Fun and Games (sketch comedy)

[chatter] Who put that there? This does not touch this square. …the point of playing these games with people who don’t know what they’re doing? Is it my turn? I’m not done!!!! Sorry! Go!!! Okay, okay! I’m sorry! I’ll take two blue tokens.
— That’s your move? Why blue tokens? — Oh for flip’s sake
let her make her move! Black tokens make more sense. She’s new. — Do not give her an extra advantage
because she’s new! — Okay I can just take the two blue tokens and — No! Take the black tokens! — Argh! Travis! — What?!! — It’s your move. – I know, I know! Eenie meenie minie– That’s the wrong pile. Excuse me! If somebody had told me I would know. — You’re too sensitive. Pipe down everybody, I’m thinking. — I’m not sensitive! — He just hasn’t read the rules
in a long time I can tell. I’m trying to think! Is it your turn? — I need to plan my next move. I’m going to Calcatron. What did you just say? I’m going to Calcatron, see look, it’s in the rules! — You do not go to Calcatron until level two, we are at level one! — You are nowhere NEAR Calcatron. — I’m thinking about my next move out of this game. — What? Nothing. I didn’t say anything. — You said something, what was it? — What did you say? — Nothing. Nothing, nothing nothing. You guys, seriously! — She didn’t say nothing,
she said something. What was it? – I, I don’t remember. Stop yelling! — I’m tellin’ you I wanna know what she said! — Stop yelling! — You need to speak up! — Stop yelling! — No one here is yelling! I’m thinking, please! — You can think to yourself,
you tell me what you said! — I’m out! I’m out! What’s her problem? Some people don’t get it, this is supposed to
be fun! — I’m tellin’ ya. — I’m having fun. — This is wonderful.

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  1. Special thanks to Wendy Lee for being director of photography, Kevin for assisting with photography, Shane for assistance with sound, and Corey for editing.

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