Frozen – HISHE Dubs (Comedy Recap)

Hey guess what! This movies also in … 3D! Ice, Nice, Baby! Is that someone’s child? Not my problem! Wake up, Elsa! No! Come on! Pretty Please? Okay. Do the magic! As long as no one gets hurt. No one’s gonna get hurt! Here goes! Oh No! Girls! It’s the middle of the night. Why are you both fully dressed? We don’t have time for that now We must get her to the…
-The doctor? NO! The trolls. We must hurry! Is someone watching that child?
-Not my problem! Hello? Trolls? Trolls? Im-a-kidnap you! She will be okay, but we must remove all memories of magic because if she remembers having fun with her sister It will be like super bad. Mmm like McLovin. No not McLovin! Like really bad! Okay, we will keep them separated. I’m sure they won’t miss each other. Sister! I sure do miss you sister! I’m bored out of my mind! Talking to these paintings! why won’t anyone talk to me? I’ve been in this room for 10 years Can I see my sister now? Right after we go to the tangled wedding Oh No! We’re sinking! Under da sea! You like it better down, oh you’re dead. in the distant future It’s time for Elsa to become the queen! I don’t why don’t wanna be the queen! I want a man! Oh! I’m a man! I think I’m in love! I now dub your queen Elsa! Don’t let people say that I can freeze things. Aaagh! hooray for the Queen Anna? Wow! So you like grew up. Yep, and I’m not emotionally stunted or anything Want to meet my husband? Hi! that’s dumb you’re dumb What?! Why? He’s gonna like totally steal our kingdom it’s totally obvious It’s my coronation day. Stop trying to steal my spotlight! What if I steal your glove instead? My non freezing glove! She’s a witch! Burn her! Burn this! Wait! Jesus walk, Go! Sister, come back! I can’t hear you! I’m too far away now! I’m going after her and I’m leaving this hottie in charge. What about the chain of command? I don’t care about that! No one understands me. I’m just gonna make this ice bridge. And I’m gonna make this ice castle! Oh I’m so mad! I’m just gonna stomp my feet! I’ll show everyone check out this dress! Oh, I’m so hot right now. That’s why the cold doesn’t bother me. Elsa, out. Helloooooo I need warm clothes! That’ll be two dollars! I need carrots. That’ll be a bazillian dollars! I’m not gonna pay that. Okay, bye-bye Take me to my sister now! Okay…. You really have trust issues. I could be a murderer. It’ll be fine Nothing bad is gonna happen. Wolves! Where’s beast when you need him?! We’ve got a good crew going here. Now. All we need is some comic relief. Like me???? No someone more human like. Perhaps I could be of some assistance. Agh! Who are you?! I’m Olaf. I love summer and I can’t wait to be warm! You can’t be warm you’re made of snow. You’ll melt and die My world is a lie. My life is forfeit. Come on Olaf. Let’s go find Elsa. I think I’ll die now I think your sister might be in this giant ice castle Elsa! Are you in here? What do you want? I want you to come home. Let’s be a family! No! Oh, that’s cold I want you out of here! Magic snow monster activate! Bye bye. Weeeeeeeeee! I Lived! what’s going on with your hair? Oh, no! I’m aging! Don’t worry! My family can fix you. Yeah, our magic can’t fix that Elsa hit her in the heart She will be soon frozen solid only an act of true love can save her now I mean I could kiss her. I think of you more as a friend That Hans though Raaar! All right, I get it Gimme dat Hans! Elsa! You in there? Hey!
Ice Monster, I choose you! There she is! Get her! It’s a good thing she didn’t make any more of those ice monsters! Don’t step on my gown! You need to calm down! Freeze! haha! Get it? Can you just not? Wanna die? Elsa stop! This is getting too dark for a kids movie. Okay. Elsa! Watch out! Running heels activate! Good thing that didn’t kill me when I was knocked out. Aagh! Gloves my only weakness! I brought Anna back!
She needs to make out with Hans! Lucky!
We love Hans! We just met him but we trust him like Anna! Can I get a Thank you? No? Time for love! Edna! It’s Anna. Kiss me baybeh! Yeah so… I think we should see other people. But I’ll die! I’m okay with that. I’m sorry everyone, but Ethel has died. (gasp) (Help me! I’m not dead yet!) I think I hear someone! Nope! That’s nothing. (It’s me, Anna!) (I’m not dead yet!) (He’s trying to steal the kingdom!) (Help me!) Uh We have to go kill Elsa! Elsa. Time to die. Wha? Where’d she go? Somebody help! I can help! I’ll start a fire for you! But you’ll melt! I don’t mind. Not for you. That’s an act of love! Why doesn’t that break the spell?! I don’t know! I guess my love doesn’t matter. Anna! Where are you?! Kristoff! Whaaaa Sven! Where are you? Oh! There you are. Save me! No I’m gonna go kiss Anna instead! Elsa! * inaudible * What did you say?! I said! * inaudible * I can’t understand you! Let me get rid of this storm. Kristoff! Don’t worry baby! Kiss incoming! I said… It’s time to die. On second thought. Where are you going!? I got cold feet! Nooooo! She’s dead! And it’s all my fault! I’m Back! Whaaat? How? I finally learned… That I don’t need no man! Look at that! The ice, it’s melting! We should probably get off the ocean! Hooray the ice is melting! Look at that! She don’t need no man! Thank you, Elsa, for bringing back summer. Goodbye. Oh no you don’t! You’re immortal now. Son of a… Ice giant! Ariel… I… It’s Anna! Aaagh! Don’t worry… We don’t have life preservers. Free ice skating! This used to scare us! Now it’s fun! Good thing she’s not evil anymore! Long live the queen! We’ll never run out of ice again! Hooray! Free ice! But my job is harvesting ice! Oh yeah. You’re totally out of a job now.

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  1. Imagine the setting was in tropical country ,having Elsa blasting ice everywhere would made her God, not witch. And "Let it go" OST wouldn't exist.

  2. So Dark Phoenix HISHE is never happening, is it? I mean, they’re probably doing Joker HISHE rn, and then they’re going to do Rise of Skywalker next.

  3. I have disliked "dubs" ever since I first saw them on Clutch Cargo cartoons decades ago. I find them off putting (to put it gently), so I ignore them. Thumb down. I am, however, glad you put "dubs" in the title so I can skip this video. Edited to add: YouTube now thinks I want to watch videos for preschoolers, possibly because you are making fun of cartoons for kids. I have "not interested" them all. Thanks a lot, hishe.

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