Hi, I’m Andrea and I’m pregnant Hi Hi Sorry, I’m Andrea. Do you not recognize me at all? Your boyfriend got me pregnant and he’s gonna help me out with it No, he’s not. You need to go find your crackhead baby daddy We were both pretty drunk, honestly. -31 weeks, to be exact Do you, do you know who you’re talking to right now? We can get a test or something, cause I can prove that this is your child I have never banged any girl ever I can vouch for that one… You kind of did this, so… -I’m pretty sure I didn’t, I’m pretty gay You don’t remember me? We met back earlier in the year, at a party Cool, I mean, I was probably a litte wasted I don’t know, maybe you’re thinking of the wrong person No. -I remember when you met her Are you kidding? -I was with you I’m pretty sure I would remember you Are you pregnant? -7 months ago, around Heavy, dude You’re a dad? -What? No way, this is totally not happening You can see the ultrasound I kinda remember that party dude It’s fine, we don’t have to, like, exchange information, I told you that I wouldn’t… A test proves that I’m the father? -A test, yeah You got me pregnant at a party Of course not My name is Billie Jean, I don’t wanna cause a scene. You’re the one, the kid is your son Okay Are you gonna help out at all? -No that’s cool Do you wanna go again? I’m almost 54 years old Half of what I got hurts and the other half doesn’t work It’s definitely not me I need some help with this I don’t know how I feel about this We met at a party. -You sure? I mean… Sorry, if this is awkward. -Well fuck, I’m a terrible person. You sure you don’t need any help? I’m gay, though…unless I was super drunk You don’t remember at all? This is your kid. -No. -Don’t lie to me. -That ain’t mine This is my kid? -Yeah, it’s your kid I was totally blacked that night, I’m sure. -Are you gonna help me out at all with this? Sure You don’t remember me? You got me pregnant And it was me? -Yes, it was you. -Oh, this is so crazy I’m so sorry if I did that. So we have to marry or something? Will you at least pay for the abortion? If it’s mine, so I’ll take it We can raise it together, if you’d like So we have to live together… Do you wanna get married or something? No, not married…we can just live, you know, and raise the baby without get married Maybe… Are you sure it was me? -It was you, yeah Yeah? -I’m pretty positive that it was you. -No, you’re lying Are you gonna help me at all or…? -Yeah, of course I got you, yeah Do you wanna maybe go again? It’s yours Like it was… like seven months ago Babe… Let me see your stomach, let me see it Okay, I’ve dragged this on long enough, I’m sorry. We’re just filming a prank video I’ve been seeing it the whole time It’s on youtube. We’re gonna put the video on youtube


  1. I am surprised those gf/wives standing besides their men no one got upset/angry. If that was my wife, she would slap me in the face just in case.

  2. The guys willing to step up. Kudos. "We live together and raise the kid". 😂 That many people get so wasted that they've no clue if they had sex w a random at some party they may or, may not of attended?

  3. 1:40 "Half of what I got hurts, and the other have doesn't work." I want to cry after hearing that. Us young people have it the best.

  4. “My name is billy J. I don’t wanna cause a scene, but I’m the one. This kid is ur son.”


  5. The worst part would have been if the bfs(those boyfriends) cheated on their gfs(girlfriends) before. Maybe all hell would have a break loss.

  6. MN I can’t help the cringe so I just skip it. This time I decided to watch the whole the
    In and cringed so bad it felt like salt

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