Hey guys, so there’s this guy on the Internet i dont know man There’s a lot of guys on the Internet, which one he photo shops people like send him a picture on Twitter And I’ll Photoshop it. Today We’re gonna be previewing some of his lovely work Can you give me some abs so I can get the girls? What is that a pregnancy test? Why this boy holding up a pregnancy test this pregnancy test is dank Cuz it says she ain’t pregnant it ain’t mine and he Photoshoped a 6-pack of rolls Now he can really get the girls and boy and anyone. That’s hungry. Hi James Could you please make my dad look the other way cuz it’s a bit awkward, haha Thanks. I mean. You are tweeting this publicly ugh Who’s taking the pic her mom and her dad is just like I I Mean it’s not even like damn,my daughter be looking fine. It’s like uh. She’s in a bathing suit I mean he made him look the other way there We go did a 360 or a 180 or a 90 I don’t no man. Geometry was the only class I got a C in i don’t know degrees the only degrees. I know is the weather hi James Could you make my right leg a little longer it looks very short Thanks, And made her leg longer is that long enough for you Nastasha Girls don’t like it short girls like it long. He just gave you what you wanted. Hey, man The mirror was kind of dirty when I took this pic. Can you please do something about it? (Lia sneezes) Bro what am I your maid? You think is dirty? You clean it yourself try this next time Any Photoshop some Windex in his hand yeah next time you take a pic make sure it’s clean. Hey Jay I want to be a unicorn. Please make me a unicorn done. Okay. Humans don’t make very good unicorns. Okay, James Can you make my booty bigger Kim K style? I want to make them bitches jealous heat Thanks. You got it This dude knows girls. They like it big and long That was the other girl this girl wants a big the other girl wants it long He just given y’all what you want Realistic standards can someone please fix this photo and Photoshop the Sun between my fingers When you fail everything you can’t even get this right how many pics did he take Before he decided it was enough. He can’t he can’t do it first one. Let’s put the Sun in his hands second one Give him some salad fingers and put the Sun in his hands. Here’s another Sun oh oh not quite yet No, we’re gonna have to detach the hands, and then you can have oh wait look at all those Suns And he still doesn’t have any of them Yes Got it. He did it congratulations, man. I don’t even know what this is Hey guys, they told me that you are good in Photoshop I have this photo with my sister, and I don’t want that she up here can someone edit this photo, bro She on the side. Did you just crop her a few moments like that oh? Okay, Blake wraps his face out and put him on Put him on another dude. You know what I mean. Can you make me look less like a child yes, sir Boom new that’s all it took you gave them a binder – you got a 9 to 5 job Stressed the mouth so much made his hair fall out. It’s really unfortunate. How some guys lose hair, and it just goes through The back Sucks this up, man. Hey handsome Can you photoshop my? ex-boyfriend out of this why it ain’t even that good of a pig put on the dress again take another pic your Ex-boyfriend is out of this oh Okay, see that’s what he’s my ex. I hope he’s having a terrible time Hi, James. Can you make it look like? I’m not proposing the said pooping for a sec It looks like you holding it in sure okay, now. It’s like you’re really holding it Can you change this horse into a giant animal Fox not stuffed or a toy and? lots of foxes everywhere my question is why Oh Horse ain’t good enough for you. Ma’am secure this horse. I wanna have a horse anymore I want a giant box lots of foxes around okay got you. Hey James Could you please put a train behind me done aah? You can’t run you can’t run. There’s nothing you could do it’s over. Hey Jamie. Can you make my boyfriend look at me, please? sure What degree is that? I don’t know man But he’s looking at you now all I ever wanted in my life with my boyfriend to look at me do people actually Photoshop their couple pics like this like they’ll take a candid pic of them and be like he’s not looking at me Photoshop him to make him look at me. I’m wondering now do people actually do this comb cuz I mean Instagram Everything is Photoshop people Photoshop everything on Instagram Tommy. I wouldn’t be surprised hello James I really like your work So I wanted to ask you if you can do something about the man behind me he ruined my photo. Thank you Malon Oh, you’re talking about what man there’s like two poles behind you I wonder if people really get upset about photo bombing its aesthetic Cuz there ain’t nobody behind her we’re really girl how much Lex you really go and get on Instagram, huh? Anyways, let’s all for today I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you want to see any parts to make sure you leave a like and subscribe join Wolfpack Oh, I love you guys so much. Thanks for watching bye guys


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  8. I have a wedding photography business for about 15 years and You would be surprised all the crazy things people would want done In their photos. I had a couple that wanted me to photo shop their dead mother into a Posed group photo at their wedding. She died years before the wedding. I was Like "but she's dead" Family members are gonna look back at the photos years from now and be completely confused like "I thought gramma died before so-and-so's wedding" . That's just one example there were so many over the years.

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