Funny Hypnosis Video – Wig Off

: It’s Marc Savard, the hypnotist.
I’m here with my assistant Jacky. And the best thing about doing hypnosis is
that every single time when I bring people up on stage, everyone responds differently
to the suggestion. So even though the show might be the same,
every night is different for us.: Right.
: And tonight’s lady, she was awesome.
: She was great. There was a lady up on stage, she was great.
: And the suggestion that I gave to her was that every time I shook her
hand, she’d be madly in love with me, and she was.
: She was.: Oh, and then you did the routine when you turned the belt into a snake.
: I don’t know if she was more afraid of the snake or she was more afraid
of her —: She did it: You’ve got to see it. I think you’re going to like it.
: Oh Marcy, you’re going to show the clip of the lolly —
: Shh. Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep.
Yes, we’re going to show it. Watch it.: Evangeline.
: Evangeline. That’s a very pretty name. Good to have you here. Hi.
: Okay. Well, okay. Alright
Evangeline. Wow! Hey, Evangeline. Wow!
Where are you from, Evangeline?: St. Louis, Missouri.
: I love St. Louis. I used to go quite often. I don’t much anymore,
except nowhere to stay when I go.: You can stay with me baby.
: Alright. It’s a little awkward.
I’m married.: I am too.
: Oh, no, wow: Okay.. That’s alright. I got him.
What’s that?: Baby, I can’t stand over here.
Keep the hell away from the snake.: I got him..
I got him. It’s alright. I know. We’re good.
What’s that?: Don’t bring that damn thing
over here. Do not bring that damn thing over here. Where you at? Keep the hell away from
me.: I got him, I got him, it’s
all right. No we’re good. What’s that?: Don’t please
: No, no. You’re doing good. You’re doing good.
: Haha. That’s just too perfect.
You can’t write that shit. Stand right here. You’re doing great.
You’re doing arms by your sides. Whatever you do, don’t move.
Eyes open, don’t move. You’re doing great, you’re doing good.
Do you spend a lot of time watching Animal Planet?
: No.: You should, because it could
save your life in a moment like this.
Spend a little less time building your farm on Facebook, maybe watching a little bit more
Animal Planet.: How do you know that.: I do mind reading.
:Haha.: I was messed up there, didn’t
I? Because you see on those shows. What they
do is they take the snake, they open up the mouth like this.
I know. They press the fangs down on the edge of the jar.
They push down the head and they drip the venom out.
That process is called milking the snake. No. No, you’re fine. You’re fine.
That process is called milking a snake.: Alright.
: Have you ever seen that before?: I’ve never seen no shit like
that.: They push down on the head and the venom drips out.
The process is actually called milking a snake.: Milking a snake.
: Don’t worry. There’s no venom on this particular one because fun guy milked
the snake all night long for your safety.: You should be thankful. He’s very good at it. He’s been doing it since
he was 13.: Oh shit.
: You know what I’m saying? You know what I’m saying?
: aaeeeyo. hahaaha.: I’m just going to pull him
off. You’re doing good. Really good. What’s that?
: I said don’t pull my wig off when you pull that snake off my back.
I’ve been fucking around and it caused me some money.
: What?: Don’t start none, and it won’t
be none.: You’re posturing me.
: I mean, you know.: Okay, yeah, alright.Oh don’t move. You’re doing great.
No one would have known that it was a wig if you had not said anything.
Okay, did you like that trick?: Not really. I mean I can feel
that Marc.: Oh, you remember my name.
Nobody remembers my name. Thank you, that’s very nice.
: That was some cool shit.: One, two and wide awake…wide
awake, woah! You get to take that home with you.
: You get to take that home
with you. Enjoy that the rest of the night.
No, nobody else is going to want it. The saliva is all the way down to the stick.
: Wow! That is impressive.: That’s how we do it in the Louise
baby: Here’s my card, give me a call
some time.

78 Replies to “Funny Hypnosis Video – Wig Off”

  1. You should do the snake trick but you should hypnotise them that they can't and they are terrified of snakes with the belt.

  2. Ok , I just recently happened to come across your videos here on youtube and I enjoy them all except for the fact that the sound is mono. Why is that ,and can you correct it ?

  3. @camh999 …his show is NOT fake…i have seen it 4 times…. Different people and hilarious every time….can't wait to see it again 🙂

  4. My wife and I went to see him and my wife was hypnotised and she too won the "lollipop" contest,lmaooooo totally recommend seeing this show

  5. It doesn't matter how many times I watch this one, I still crack up like crazy. She is super hilarious. I'm planning my Vegas trip and I'm planning it so I can see your show. Hopefully I get choosen to be on stage 😉

  6. was just watching some vids and came across this. you are AMAZING. i would come to las vegas just to watch this dude.

  7. Do you do the exact same routine every session, or do you frequently come up with new ideas on what to make your hypnotized friends act out?

  8. Does anyone know Michael C. Anthony?He's a hypnotis coming to my university next tuesday but I saw a lot of his videos and he is super funny with it.He did the belt/snake trick too but had EVERYBODY on stage believeing it was a snake and EVERYBODY ran off.He seems to be much better than this guy no offense.This guys still good though!!!

  9. Yeah, I've seen Michael perform before, he's alright. 😛 It seems like my university has a rotating two hypnotists they'll hire for shows and then that's it. I'll be getting tired of seeing the same two routines here soon. 😛

  10. Was your assistant in trance prior to the instant pattern interrupt? I'm just trying to pick out certain subtleties in her body language that I could just be imagining I'm seeing, lol!

  11. I still personally think that Derren Brown is the best, but I gotta say, this is HALLARIOUS, you bring a nice sense of humor to hypnosis. 😀

  12. Cardiff, Wales 😉 You wouldn't say Toronto is in the USA would you 😉 Great show though, love your videos!!

  13. He should hold someone's hand that is obsessed with him while holding the snake that they're afraid of in the other hand! lol

  14. you should have one guy guard the snake with his life and another guy try to be 007 and sneakily steal the snake

  15. It's crazy how many people don't realize whats going on there.

    Just to clarify for everybody: As soon as you get hypotized by a person you giving up the very part that defines you as a human being: your free will.
    The hypnotist has now direct access to your subconcious and can fondle around in whatever way he likes. He can block or add new information into your brain, it's all up to him and you can't possibly remember what he did while you were in trance.

    I would never trust any person in this world enough to simply give them key to my mind just to entertain some people..

  16. what did you study to learn hypnosis? is it actualy called hypnosis(that would be logical) or does it have some sientific name, cuz i wanna learn this shit for in my country 😀

  17. Hello Marc !!! I am always interested in psychedelic stuff,would you be able to make somebody hallucinate on purpose,and remember it later,is it possible ???Is it also possible to make somebody see things differently,but keep them thinking rationally and just like normal ? Sorry,i can't explain my question hahaha but i think you will get it…

  18. Awwww, the illusion was ruined when she fell in love with you BEFORE grabbing your hand. I believed you up until that point.

  19. I bet every night when you do your routine show every response is going to be very different. Never a dull moment for you

  20. Marc, you're livin the life. You must open your eyes every morning happy to be alive. More power to you, you're awesome!

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