Flirty Boys, Friend Zone | Stand-up Comedy | Naria Giri | Laugh Nepal

Hello Everyone All of you here, are you fine? So, what’s topic for today? Something new, something interesting! Lets talk about something trending. What do you feel like trending these days?
Audience: Girls? You Despo! Can’t you think of anything besides girls? Since the time of our ancestors to these days And from now onward to our future generations It will remain trending So, what’s the topic, I am going to talk about.
Any guesses? You don’t have any? It’s “SEX” Yes “sex”, it is a trending topic indeed. It has been trending before. And it is trending even now. And what will be the trending topic for future generations? Audience: “SEX” Yes, “sex”. You are right, So, what do you get in mind when you hear the term “sex” Something we give and take? Yes it is. In fact I’ve always thought of it that way. And everyone thinks the same, that is what we’ve been taught in schools. Same we learn at high schools. Even on p*rn websites Everywhere it’s same. Something we give and take. But! This is a problem for us Nepalese. And, it gets us into big trouble sometimes I’ve also got into one. What happened was, I had quite good interest in football since childhood. So, I went to a football competition with my team. There what happened is, we got to fill up a form. My experience at filling up forms was limited to school like class, roll number, etc. and nothing more. So, when we got this form. I filled my name and few other fields perfectly. But, I made one big mistake. Yes big mistake. As I didn’t know much. And there was an empty field to be filled for “Sex” I filled my answer “virgin” Because I thought it must have asked for that only indicating “Sex” So, I wrote “virgin” It was too embarrassing You shouldn’t laugh at it. Let’s stop this talk. Just leave it behind. So, it was about the trending topic. Boys are mostly interested to know what girls talk regarding boys. Yes, we girls talk a lot about boys. Don’t give me that look. Yes we talk a lot, very enjoyable talks you know. Very interesting talk, and most interesting ones are that of boys of course. Among girls, it is the most important topic we talk about. In our group of girls, what we do is, we categorize boys. In our own perspectives. We determine, which boy belongs to which categories and so on. Depending on boy’s behaviors. Boy’s dressing sense. Boy’s appearance. Boy’s good manners, and what they show off. Hey, tell me you also do the same. Yes, that’s how we categories them. I also have my own perspective for categorizing boys. How many types if I’ve to say. There are 3 levels. What I do is, I observe them properly. Then I determine, first types as “cool guys” They happen to be really cool and make your heart sing. Then comes “average boys” who are combination of well mannered and rough kind of guys. And then comes “well mannered and shy boys”. Hey, you don’t need to blush. You don’t fall into that category. Yes you don’t need to. Just if you’re a Brahmin, do you think you can be called well mannered?

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