Game Night: crackvid

Do you know what rich people are doing
on their game nights these days? What’s that? Fight clubs. What? I just read about them. Which means a lot of you’ve been breaking the first two rules
of Fight Club They pay poor people to fight each other and then they
bet on the winner No, that’s not a real thing. Yes it is. If you can have anything
you want in this world you have to raise the stakes or life gets boring. The Kennedys used to have fight clubs at their compound. Honey, listen. You got to stop reading
BuzzFeed every second of the damn day. Oh, it’s easy. Annie! I am Jack’s smirking revenge. Uh, he was the Incredible Hulk! Eric Bana. Other one. Um, Mark Ruffalo. Other one. Lou Ferrigno! Holy shit. Primal fear! Richard Gere never played
The Incredible Hulk.. Time! Motherf* You know it’s true. Okay, follow my
lead, huh? Why, what are we doin’? Any of you fucking pricks move I’ll execute every motherfucking last one of ya! Pulp fiction, anybody? Right, it’s a classic. I’m really happy for you guys. Ooh. Lot of pressure here. What do you– Can’t touch a girl’s mouth. Why, you scared I might smear your lipstick? Hi-yah, I lost my credit card I was wondering if you could tell me
where the last few charges I made were. What are you doing? If we can find out the name of the murder mystery place he used,
we go to their office and pay them off to give us the final clue. Oh my God. You’re like a double threat. Brains, and you’re British. bITcH, wHAt tHe FUcK #every moment’s a day #everyday seems a lifetime Surprise, motherf*cker. Oh, sh*t. Holy sh*t! It’s like the Night of the Living Dead in here #GROUND Well, don’t kick him. He’s a regular Daniel Day-Lewis. That’s it. Okay, bye-bye.

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