38 Replies to “Funny Background Music For Videos – Instrumental Funny Music For Comedy And Bloopers”

  1. Hello my name is Susan and I am studying animation at Portugal. 
    I am currently doing an animation for the university and was wondering if I could use one of your songs. 


  2. Hey can i use this to my videos if i like convert it ?  i am planning to make a video of playing a funny game XD

  3. Hope This Is Not A Copyright Even Though I Download THis For Free 🙂 Stay Awesome Mate 🙂 Gotta Use This FOr My Minecraft Animation 🙂 You Deserved A Sub 🙂 Here !

  4. I want use this song on my video but the site is saying it's limited use. I just want to use this song on funny gaming videos so i'm going to need to use the song more than once. Am I reading it wrong or can I use it for more than one video?

  5. I hate audio jungle with my soul. It is always where it shouldn't be: Youtube. You think this is a market place? Your place should be on craig list.

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