her the money and saying that he would pay the money of his own. I felt like crying.what a pathetic family!

  17. I was crying at the end even though the actors are not crying… Bitter sweet ending… I really love it!! The island made her cry out all of her hardships in life which is the fist step in healing.. Haaayst!! I'm so glad this is in my recommendation.😭

  18. I got the messaged of these movie.. so relatable of what happens in real life . People can get happiness by the help of others and by given beauty nature.. And life getting harder when you get old .. Live life happy with someone who gives you happiness and comfort..

  19. I wish I could like this ending but I just can't… She wanted to be freed of them and just when she is enjoying her time her brother drops by.

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