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You have shut all the windows right? Yes Did you go & see out? Yes I did Very good No one will come right? Nobody will come So should we start? Yes, we should start Sure? Yes You be here We are from Outcome Tax Office I don’t know anything.. Common search Okay Sir! Hey, not me. Search the house! Oaky Sir Sir tell them to stop! Shut up Hello, you can be here Sir, there is money here We are interested in that! Okay sir Sir, there is gold ring here We are not interested in that! Okay sir There is chain here Huh, not interested in that too! That is mine! Oh, its yours? Sir, the thing which we were searching is here! Yes… Remove that out! Okay sir Here there is 1kg onion sir! Oh god! Get it here Take it sir! If you can buy 1kg onion, then you will have a lot of other properties too! You are under arrest! Hey What happened, why have you kept your face like that? I did not expect that gentleman to pass away so soon! What gentleman? He will be online 24 hours Changes profile everyday If someone goes home, he used to happily share the wifi password! He was that kind! Hey I am feeling so bad that he died Why are you looking up? Nothing bro, till yesterday cars were dashing us on the roads! But these days there are attacking from above itseems! Thus checking for them upside! Tell me sir I want insurance! Its been 10 years since I joined duty Our agents used to come & beg all of you to take insurance but You are the first one to come to the office & ask for insurance! What are the new policies with you? One minute sir I already have all these policies Then what kind of insurance do you need? Is there any insurance where car comes fast from flyover & falls on a human being? How, so is it possible for me to sign via mobile & send? No signing on paper? Oh, ok ok. What an awesome technology is this! Hey Phani How has the technology advancd so much? Seems like this technology will replace the paper which we use today! Let technology advance to its optimum But early in the morning you will need paper & no IPhone can replace it! Everything is vegetarian invitation, no one is serving non veg food! Listen Breakfast is ready, should I serve? Is it idli or dosa for tiffin? Dosa dear Serve 10 dosas, will eat them! Ok dear! Will you eat without having bath? Go & take bath first! Bath? Will do Wait, wait You have diabetes right Should have tablet Have breakfast, take your tablets & then bath! Will have breakfast & then bath! Its the month of Karthik, will you eat before bath? Take bath first Ok, will have bath & then eat! Hey Yes You had bath? Yes, give me breakfast now! I am hungry! Ok Even without praying will you have breakfast? I don’t want your breakfast, will have lunch directly! God, what did I say now? Why do you get angry even when I am ready to serve breakfast? Hubby, that painting looks so beautiful Nice Ididot, this is a wedding invitation! Wow, mind blowing, this artist has drawn the image as if there were specks I will buy that painting anyhow, thats all I think its Ravi Varma’s painting No no no, it is Picasso’s painting No, it is drawn by Babu garu No, it is our village Diwakar’s painting! No no, its an asian paint! Whosoever it is, I will buy it! ** Fighting for buying painting ** You think we are mad to be in queue? I forgot my specks & my manager has kept it here! Okay, will speak to you later! How is your health? Thug life, everyone is asking about my health & not asking me how am I! How are you now? Stupid, give me your phone Should call my girlfriend! What is her number? Why thinking so much, just redial! Good idea! Hey, why have you kept your face like that? You called me yesterday morning & told you got a job! Suddenly the phone got disconnected! What happened? My job…. Gone ya! Job gone? I came with an excitement that you got job!! I also lost my job with the same excitement! What happened? They said the interview is over & you have got the job & then I shouted! So they removed you because you shouted? They asked, “Idiot, how can you shout Yahoo in Google office” & removed me!!

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  1. Oka tragedy ni joke GA vadadam thapithe inka vere jokes levu GA. I think after tik tok joke power thagindi and copied jokes from tiktok

  2. ఫ్లైఓవర్ జోక్… ప్రస్తుతపరిస్థితికి అద్దంపడుతోంది.

  3. Evening we went to buy groceries to Reliance and saw onion price was 98 and tought out side will be cheap asked vendor he said 130 rs and i prepared curry without onion, so relatebel to onion joke

  4. Rajakumari ABCD movie Lo unava naaku teliyadu monna chusa chala baagunavu 💟💟💞💕💔💖💘💝💓❤💜💛💚💙

  5. I like your videos And follow then since a while, these days jokes are a bit predictable and 20% of video is more click and trill and like subscribe trailer

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