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Why don’t you seat here, sir? Ooh! May I recommend the seafood platter? Yes? Yes. *heavenly choir* Our finest dish! Muah! Aah! Aah! Don’t forget the langoustines. *CRUNCH* Miss! Are you okay?! What happened?!

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  3. Wow Mr Bean knows ASMR, i like the way he crunches the white prawn, btw he dosen't have a microphone all he has is a camera beside him

  4. For those don’t know what the French waiter is saying:

    ‘Are you here for lunch sir? Follow me’
    ‘May I recommend the sea food platter? Yes?’
    ‘The sea food platter’
    ‘Don’t forget the langoustines’

  5. Das wūrde ich auch nicht runter bekommen 😁 die längsten kucken einem ja noch an bitte ISS. mich nicht.

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  8. Mr bean was my favourite,is my favourite and will be my favourite 😂😂😂😂😂😂hahaha

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