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God, why did it happen like this? Don’t know what to do Do you have brain? How dare you run the truck in the crowd? 23 people are fighting for life you know that? What should I do, my truck has been seized! I have not done any mistake sir While I was driving 2 people were coming towards the truck & the other size was crowdy If you were in my place on whom will you run the truck? Why think so much, will run on those 2 Exactly, you are also thinking like me only sir! I also thought of doing the same But they were trying to escape from me & entered the crowd Thus I also ran the truck upon them in the crowd! Master Seems like it will rain, will you drop me till Krishna Nagar But I don’t have vehicle sir No vehicle? So are you keeping helmet because police will catch you? No not for police! Then why helmet? If it rains we will stand under metro pillar right to avoid getting wet? So just to safeguard myself from the objects falling from metro, I wore helmet! ** Pleading the owner not to inform police ** Don’t worry, you came for money only right? Why is he cooperating? Is this not his house? Yes sir, I came for robbing money So search for it, try & you will surely succeed! Okay sir Sir, I have a small doubt! You are cooperating so much because it is not your house right? Did you not see the name plate while entering the house? I came via window so did not see but.. Just like businessmen cooperate with politicians, why are you cooperating with me? Nothing dude While going to her native place, my wife hid all the money I am searching since a week & did not find a penny! Hope atleast you get & we both can party! ** Singing song ** Hey bro Bro Why are you falling on me idiot! Hey bro I will not feel bad about your scolding today Why? A beautiful girl spoke to me today! So finally they spoke to you as well? No girl is speaking to a handsome boy like me Hey is it your new phone? Yes bro, my dad bought yesterday! As soon as I inserted the sim card Please dial this number to activate your sim A girl speaks in a beautiful voice bro… Kumari Kumari Kumari Don’t to like that, the dress will be ruined We met for the 1st time today What will we enjoy at home? I have a lot of money Should we go to Ooty or Kodaikanal? Should we go to Kashmir or Kanyakumari? Tell me Rajakumari! I had kept the cash here What happened at night? He might have taken! Hello Hey Dumbu, where are you? Sir When I was taking bath I heard a shout! My mother had fallen down She did not wake up at all Thus taking her to hospital in Eluru I caught you! Got caught? I managed well right? Used the mother sentiment too! Then how did I get caught? Sir For my kind information How did I get caught? I called your landline number! ** Singing song ** Who are these people? Seems like they are new to this place! ** Singing song ** Why is the terrace so tall? Oh god! ** Counting floors ** How will they build 9 floors? Oh god They have anyway built it, let us sing! ** Singing song ** They started again! Let me make a fool of them as I don’t have money! ** Singing song ** I have come bro! Common start ** Singing song ** Shut up! Are you planning to plant a bomb in that building, you are constantly staring at it! No I am counting the floors in the building! Counting the floor? From which place have you come? Came fom our village Just tell me clearly, from where have you come ** Tells his village name ** ** Tells the village name ** Who are you by the way? I am the owner of this building What are you the owner of the building? How did you make such a big building? I will tell that later Don’t you know that you are not supposed to count the floors? Now remove Rs.100 fine for each floor ** Discussimg ** We counted 4 floors sir Take these 400 rupees It worked out well for us! Don’t do this next time onwards Count only when I am there See I am so intelligent! I counted 9 but gave him only 400! We are left with Rs.500, come lets go to the bar

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  1. I am impressed dear fun bucket.
    ప్రస్తుతం సొసైటీలో జరిగే సమస్యల పైన కూడా జోక్స్ వేసి నవ్విస్తూ ఉన్నారు. టైమింగ్ కూడా చాలా బాగుంది . అన్ని కొత్త జోక్స్ ఉన్నాయి. మీ team ఇలాగే ముందుకు వెళ్లాలని కోరుకుంటున్నాను

  2. Donga raajaa joke super excellent telegu one family ki happy Dasaraa shubakanshlu 👌👌👌👌💕💕💕❤❤❤

  3. No.. Jokes..

    All jokes exhausted.. Nothing new..

    Even by forcefully also not getting laugh..

    My sincere Request.. Kindly stop this Web series.. Before you loose Value, name, Fame and Subscribers..

  4. స్టార్టింగ్ లో అందరి ఒరిజినల్ పేర్లు పరిచయం చేయండి బ్రో ఒక్కసారి

  5. I really commend your efforts to entertain us. It certainly gives me a moment of relief and laughter. However i do request your team to be sensible in writing around tragedies, especially recent tragedies. Please consider how it can affect the family and friends of the deceased if they ever come across this video. Good luck and all the best to your feature endeavors.

  6. బ్లుషార్ట్ వేసుకున్న .పక్కన ఉన్న ఇద్దరు అమ్మయిలు ఎందుకు రవడం లెదు ..వళ్ళు లేనిదే వెస్ట్ మి విడియో .వాల్లకు మాఊర్లో అభిమానులు చాలావున్నారు .మ ఊరు హైద్రాబాద్ .సనత్నగర్ ..👌👌🙏🇮🇳👍

  7. అడవి యక్షన్ సూపర్ ప్రతి విడియో తో బాగ యక్షన్ చేస్తడు ….అడవి HYDERABAD SANATHANAGAR ☕☕🙏🙏

  8. Your the worst people in the world don't you have common sense..yohave wasted my valuable 10 min in my life.

  9. first joke I know

    second joke metro pillar kinda varsham padinappudu pechhulu oodipotayani helmet pettukunnava
    ee idea naaku raledu oka umbrella konnanu adi open chesthey virigipoyindi full ga tadichi vellanu.

    bharya oorikiveltu money intlo pedutundaa inka 1950 model lo unnaru.

    koti lo 100/- petti dress konnaraa 10/- ekkuva pettaru.
    maa inti prakkana ammai 32 years untai 90/- petti vijayawada besant road lo konnadi.

    your call is put on hold antey phone ekkado pettukunnadanta.

    landline ki phone chesinappudu T.V sound 50 lo petti receiver sound box speaker ki pettali.
    nenu alagey chesanu.

    iddaru bar ki velli okalla bill okallaki ivvandi bar owner ayipothadu.

    last lo participants andari names pettandi subscribes perugutai.

    Vijayadasami subhakanshalu mee fun bucket team ki.

  10. FUN BUCKET at first had a lot of jokes and we use to laugh very much… but now we hardly laugh.. anyway keep ur work and efforts up always…

  11. Vijayadasami subakanshalu to all actors of fun bucket, nenu eroju bhargavi garini chusanu Guntur, arundelpet 4 line lo sivalyam temple lo bhargavi garu Pooja chestunnaru naku Chala happy ga undhi festival roju naku estam Ina series fun bucket leading actor ni chusanu IAM totally happy to see you bhargavi garu Happy vijayadasami…

  12. Worst jokes you have copied first joke from jabardast Adhi show. Please stop this fin bucket. You people are actually irritating viewers.

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