Finding the video game in Avakin Life | Monster Factory

– [Justin] These people. (Griffin laughs) Very alluring. (upbeat Halloween music) (humming) beef, beef, beef. – [Griffin] Thought this was– – [Justin] This is the beef slider. – [Griffin] This is the beef slider, this is how much beef
they let you play with. All right, eyes, good. Mouth, yes. (laughs) This seems like a pretty good… 10,000 coins, 100 diamonds,
a motherfucking boat. – [Justin] If you don’t buy
it, you’re losing money. – [Griffin] I just made money. I think I want just a little tiger. I think that’s good for me. – [Justin] You can just buy an elephant? Why have you been
wasting money on clothes? – [Griffin] I know, we have got to hurry through the genetics.
– [Justin] I know, there’s so much to do. Yes, good, yes. Why make a head if you
don’t want it to be giant? Are you embarrassed of the head? – [Griffin] There’s not a nose category. Are we married to this
facial hair? (laughs) – [Justin] I don’t know… I feel like, it’s making him
look a lot like our brother and I would love to fix that. – [Griffin] Oh shit,
hey, the goatee is fun. – [Justin] That’s fun. That’s perfect. You have fucking lost the
plot, just pick a beard. There’s elephants, Griffin. – [Griffin] You’re
right, we have to hurry. Hey, how about this? – [Justin] Yeah. (laughs) The reviews are in, good. – [Griffin] I think I just
like a sort of standard color on that. – [Justin] Just a regular mustache – [Griffin] Just a regular one. Okay, that’s all good, clothes time, baby. Wow, there’s a lot of
clothes that there is, huh? What is fashion, though? We gotta get there together, Juice. I don’t want any of low fashion bullshit. I don’t want any of this, like, at the Met Gala and I show
up in a fucking, you know, T-shirt under a garbage bag and say, like, now this is fashion. But hold up. Did I see? I did see my friend, the plumber. No way is this licensed. – [Justin] It does say Nintendo, don’t get it fucking twisted, this isn’t some guy named Mario. This is the Nintendo Super Mario. – [Griffin] Super Mario 1, my favorite. Get that Yoshi’s Island
bullshit outta here. – [Justin] My favorite licensed gear. Mario, the shirt. – [Griffin] Look at how… Why is the text so low res? Why is it so grainy? – [Justin] It’s from like
a Game Boy camera picture of an episode of Super
Mario Brothers Super Show, as in it’s in no way legal. – [Griffin] Now, I bought
that just for myself. – [Justin] You’re gonna get arrested. – [Griffin] (laughs) I’m
not gonna get arrested. – [Justin] Fuck, that’s good. – [Griffin] Fuck, this
is all so good, dude. Oh my God, and you can see
my wolf’s little pokey ear. I just got 50 experience for nothing. – [Justin] For looking at it. The day that I’m playing
Avakin on my fucking iPhone in the toilet is the best day ever. – [Griffin] (laughs) That
is pretty good, Juice. That one’s pretty good. – [Justin] What I like
about it is they do, man. What are they doing? (Griffin laughs) With your Starbucks, your Target runs. – [Griffin] Why is this backwards? – [Justin] I’m so… – [Griffin] Well no, it says os mi ome! – [Justin] (with italian
accent) Os mi ome. (laughs) – [Griffin] What does that mean? – [Justin] It means fearless, Griffin. – [Griffin] Oh, I thought
it was telling you to fear– (laughs) Justin… I thought it was saying Fear Less. Listen, you’re too afraid. Yes. – [Justin] (chanting) Hell yes. That’s a good– You got a pizza my heart, that’s great. These are all great. – [Griffin] Is it fashion, though? I mean, we can either
go something like this or we can go like something wild. – [Justin] Wait, sorry, Griffin please, it just says Super Furniture. – [Griffin] That’s pretty good to me. – [Justin] It’s very good to me. – [Griffin] I’m gonna
Google it to make sure it’s not a thing. In Phoenix, Arizona I
believe there’s a shop called Super Furniture. It’s got no Yelp reviews so that’s a little shady. I can’t even fucking read what that says. True gamers… – [Justin] “True gamers don’t die”. If we say it at the same time I’m afraid we’ll summon Candyman. (Griffin laughs) “True gamers don’t die,
they always respawn.” – [Griffin] Oh my God, Justin. These are… (Justin laughs) These are so difficult. – [Justin] Ya, Griffin,
that’s fucking so good. Yolo though. No, it’s too– I don’t wanna co-op
someone else’s message. It’s impossible, there’s
no way, it’s impossible. – [Griffin] Now, here
we go, right next door. Right next door to the
novelty T-shirt store. Oh, what about this one, Juice? – [Justin] Is that another fucking– Surely that one’s fine. – [Griffin] I’m pretty sure this is like the stencil you could
color in, in Mario Paint, where you could like fill it in with whatever fun colors you wanted, and then have to return
Mario Paint to Blockbuster. I did buy Normal People Scare Me in case we wanted to go with that one. – [Justin] Let’s just go with that, let’s go with Normal People Scare Me ’cause I feel like that’s gonna start the right conversations for us. – [Griffin] Terrible. – [Justin] Damn. – [Griffin] I don’t even
know what these are doing. – [Justin] Garbage bags? Are those garbage bags? Oh my God, Griffin. (Griffin laughs) I fucking love this look. I’m dying. I’m loving this. If you get the right kicky boots you are creating a fashion icon. – [Griffin] All right, let’s
get to the boots first then. What if we make him where the ice skates? – [Justin] Ice skates are an option, fucking go for it, they’re called Bionic Ice Skates. How cool is that? – [Griffin] Now roller skates, hold up. – [Justin] Wow. – [Griffin] (laughs) Shit. I can’t not. – [Justin] That’s it,
Griffin, you’ve got to. Do they have any other accessories? Anything else fun? – [Griffin] Hell yeah, baby. – [Justin] Oh, that’s my guy. – [Griffin] What did I get? – [Justin] Huge. – [Griffin] More Avicoins. Rate your experience? You’re not ready for that. Glasses. – [Justin] (chuckles) This is the problem, ’cause we always find these
fantastic exterior pieces, but it covers up too
much of our good work. – [Griffin] What about
that, Juice? (laughs) – [Justin] Damn. The way his face bleeds through, yes. Yes, you’re hired. Sorry, the cosplay just
got less comfortable. – [Griffin] Oh shit. I mean, it’s Halloween,
it’s still Halloween. – [Justin] Anything can
happen on Halloween, including whatever this is. – [Griffin] This has
happened on Halloween. No, the hat is gonna cover too
much of our, whatever the… No, God. Oh no. No. I’m playing this on an iPad,
Justin, I’m not used to these, this touch interface. All right, underwear. – [Justin] Never see it, doesn’t matter. – [Griffin] Don’t care. – [Justin] Are those wands? – [Griffin] These ae magic– Oh, no, Justin, they are lightsabers. – [Justin] (laughs) They’re lightsabers. Now I got this game. (Griffin laughing) Now I see what we’re doing. – [Griffin] I’m Nanci Budin
and this is my longbow. Stay on my good side. I’m an excellent shot. – [Justin] Can I say something? There’s something about
the longbow that’s like… – [Griffin] Very fashion. – [Justin] Very, very good. – [Griffin] There’s a scimitar for boys. This is a scimitar for boys only. – [Justin] Boys only scimitar. – [Griffin] This is a boys only scimitar. – [Justin] Boys only
fangs, boys only scimitar. – [Griffin] Wow, these are
some expensive ass wings, huh? My bud? – [Justin] How much? Thousand? That’s not too bad. – [Griffin] These are
some expensive wings. – [Justin] How bad does it get? – [Griffin] It gets up to 20,000. Oh, I’m sorry, it gets up to 150,000. – [Justin] How much is that? – [Griffin] I think it’s
150 dollars I wanna say. – [Justin] Griffin, yes. – [Griffin] No. – [Justin] 250,000 coins, Griffin. – [Griffin] Justin…
– [Justin] Do it. – [Griffin] No, I’m not gonna spend 250 dollars on this video. – [Justin] But you’ll get reimbursed. – [Griffin] We’re not
gonna get reimbursed. – [Justin] You’re gonna get reimbursed ’cause we’ll send the
receipt to Chris Grant and we’ll say, give us that
fucking New York money, you’ve got enough to give us 250 dollars to get these kick ass wings. Spend money to make money. They will definitely
reimburse you, Griffin. (laughter) Can we just see how much it would cost? Let’s just see, like, dollar
amount to get 250,000. – [Griffin] No. – [Justin] Obviously not,
obviously we don’t have enough. – [Griffin] Get out of here, you can’t fuck with these wings. These are our wings. – [Justin] Don’t you
wanna prove them wrong? (Griffin laughs) They can’t just spread
the camp across the lake. (Griffin laughs) Do you wanna let them bully you anymore? (laughs) You wanna show
them you do in fact have the ability to
buy 250,000 gold coins. Okay, so. – [Griffin] You can’t even
buy 250,000 gold coins. You can only buy, I can buy two 125,000 for a hundred bucks each. Now that is a great savings. I am saving 50 dollars on that. But, on the flip side, I’m
going to have to do this, I’m going to have to buy one
of them for a hundred dollars and then there will be a moment
where I will be mid-purchase and I will have to, like, just eat shit on the second hundred dollars. – [Justin] What an amazing
place that will be though. You’ll be in-between the two purchases. Like, you’ll have already
spent a hundred dollars and you’ll be staring down the
barrel of a hundred dollars more to spend. – [Griffin] I hate that,
I don’t wanna be there. I don’t wanna be in that– I’m not doing this. – [Justin] Griffin, wait, listen. Jimmy will cover it. – [Griffin] Jimmy’s not gonna cover it. – [Justin] Jimmy B said he would cover it, he’d take it out of the
New York Magazine budget, he said he’s got it, just fucking get them, Griffin. – [Griffin] But I don’t wanna do this. – [Justin] 250, do it for the Vine! – [Griffin] Vine’s dead for
this exact reason, Justin. It’s because people– – [Justin] Do it for the Vine for one time or I’m gonna tell Twitter
that you wouldn’t do it, and I know you don’t check Twitter anymore but I’ll give them your cell phone number, please, Griffin, just buy it. – [Griffin] No, not 250 dollars. – [Justin] Griffin they’ll reimburse you! – [Griffin] I can’t believe
you’re actually trying to talk me into this. – [Justin] Makes me so mad, Griffin. – [Griffin] You buy the 250 dollar wings, I’ll peep you walking around. – [Justin] I can’t, you
want me to gift you? I can’t send a gift until I’m level six. (Griffin laughing) Let me just text Chris
Grant, let me just ask him, let me think of how to phrase it. “Chris if the future of Monster
Factory hung in the balance, the future of Vox Media itself and by extension your family.” – [Griffin] Good. – [Justin] Comma.
– [Griffin] Yeah. – [Justin] “Would Vox reimburse
us for a 200 dollar–” – [Griffin] Say 199.98. – [Justin] Dammit. The voice recognition, why
did it delete all that? – [Griffin] Because it doesn’t
want you to buy the wings. – [Justin] “Could we spend 200 dollars on some fucking…” (Griffin laughs) Siri, “fucking”. – [Griffin] Siri, grow up. – [Justin] “Kick ass wings in the game – [Griffin] Not going to get this right. – [Justin] A-V-A-K-I-N.” Okay, so the text that I just sent reads, “Chris, if the future of monster factory hang in the balance,
could we spend 200 dollars on some fucking no fucking siri fucking kick ass wings in the game Evagin?” Which he’s gonna assume
is made by My Two Dads and Tekwar star, Greg Evigan. – [Griffin] Right.
– [Justin] And he will be not too far off. – [Griffin] Now hold on. Extremely… Justin, holy shit, that
adds so much to it. – [Justin] I feel like the central theme of this persons work,
of Nanci Budin’s work is I think a vampire because I feel like it’s
extremely unclear and ambiguous the nature of the vampirism in question. What is that last, can
you, can we just try the– (whispering) Fuck, Griffin,
are you kidding me with this? – [Griffin] Can you ask him
for an extra 2600 coins? – [Justin] (whispering) Oh my God. That’s very, you know what that is? It’s very avant garde. – [Griffin] It’s extremely avant garde. It doesn’t match. Can I say something? We almost have an aesthetic going and I would rather not
completely butcher it. I mean it’s fun. Maybe this part’s just fun. Like, the rest of it is
extremely high fashion but this part’s just fun for him. – [Justin] For Halloween.
– [Griffin] For Halloween. This is when you know it’s Halloween. I think we’ve come to the end
of our rainbow here, Juice. – [Justin] I wanna get
in to creating stuff and things like that but I really would like to
see what the game itself, like, is. What do you do in this game? – [Griffin] Well, you buy poses. (whispering) Fuck, wow. Gonna need some of these. – [Justin] God, that’s good. What the hell? I really enjoy the action pose, forces Nanci Budin to hold the bow in the least threatening
way humanly possible. (laughter) – [Griffin] “Oh shit, that
guy’s got a short bow! Oh, nevermind, I think we’re okay.” This is good. – [Justin] Is this happen
when you press a button or is it just at random
intervals? (laughs) – [Griffin] That’s alluring. (Justin laughs) There’s 421 of these. I think we’re just gonna have to– why don’t we pick just
a random one of these and that’ll be like our signature? So you just tell me when to stop. – [Justin] Stop. – [Griffin] Oh, we did it. – [Justin] Wow, just like that. – [Griffin] Justin, you did it, good work. – [Justin] Focus on the Night. – [Griffin] Don’t look at
me, focus on the night. Paired dances, wow those
are very expensive. – [Justin] Is that trust falls? Oh my God, this is a good game. Griffin, I really want the trust falls. What if you could force someone to do it? What if you have an emote and you force someone to
do a trust fall with you? – [Griffin] Yeah that’s fun. I have no idea how to
do this shit but, oh! – [Justin] Let’s get our there into the– Got level three. – [Griffin] Oh, Justin, it’s
gotten a little wild here, huh? We got Superman in the mix. – [Justin] There’s the
popular hero Superman. Oh my God, he looks so cool. – [Griffin] I’m gonna tear this shit up. Focus on the night. This user interface
leaves much to be desired. And look at you, Justin. – [Justin] That’s you actually. – [Griffin] No you’re… Oh, look at me. Why do I, I’m dressed up like– Jesus Christ, what’s on my back? – [Justin] (giggling)
It’s like Doctor Strange had a wet dream all over his cape. That’s kind of what you got going. – [Griffin] Yes, all right, that’s one successful trust fall. You didn’t, like, tweet that we were playing this game did you? – [Justin] No.
– [Griffin] These are just all people who are here
to play Avakin life? – [Justin] I guess so, Griffin, I did not summon any of these people. (Griffin laughing) Very alluring. – [Griffin] Looks like there’s
games, social spots, jobs, let’s get a fucking job. Who’s hiring? Looks like 23rd Street Cafe is hiring and then there’s a bunch of
spooky Halloween parties. They don’t look like jobs
necessarily so we are gonna just go to that cafe and hit it up. I’m going to claim my reward. – [Justin] I want to be the customer. – [Griffin] I have received
a welcome mat, hell yeah. – [Justin] That’ll be perfect
for, do you have a home? – [Griffin] I think I have a boat. Oh shoot, look at this. We can order any number
of delicious treats. – [Justin] (laughs) And do what with it? – [Griffin] I don’t know. This is a grilled cheese
sandwich, cinnamon roll. – [Justin] Damn, that’s
a pricey grilled cheese. – [Griffin] Yeah, no kidding,
ten diamonds. (laughs) – [Justin] That seems fair or very unfair, one of the two. – [Griffin] I’m just gonna
get a fucking cup of mud, man. Okay, so I have placed an order with this actual person I think. – [Justin] Are they gonna bring you? – [Griffin] Is this real
person gonna bring me a coffee? Oh my God, they’re
brewing my coffee, Justin. Justin that real person’s
gonna walk over here and give me my coffee. – [Justin] I think that’s a
real person who is serving you. That can’t be right. – [Griffin] No it is, they
just like stopped and pivoted. I feel like we’re playing Spy Party now. – [Justin] (laughs) I
know who the criminal was, it is all of us. (laughs) Now you’re
saying that to your group, I’m not, okay I do see that. – Oh yeah, you’re right, I wanna go. (laughter) Chatting on a virtual keyboard
sure isn’t easy is it? – [Justin] It’s a lot. – [Griffin] Now I’ve already
paid my three diamonds, so they can’t kick us out. Here’s the game, Justin, and let me know if you
think this will work, I’m gonna order a ten diamond
grilled cheese sandwich and then I’m going to
make myself untouchable. – [Justin] This person’s
gonna be so stocked about the ten diamond
grilled cheese sandwich they’re about to move. – [Griffin] If they can
put it where I want it. And who knows where that’s gonna be. Oh man, she put it right in my hand, she tagged me with it didn’t she, damn. Are you applying for a
job right now, Justin? – [Justin] Yeah, but it’s,
like, really competitive. – [Griffin] Did I taste it? (Justin laughing) I wanna give her the sandwich. Can’t gift her back a sandwich. (laughter) Okay, wait no, she just dipped. It’s all you now. Hey, Louise, that was
some good sandwiches. (laughter) – [Justin] Got a job. – [Griffin] Why are you? Justin. Oh no.
– [Justin] Oh, Louise. – [Griffin] That is so rough. – [Justin] Oh fine I quit. – [Griffin] Juice.
– [Justin] Yeah? – [Griffin] You need to leave the job. – [Justin] Why? – [Griffin] Because we
gotta go somewhere else. Yeah, I just got a call from Vox and they said the video’s taking too long and that we need to go somewhere else, so I need you to leave the job. – [Justin] I don’t wanna
play anymore, this is boring, but I will watch you play
’cause you’re my brother. – [Griffin] Cool, well I’m just gonna sling some beans real quick. – [Justin] Oh, you ding dong. – [Griffin] That person
just sank through the floor. Somebody just melted rather
than buy beans from me. (Justin laughing) Can I buy beans from myself? Pastry cabinet. Wait, is this a little perk of the job? Yeah, let me get that
pastry, I’ll choose one, I’ll get the cinnamon roll, collect that. Okay, now who ordered the cinnamon roll? Justin, here’s your cinnamon roll. (buzzer goes off) – [Justin] Sir thank you. – [Griffin] Oh man, I
couldn’t give it to you. – [Justin] Why not? – [Griffin] Because you didn’t order one. – [Justin] Is it a bug? – [Griffin] Justin, real quick, I need you to buy a cinnamon roll for me, there’s a timer. – [Justin] (giggles) Just
throw it in the trash, the boss will never know.
– [Griffin] Do you want the cinnamon roll? Shit. – [Justin] I have uninstalled this app, I cannot buy a cinnamon roll from you. – [Griffin] Dammit, Justin. All right, Juice? I really need to move, this is not a joke, I don’t know what happens
if this timer runs out and I haven’t given
somebody this cinnamon roll but it’s not gonna be great. (ding) Wait, was that an order? Did you just order something? Justin, I’m not gonna be able to make it to the big fashion show if
I don’t make some money. I have 43 seconds. God, you’re the worst brother ever. (sighs) Dammit, Justin. – [Justin] What’s wrong, Grif? What’s wrong? Is there some bad press getting out about your fucking business, Griffin? (whistle blows) – [Griffin] Oh, I just got the whistle. The firing whistle. “Your shift has ended,
thanks for your hard work!” Is that what we’re calling it? Oh wow, they bleeped
out that whole message. All right, that’s okay,
that’s unnecessary. I need to go to my boat. – [Justin] Yeah, can I come to your boat? – [Griffin] No you can’t come to my– – [Justin] I’m sorry for the things I said at the restaurant. – [Griffin] How do I go to my boat? My apartments. – [Justin] I bought a dog and I don’t know how to see it. – [Griffin] (laughs) It’s in trouble. This dog’s in a lot of trouble. There we go, my apartment. – [Justin] (laughs) I
don’t know how to find or maintain my dog. – [Griffin] So I’m gonna get on my boat and I’ll let you know how it is but you’re definitely
not aloud on the boat. – [Justin] Not getting kind of an invite? – [Griffin] No, probably
not gonna get an invite to this particular boat ’cause I’m the captain of the boat and I’d fly it, drive it through the ocean I’m on the radio with a bunch
of real serious boat captains. We have a little channel that we like to talk to each other in. – [Justin] Can you just look at my profile so I can see my dog? It’s the only way to see my dog in the UI. – [Griffin] (sighs) Dammit, Justin. (laughs) Look at him. What a fantastical little wizard. Get that dog over here. – [Justin] Yeah, just a little wizard dog. – [Griffin] Let’s figure out
some of these little guys. Oh, diamonds. – [Justin] There’s just
diamonds sitting around? – [Griffin] Yeah, my
boat’s got diamonds on it, I need to eat ’em all
up before you get here. – [Justin] Oh, it’s a private scene. – [Griffin] Are you coming? – [Justin] You have to invite me I guess. – [Griffin] I did invite you, Jesus. I’m gonna invite Korinaqueen too. Do not embarrass me and do not pick up the chaos emeralds. Let me touch this chaos emerald. Boy, the controls. I realized you don’t
want me to rollerskate off the side of my own
boat, but, there we go. It’s nice, Juice, I know have to get to the fashion show eventually so I can do my work but it’s nice to just be out
here with you for a little bit and relax. I’d love to summon my dog, though. There we go, fuck yeah. Good, place dog. Touch, thumb sticks, touch,
dog, get dog, place dog. I don’t want– (laughs) Maybe the dog is too shy and I need to get an elephant on this boat I’m looking at my dog. I have a button with my
dogs, I have two dogs now. There we go. Okay, I did it, I’ve done it, I did it. Oh boy, my pet is hungry and thirsty. What’s a good dog name? – [Justin] Dj Kaled? – [Griffin] No, probably not DJ Kaled. – [Justin] Did you try DandyRandy? – [Griffin] Let’s try DandyRandy. And let me pour water on him. Okay, I dumped some water on him and it’s not gonna let me do that again for two and a half hours. I hope my boy DandyRandy does not get… Let me do feeding, yeah same. And I love you, I love you son! Check back, though, in
like two and a half. – [Justin] (laughs) You
don’t wanna spoil him – [Griffin] Yeah, I mean I love him and I do want him to have
water but let’s not go wild. I’m gonna go shoot some
whales with my bow, you have fun driving the boat. I’ll tell you when I need you to stop. Shoot whales with bow. Fuck it, Justin, let’s
go to the fashion show. – [Justin] Yeah. – [Griffin] All right,
let me pose, I guess. There’s no music. Usually there’s music at these things. – [Justin] What does the crowd think? – [Griffin] What does
everyone think of my clothes? Who likes my clothes? Oh, that’s so much faster. I bought them from target. They were free. (laughs) – [Justin] Thank you
for freeing me, Nancy. – [Griffin] My fashion has set you free, now you can fly away like a big bird. Say hi to Jesus for me
when you’re up there. – [Justin] All my life
I have lived in shackles and now the fashion of
Nanci Budin has set me free. Thank whatever power put
you on this planet, Nance. – [Griffin] This is the
worst fashion show ever, let’s go to the club. Where is it like wild? – [Justin] That’s fashion on the street. – [Griffin] This is a sixteen member club and I can also get some
money here for a job. Hi everybody, let me introduce myself. I’m Nanci Budin. – [Justin] Everyone be
quiet, Nanci is speaking. – [Griffin] Everyone
be quiet, I’m speaking. Somebody’s talking about pee. Justin, you look great, bud. – [Justin] Thanks, bud. – [Griffin] Hey, you’re
kind of playing Avakin Life. – [Justin] I guess I am. I guess I’m dressing
up to entertain people and playing Avakin Life. – [Griffin] Important update, everyone pay attention to me
right now before I get angry. Who wants to come to a radical
party on my lonely boat, comma, my lonely empty boat, comma, I need someone to love
my dog I can only do it every two and a half hours. This song.
– [Justin] Yes. – [Griffin] This is just, I hope, Clayton, you just dropped our audio a little bit so people could hear that
this song is just techno music with a robot shouting “Avakin Life”. (techno music) – [Robot] Avakin Life. – [Justin] (giggles) I’m
so sad I’m missing it. – [Griffin] I will now
judge everyone’s fashions, line up children, comma, that’s
what you are to me children, comma, look at your clothes. Do you know how to make sugar water? – [Justin] (laughs) It’s a
cocktail my mom invented for me. – [Griffin] All the fashion bigwigs are drinking sugar water. Justin, I don’t want to
play this game anymore because it hurts to tap this much. – [Justin] You’re only saying that because it’s unpleasant to interact with. – [Griffin] It’s not good to interact with and it’s not as funny (laughs)
as I thought it would be. What the fuck is going on out here? (laughs) I can kind of nudge him. (laughter) – [Justin] I’m gonna give Nanci Budin a 7 point yes. – [Griffin] Sure, why not? Doesn’t mean, none of
it’s ever meant anything. I might just park myself here
and leave the game running, see if I can rack up
anymore gifts I can sell but thanks everybody for watching. – [Justin] Hey everybody,
quick programming note, in the near future we’re
gonna be publishing new episodes of Monster Factory just on the McElroy
family YouTube channel, so if you aren’t already
subscribed to that you’ll wanna go ahead and do that. – [Griffin] Smash it baby! – [Justin] Griffin, I asked you not to, I begged you not to. – [Griffin] (groans) Smash that.

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  2. My favorite part is Justin effortlessly and discreetely being a fashion icon every time he's on screen. He's rocking the One Piece pirate captain fashion looks

  3. I can now die in peace because griffin mcelroy declined my friend request on Avakin

    Edit: whoa I’ve never gotten this many likes on a comment

  4. As someone who follows several models on instagram, I can assure you… this is fashion. It legit looks like an outfit one of them would wear.

  5. This has officially stopped being a series about creating monster boys and monster girls and became a con-job targetting Vox, and I'm totally OK with it.

  6. Justin McElroy, the devil on Griffin’s shoulder saying “Don’t you want to prove them wrong? Do it for the vine!”

  7. Wait… Nanci Budin 73 looks suspiciously like Freddy Mercury and David Bowie had a horrible cloning accident.

  8. So they have "Nintendo Super Mario" whatever blah blah but they also have "Cosmos beam sword'? Something tells me they don't have the most robust legal department over at Avakin Life.

  9. Hey I've not been able to play avakin for 2 days, it says "sorry we are unable to log you in avakin life at moment". Is Any one else experiencing this or has a solution to it?

  10. Can't decide if I love or am saddened by the sight of these two blessed boys becoming ever more enslaved to the thralls of the microtransactionscape.

  11. 3:03 I know a girl with that exact shirt. And I'm attracted to her. Now I'm concerned for myself. I have one like that but it has it small and in early slasher font.

  12. The only shity thing about outer worlds is its to short….. If I payed 60 I would be upset. I love the game but thank god. For Xbox game pass on pc. Your contact is so f**** boring I'm surprised anybody even pays attention to you.

  13. this might sound a little annoying but please hear me out! it is important to change your language to distinguish the difference between male (sex) and boy (gender) some people who are born male are not actually boys! i don’t want to sound obnoxious but it makes me as a transgender individual want to share my feelings about it!

  14. thanks Griffin and Justin, you convinced me to download this mediocre mobile game, and now I have an Avakin Life

    also don't worry, Griffin and Justin pretty much covered everything that's in this game; a Ridiculous amount of customisation options, pets like; a Panda Dog, and, a Elephant, Horny Chat, Fashion and Catwalks, Barista Roleplay

    that's it

    that really is all that's in this game

  15. Wow, just weirded out by the adventure zone guys on a YouTube video! I suppose people are allowed to do more than one thing! 😄

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