Funny Tik Tok Video Compilation | Best Musically of September 2018

Turn around Turn your back around Step one glue my face just like makeup. You’re gonna want to evenly distribute this stuff. Like all over, Oh yeah thats the spot I could not reach that thank you lot, oh my gosh Oh, your with her now Ok. Guess I’ll just have to show you what you’re missing [Music Plays] Anyone seen my son Timmy that mother’s adrenaline is kicking in. TIMMY! I can see every equation scuse me, ma’am Have you seen my son? He’s about this tall clearly gay but we haven’t had the talk. Timmy are you in there! [Music Plays] Hey, Tina whaaa Why are you wearing a hoodie in the pool? I? I cannot be naked, that is a sin. You can wear a swimsuit Wah But I like my hoodie it makes me so cool But your hoodies not waterproof. Wow, you can really dance Wow, you can really dance he went he went As I said, we’ve both been dancing all this time walk away sit down Oh your with her now Ok, I guess I’ll just have to show you what you’re missing [Music plays] You should show me, some respect I dragged you out of hell, I can roll you back in [Music plays] took me two hours to cook this Can I have that. I mean I only made enough for myself. Dad, Kyles not sharing share with your brother Kyle Here. Thank you, oh I hate soup [splash] yo come here. Dad! [Music Plays] [Music Plays] Baby you light up my world like nobody else [record Scratch] [Music Plays] [Music intensifies] [Music Plays] Once upon a time I used to play with toys now I’d rather play around with teenage boys, So If get a hickey please don’t, have a cow. Mama I’m a big girl now. Have you never heard of gluing them on no watch this. No stop Do you still have eyelashes? Every white guy looks exactly like Tom Cruise. Well, every Mexican guy looks like El Chapo. That’s so not true. It’s so true It’s so true. I’ll pull up a picture right now, okay fine I’ll pull up a picture too. Think we’re both right? Yep Hey Siri, [Bing] find me a boyfriend. okay? Sup. He’s not my boyfriend. I think you better tell him that What. only love makes you that crazy, sweetheart? [Music Plays] Katarina Valentine, I will not sit here anymore and listen to you. Talk bad about yourself You’re adorable. Oh my god Patricia, you look pretty I know. Oh um You’re supposed to say thank you. Thank you for what? I mean, I just give you a compliment the right thing I was not a compliment that was a fact you stated a fact I don’t know why. What’s six times three Six times three. I don’t know six times three. Don’t mix times three shit. Don’t know it’s three. No. No, what is it? What is it? Get your mom why Teresa [Music Plays] Oh You’re with that dude now, alright check this out. [Music Plays] Stop dancing. Yeah, yeah always wanted a baby Hannah. Be careful. We don’t know who’s that is Hey get off me. I know you’re a lesbian, but get off me [Slam] Hannah! stop it. Just hit a button Morty give me a beat. Oh man, okay, alright ok, umm [Music Plays] [Music Plays] I’m on vacation every single day because I love my occupation. Hey I’m on vacation. If you don’t like your life, then you should go and change it My mom told me not to talk to you no more because she said your the B word, a booger. Oh yeah, well my mom said you were the F word, a fart Im not a fart! This is exactly why I’m not allowed to talk to you. [Music Plays] One of my best friends is coming over today and you guys suddenly get to beat him. His name is, I forgot but lets uhh, ha, he’s here Famous users, baby arial [Music Plays] Jacob Sartorius [Music Plays] Lisa and Lena [Music Plays] Daniel Cone Not that I am not doing I’m not going I’m not gonna go no matter what you say, buddy You are gonna you are gonna listen to me and you’re gonna go to school. Oh nahaaa eereeere Oh god, come on get back here not going to that place again dad! Hey dad, check out what I can do wait till we get to the restaurant, buddy All right, no dad look right now, it’s super cool. I said wait till we get to the restaurant. Okay It’s not gonna be that cool. I already know. Somebody’s hungry. No, I’m not hungry Yeah, you’re right buddy I am hungry [Music Plays] But you are my mama mom you gotta stop listening to Jennifer Lopez [Music Plays] Oh So what you up to IIIII am the LIZARD queen! I just broke the umbrella, fabulous, ohh, hahaha Dude I can’t wait to meet your grandma dude, she’s wild so morning out. Yeah, you never really know what to expect from her. So Ok Alright [Music Plays] G is for good Gucci flip-flops H is for hi bitch is I is for, I know I speak Chinese J is for Jacob fucking Sagotius Yes I got a win Oh my god you still on those video games go outside and play like a real kid, go outside Ok, ill go outside and play Thought I told her to go outside and play. [Music Plays] Johnny Johny yes father are you eating at sugar? No father. Are you telling lies? No father? Open your mouth No [Music Plays] Remember daddy was driving, in his car Yeah, is he coming home soon No, he was in an accident The lady at McDonald’s handed me my food and said, well see you tomorrow tomorrow. Bitch you don’t know my schedule but ill see you tomorrow. You know, it feels good to eat healthy [Music Plays] Where did that music come from [Music Plays] and how did that get there Kiki will you eat me? Are you hungry? I know you really really love me. When he see how I really look he’s going to be disappointed It Katerina Valentine, I will not sit here anymore and listen to you. Talk bad about yourself You’re adorable Which lover are you? The shy lover? – I can’t do this. The obsessed lover.? – I’m so obsessed The one that plays it cool? – What’s up? The one that just goes for I love you. I was sitting under an apple tree trying to figure out how to do the zoom Challenge and I was like How do people do this? I don’t move nothing happens and I was I was sitting there thinking about it this Apple came and hit me on the head and I was like Rude, how dare you? So I got really mad and I ate the apple and all sudden this thought popped in my head pshpshpsh That’s the silencer Boomboomboom Thats the grenade launcher jshbgjshbrjghsvrjhfv I’m gonna kill you zjhrgvhrvjzbhrvjrsvjeb Im gonna drill you hbrvjasrvjawhbj and now your bleeding. [Music Plays] You know what I’m really just thinking about right now, [giggle] What? [mouthing words] What? [mouthing words] I love you too! I said alligator food, not I love you. You so gross oooooh, not trying to catch these feelings. [Music Plays] What music are you into? I like this, its very grown up. [Music Plays] Guys I’m about to do a bottle flip and haters will say its fake [Music Plays] Boom, stuck that landing, all the haters will say its fake [Music Plays] I may be ugly, but I’m uglier than you which means I’m beating you at something. [Music Plays] when moms see the back to school sign at the store. [Angels sing] Thank you Jesus thank you. Versus when kids see it. [Recors Scratch] Listen listen listen listen listen listen listen Listen. What Everything they do at this house, they can’t trust everything at grandmas house. Okay Okay, then what. So does anyone else when they sleep have to sleep with one leg out underneath their blanket and it’s like so comfortable It’s like the perfect temperature But then you see the exorcist coming into your bed and you just suck your leg back on under that blanket and roast for the rest of the night [Music Plays] [Different better music plays] ahh, Mr. Bond We’ve been expecting you weeeheheeh Ig, ignore him, our mom our mom made us bring our little brother to work today. Weeeeeeeee Hey, can I ask you a question? What if Corn oil is made from corn? Vegetable oil is made from vegetables what is baby oil made of haaaaah, baby’s [Music Plays] So d sharp and I are gonna be playing a little game a repeat you ready man lets do it. Drake, what where’s the door-hole? Yeah, drew it with magic marker. You’re supposed to cut it out with the power saw good I’m gonna oh, really? Yes, so go get the power saw. Okay I will! [Bang] I See the problem. Oh do you. If I break up with Owen, will you be my boyfriend forever? Yes, yes, oh yes Wow, I didn’t think you’d be that excited about teaching me to play the drums. I’m sorry [Music Plays] Gee Squidward, maybe Santa will bring me a dictionary so I can understand what you just said. [Music Plays] Hello, were twins, were twins, yes sir. I am me she is she except when I pretend Im her. And when, we switch you can’t tell which is which Here I go come on Sally would you like some water? Good night Sally Good night, aaahhhh [Music Plays] Hi, my name is Patricia and I’m a petty bitch, if you try to talk about me I’m a take your men, hahahaha [Music Plays] [Music Intensifies] [Music Plays] Selfies to your crush. Selfies to your BFF Selfies to your parent Selfies that no one ever sees. Im a princess to. what kind of a princess are you huh, Do you have magic hair? No. magic hands? No. Do animals talk to you? No. Were you poison? No. Cursed? No. kidnapped or enslaved. No Are you guys okay, should I call the police? I might be slightly allergic to Tomatoes. So we’ll see how this goes. Well look at their Mazzarella Say cheese Sort of slap those on there. Am I beautiful yet? Something’s cooked. Stop dancing. Am I high. Is that our baby in the corner? Yeah Yeah, always wanted a baby. Hanna be careful. We don’t knows that is. Hanna Oh my god hunny, Hannah are you dead aaaaaaah, run! Think about, if you have 60 seconds left to live if your entire life was flashing before your eyes. The most important moments, go by, in an instant It D sharp, what’s that one song it’s like Nana Nana Nana Oh oh you mean, you mean. [Plays song] No, no, what about the one that’s How you think you look when you dance [Music Plays] How you really look when you dance [Music Plays] looking at it, he’s looking at it. Do you like me, Yes, definitely, absolutely. I rigged it. [Music Plays] Welcome to my crib i’ll show you a tour. This is where I shit, this is where I prey to God sometimes he answers. Um, this is my bed He’s always here [Music Plays] [Music Intensifies] Each one is 69 like the cash equal and puppy worth the ace [Music Plays] [Music Intensifies] [Music Plays] First fill up your mason jar with water. No Katie stop. We didn’t wash the jar before Step number two is to pouring the glitter, but make sure not to pour in too much Okay, that’s enough [Music Plays] I can do anything better than you [Music Plays] kidding me [Music Plays] [Music Plays] Oh my god. [Music Plays] I am so fab. Check out I’m blonde. Im skinny I’m rich and I’m a little bit of a bitch Excuse me I need the toilet. Say your alphabet before you go then ABCDEFGHIGKLMNOQRSTUVWXYZ Where is your P. Half way down my leg miss. [Music Plays] Said it’s gonna be a good one just wait and see [Music Plays] Mr.Sun came up and he smiled at me [Music Plays] said its gonna be a good one just wait and see [Music Plays] I did not ask you to do that No but you didn’t have to I though that was the point. I, told you, to follow your heart, And my heart wants to be with you, I thought thats what you wanted too remember. Sisters by chance, friends by choice. That is not fair. Oh Oh my god, it’s my song, oh my god. Were in public, please don’t, I love this song. Don’t do it Making my way downtown walking. [Music Plays] Lights camera action [Music Plays] Wait you thought this is gonna be a slo-mo, ha never judge a book by it’s cover sike. [Music Plays] Its a mental breakdown [terribly plays final countdown] [Music Plays] If you don’t stop being weird, we’re gonna have to stop being friends Okay. So, you’re gonna stop being weird. N o, I’m gonna stop being your friend [Music Plays] [Giggles] Hey, baby, look at this Hey, Siri Find me a boyfriend Okay Sup. [Music Plays] Separate your sins to me you’re acting like you’re twins. This is a mess. Is this a test? How many guesses do I get till only one of you is left? You’re quite the same It loves the game. How do you call your lover boy? come here lover boy. And if he doesn’t answer. Oh lover boy. And if he still doesn’t answer. I simply say babe get your ass over here and love me [Music Plays] Then nothing will stand in my way and the city will be mine haha I’ve got no strings so I have fun, Im not tied up to anyone, the’ve got strings, but you can see, there are no strings on me [Music Plays] I just put an eight in the lead, throw some jolly rancher in make sweet Fetching my clothes I where the white horse she snorting three three like a deer Wait, you thought this was gonna be a slo-mo Never judge a book by it’s cover Sike! [Music Plays] Hell no my man is my name is my man my man my man to [Music Plays] [Loud metal contains smash] [Music Plays] Rebecca, I love you. I, love you too I loooooove you Marry me Rebecca. No Why. I, I don’t love you. whoopsie. [Music Plays] Do you have Instagram No. Snapchat. Still no. Then what do you have. A life? [Music Plays] You killed my father. No, I am your father. What. Wait no. I’m pregnant and you’re the father. What. I mean you’re pregnant and I’m the baby. What. Spent an entire summer in Italy. Yeah. Well one time I drank 16 beers by myself. I ate a battery Why. I was scared. Of what. Of not eating a battery. [Music Plays] Me walking in on the first day of school. All right attention everybody attention I still don’t like anybody in the school, especially you Veronica. I never liked you since kindergarten So please do not talk to me everybody just stay in your lane and I’ll stay in mind. Okay? Okay, let the school year begin. [Music Plays] I Just don’t understand the logic behind dress codes teachers be like no spaghetti straps. They’re too distracting for the boys Really as if guys are talking to each like. bro did you see her shoulders though. Bruuu, them shoulders. Okay class who wants to do some quick math. 2 + 2 thats 4 – 1 thats 3 And thats right, who knows what a duck says. Quack, Quack Quack! Now Shaq what did you bring for a snack today Rice Krispies, no ketchup None. Nobody was offering ketchup. A it’s for Atom B is for booty whole C is for Chili’s D is for DISGUSTING! E is for exma F is for for free she voka doo Oh your with her now. Okay, I guess I’ll just have to show you what you’re missing [Music Plays] Did you wash your hands With soap Did you dry them [Crunch] WHAT! Is this all vegetables. oh wait, I want to show you this real quick. Okay Yeet What Yeet what what was that You better quit before you get your ass, beat. [Music Plays] aaaaaahhhhhhhhh Hey girl, you ready to… what are you wearing? What are you wearing? We’re going to the grocery store why. Cuz I might see Justin Bieber now drive. I think we have a sub Well, hello class. My name is mr. Burton I would like to start off by saying I’m not playing your games everyone sit down and Deena Yo teacher told me about you you like to cause trouble Trie me, everyone gets their pencils and get your work done. And if y’all have any questions, feel free to ask [Music Plays] Aren’t you the cutest thing No, no. No, I I am scary and I am evil and I will be feared not adorable But don’t you sleep with stuffed animals? That has no say in this [Music Plays] I won’t to be the mom Mmm I don’t think you can be the mom Patrick because you never wear a shirt. Your right If I was a mom this would be kind of shocking Just call me daddy. Hey dude are you hungry. Yeah, I guess. Okay Mom, we’re hungry. Oh, did you just. Oh my god I am so sorry. I’ll put the cookies in right now. Wow, you can talk to your parents like that. Hurry up Like what like in a loud voice? Yeah. Lucky, My mom yells at me when I sneeze too loud Water Earth Fire Air Long ago the Four Nations lived together in harmony then everything Wait what are you doing listen to me You love this woman, don’t you? Yes. You wanna hold her. Yes, please Than you gotta gotta try a little tenderness The chicks love that romantic crap. Can I have some. Uh, no miss. Come on, I just want one piece. Well, here you go. Thank you This is a tiny piece. Beggars can’t be choosers. So you get what you get be grateful. You’ve hardly touched your food I’m not hungry for meatloaf. Well, it is leftover night. We have steak pasta. What are you hungry for. Tony Rydanger? Shut! Up! Well, you are. I said shut up you little insect [Music Plays] and I don’t kiss like a alalalalal, I kiss like a princess You are grounded, for, till, College For till college!? FOR TILL COLLEGE! [Music Plays] You said I can’t flirt but I twirl my hair like this and you twirl your hair like that and I smile like this and you smile like what is that and I laugh like this and you left like that in your point is exactly [Music Plays] Making my way through the hood which I boo all his home boys think I’m cute hahahaha She wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts, she’s cheer captain and I’m on the bleachers Dreaming about the day that you up and find that what your looking for Has been here the whole time Someone came up to me and they were like you’re weird and I was like, why do people boo boo boo, honey? Listen Linda calling me weird is a compliment and when you call me weird, it makes me want to be weirder You might have a mom she might be the bomb But ain’t nobody got a mom like mine her loves to the end, she’s my best friend, ain’t nobody got a mom like mine Okay Nathaniel it’s time to pick out your outfit for the day hmm. I know black, but you wore black yesterday Okay, fine, what about the pants also black the shoes double black your jacket black as my soul Honey, the dog is dead in the living room. We don’t have a dog Did you bring a dead dog in the living room. Mm-hmm, yeah. Can you get rid of it please. I kind of like him He’s quiet [Music Plays] This filthy thing. She was gonna wear that tonight you ruined it. Honey, It was ruined when she bought it. Famous users baby arial [Music Plays] Jacob Sartorius [Music Plays] Lisa and Lena [Music Plays] My eyebrows look at my eyebrows eyebrows That’s the brow honey. That’s a brow too, honey. Watch this Swoop, huh? Oh, it stayed you can do that. You have a Brow. Don’t get too close to you make it cut [Music Plays] [Chipmunk Chattering] [Coughing] [Music Plays] Johny. What. You eating sugar. Nope. What I thought Hi sisters, todays videos i’ve got sister Ian Brother Ian No sister Ian. No, brother Ian [demonic voice] Sister Yeah sister. Brother. [Demonic Voice] sister. Sister yaas [Music Plays] When mom walked into the living room she said boy, you gotta tell me what they did to you I said you don’t wanna know the things I had to do She said son, you gotta tell me why you’re black and blue I said I didn’t want trubble. I’m the boy in the bubble, but then came trouble.

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