Frost/Nixon (3/9) Movie CLIP – Nixon Makes a Joke (2008) HD

Frost got there;
He got the money;What? I understand
most of its borrowed, that his friends
have bailed him out;But the point is,
we start taping
at the end of March;RealIy? Now, thats terrific;How much time is
devoted to Watergate? 25%;Just one of
four 90-minute shows;What are the other
three divided into? Domestic Affairs, Foreign Policy, and Nixon the Man;Nixon the Man? As opposed to what?
Nixon the horse? WelI, I imagine
its some kind of
biographical piece;I can see it now;
The father that neglected me,
the brothers that died;Spare me;StilI, now, the fact
its come together, now,
thats a good thing, no? Mr;President, its fantastic;Frost is just not in
your intelIectual class, sir;Youre gonna be
able to dictate terms,
rebuild your reputation;If this went welI,
if enough people saw it,
revised their opinion, you could move back East
way, way earlier
than we expected;You think?
Im certain;It would be so good
to go back to where
the action is;You know? The hunger in my belIy
is stilI there, Jack;I guess it alI boils down
to Watergate, huh? WelI, thats nothing
to worry about, sir;Its not as if
theres gonna be
any revelations;That stuffs been combed over
a milIion times;No one has pinned
anything on you;Yeah, stilI,
its been a while since I spoke about it
on the record;Im gonna start
doing my homework;Hey, you know what would
be an interesting
thing to find out? What his strategy is;Now, wheres he staying? I believe The Beverly Hilton;The Beverly Hilton, you say;WelI, I got the numbers someplace of some felIows
that we could send in;Cubans with CIA training;Jesus, Jack, it was a joke;Yes, sir;

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