From Kindergarten Dropouts To Amazon Millionaires

Remember our first sale? We can become Amazon coaches now and call ourselves Amazon experts! Well, think about it. It’s so good that we stuck with it and didn’t become coaches because we finally reached our one goal which we set from the beginning: $100,000 dollars in sales this month selling our ‘secret product’ on
Amazon. Oh yeah, by the way… In a few mintues we should hear back from the
accountant to see how much profit we can take home. Yeah but should be good I mean… look
at the stats on Sellics, I mean… I already put money down for the Lambo. Man I think it’s really because we started lean with only five thousand dollars… Hey man, I just bought this course from this guy called James Williams for $4500 Uh… okay so we have $500 left to start the business… Then we also need to get the UPC codes to be able to sell the products. Okay just bought it, it was only $350… Oh yeah… and, uh, Jungle Scout! Jungle Scout! Okay… fuck, we’re almost out of money… That’s okay we only need to buy the inventory now… easy! Remember when we started looking for our first product? I took us a while… All about finding the right product… That’s all it takes… Hey, Danny you’re selling on Amazon as
well, right? Oh, so… what category are you in?
Health and household? Okay, cool… Just wondering… what’s your sales
rank? Just curious… Oh, 1200? Cool… so you must have a lot of
reviews, right? Probably more than 500? 612? Interesting… Sorry, I gotta go… sorry! Remember when we received our first sample from China? The chemicals in it were so bad you had a
massive rash for weeks… And when we called everyone in our family to give us
a review… our girlfriends… our ex-girlfriends… even your grandma! We need to get all the help we need and your grandma also needs some stress relief! Especially now after your grandpa also passed away… I heard it works even better when you’re
old. And you remember what I had to do to get the money for our first inventory… Dude…$10,000. Hey grandma, I’m just calling because we just launched our product on Amazon and it was just wondering if you could test it and maybe leave us a
review? And honest one of course… So the brand is called “Pentr-” and then “8” and the “or”… Yes, yes, penetrator. And then when we had to decide who was going to test the sample… I’m really constipated at the moment and it says you should only use it on an empty stomach… Doesn’t work… And then go on the “Monster — Destroyer
3000 limited-edition”… Call the ambulance! It’s stuck! yeah, the black one… 20 inches, yes… That surgery was
really complicated… I may need to wear diapers for the rest of my life now… but at least we knew that the product was good! Yeah, first the Chinese competitors weren’t an issue with their little ones, remember? But when they started going down with their price and even writing bad reviews on our product… I told you it’s the Chinese competitors again… look! Read the review! Yeah, but when we launched our second product, we innovated it so much and made it so unique that they couldn’t compete anymore. We put a logo on it… true private label
innovation! Completely made the competition irrelevant! And how many times I stopped you right before you almost gave our password to one of those phishing emails… And always being afraid of getting an email from Amazon… And how hard it was at the beginning to
resist checking our sales every five minutes… especially on Prime Day… The nights we prayed for the ‘Amazon’s
choice’ batch… Oh, the accountant is calling! Hey Mister Money! How are we doing on the profit? Hello, I’ve got the numbers with me here, let me have a look. So it looks like you made $104,000 in sales which is great… I know that was your goal. Hello? Hello? Excuse me? Hello?
Anyways… We take away $40,000 in inventory cost which was to be expected… then $32,000 in Amazon fees… $3000 dollars in expenses which you’ve had every month for the 18 softwares you using… $4,000 in samples… then a $300 subscription for br… braz… brazzers?
I guess for market research…? Research purposes, yes, research purposes… Sure… then $25,000 in sales tax which you owe next month which you’ve already put aside, right? Uh, sure… Then also take away $30,000 for a down
payment of a Lamborghini… and lastly also my fee… So how much profit is left?? Change…? Maybe you were right…
maybe we should have become Amazon coaches… like the guys that are on the right
side here… those coaches, you see the video? Yeah man, they should really click it… Click no the video that’s on the
right side of this video, here, right now. Yeah man… Some change, please? Excuse
me sir… excuse me… We do anything! We just need some money to launch our next product! We’re out of inventory!

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  1. Know someone that’s selling on Amazon?
    Send them this video for inspiration:

  2. Hey Leon, nice video! I am the brother of Deniz. You doing well man. The next video we can maybe produce together.
    This video and morning routine are so hilarious 😂😂😂🤭
    Deniz makes these faces even in his free time. 🤓

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