Funniest Ways People Quit Their Jobs

We’ve all been through that one job. Where you had that boss who is a complete and total asshole? I’m coming for you, Jerry Jerry’s my goldfish, especially when you work at minimum wage you have co-workers and bosses that can really abuse their power I Find your lack of Faith disturbing They can yell at you They can make you do stuff that you’re not even supposed to do it terrible sometimes people get fed up and they quit their job They can kindly quit their job. You know say hey. I have to leave I’m sorry I don’t like this job or they can quit in a very creative way so what we have here the funniest and best ways people decided to quit their jobs welcome to reaction time and Let’s read this dear, Jamie I’m guessing Jamie’s the boss Since you decided to say cancer is not an excuse and thinking it okay to swear your employees like you do all the time We quit oh This is why you can’t keep a store manager longer than a year oh You abused your role and staff enjoy the fact that you lost a store manager co manager and key holder in the middle of back-to-school boy, yeah one two three Gone back to school. That’s right Jamie think next time before you treat people the way you do we aren’t allowing it Nick jess and Tj guys one of the employees had cancer and their dick boss says you still have to come into work That’s not an excuse cancer. Isn’t an excuse you just cancer. That’s all you got Cancer unless you got stabbed 13 times in the heart you’re coming to work dude. What is your problem? There’s a lot of people. I really hate their jobs in their lives, and they take it out on other people. They’re like I’m miserable you deserve to be miserable, and that’s what this was so congrats to you’re just quitting that terrible job over I just highlighted the keywords in red. They just put them all in red Just like making sure it’s a take-home message up Jamie’s of Jimmy’s level, okay So there’s a tech employee and showed his boss what it’s really like I’m sorry the designer you treat like that’s quit unexpectedly Their company and other employees are not affected like we negotiate to discuss terms for new contracts hr to find out how badly you That’s a good one okay. So there’s ignore hr, or Renegotiate which one are you guys going to click if you’re the boss would you click ignore, hr? Renegotiate ding quickly F5 for it self-destruct three two. I’m a sad guy one oh my God I was attacked I worked by drunk employee and my boss will fire him because he’s to lady toward the openshift so I quit So we’ll probably be with you shortly have a swell day Okay guys this person left this notes on the counter for every single customer to see now They know what the business is really like I think that’s the best way to get revenge on your boss Make sure the customers know I quit adam with you jeez okay. That’s a Taco Bell Tacobell’ It’s usually the minimum wage those are the ones that are treated the worst because they’re very easily replaceable, and they’re like okay Good as out looking for you like shit in you really shouldn’t but that’s how they do it So this guy decided to put up a sign telling their boss to go fuck themselves And as I quit very classy fish I quit and yeah happy birthday Wow, I’ve never felt better. That was a piece of cake. That was just a little sprinkle on top right Let’s just say that was the icing on the cake. How you finished it. That’s a little sugar Is why I the actual owner of the oFc of the club will be deadly alright? I saw them fighting for freedom and fairness which begins with legalizing marijuana here in Alaska, and I for this job well But I have a choice fight but wait We’ll be right back me a pardon for us. She’s no sure like what the hell just have as for this job I quit what a beautiful way to quit a job, but I think there was a better way You don’t have to do it live do it live okay, so this girl quinn in a commercial She actually shot commercial till our boss. No, she quit Watching the game now high tide. I quit she quit to do puppetry You know how it happens my boss can change his own damn sign, I quit I think the signs are the best one because when you’re driving by you CDS And it just makes you love that’s so embarrassing for the boss, but no one really knows who the boss is anyway, so yeah My boss can change his own damn sign, so if there’s a special of a guy But inside aquitted workplace everyone’s eating in the cafeteria and just watch this beautiful, it’s so What are you going to do? if you guys don’t share someone No Okay, no he’s not Mad anymore and join their lunch and other co-workers is decide to do this I Made practice in the mirror a lot Yes, America. I quit Some of the best ways people have quit the job they really hate at one point in your life You’re going to work a job You don’t like I don’t recommend doing any of these so whatever you if you get in trouble? And do any of these it’s not my fault, okay? But thank you so much for watching this video check out some more make sure to subscribe to the channel if you enjoyed this one and check out my gaming channel as well if you guys have any more More good video ideas like this one. Let me know reaction time videos jamaal calm. Hope you guys have a great one I’ll see you soon, but seriously have a great one guys and peace out

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