Garnier SkinActive Hydra Bomb Contagious Laughter is what happened and of course beauty

Where would you like to have your mask done you want to have it done here? well I dont care where, laughing you look like your, like 500 year old I dont even know how its supposed to help Funky music Im knackered Quiet giggles First of all Ive got to have one of those oh yeah, oh god its very wet, This is a very Feuchtigkeit. Ha ha ha ha ha laughing alot Ok are you ready? Funky music helpless laughing, dying laughing, just so much laughing oh mum dont I’ll wee oh you just look so terrible i have to pee – more laughing I wish you were able to see You should have a wine Have a bit of wine oh Sh*t I cant drink any wine . now Oh dear How can I drink wine now with this You look like, your like 500 years old I dont even know how this is supposed to help (laughing so much I can hardly breathe) laughing ha (out breathe) phew ” have you got a tissue” Okay i’ve got to do the timer, ok 20:58 laughing laughing (oh god) I cant even see me no (clears throat) I’ll get you a mirror Oh no you can’t, cos you can’t see. Can you put your glasses on? Would they still go on? Do you want to try? No I can’t. Dont mess them up, dont mess them up Oh hang on we’ve got to do 15 minutes Ok . Hey Siri laughing set alarm for 10 minutes (mum off camera) Leave that Siri alone laughing again those bits in here I mean the whole thing is like a horror show I dont know how its supposed to make you look beautiful (lots of laughing) I can hardly stand up (lots of laughing) (ooo oooo) (lots of laughing) God darling i cant so terrible (laughing uncontrollably) okay I couldnt believe what I saw in the mirror I just couldnt believe it You’ve not got much time left Ive got to wee Oh dear Oh dear me (in to the loo) oh you just look dreadful oh dear laughing again She’s killin me Right what time is it You’ve got another 9 minutes to go 9 Well your’e supposed to have it on for 15 minutes You don’t have to have it on I mean you could well once you take it off you have to massage in all the all the goodness right I could just put mine on while we’re waiting Or you want to put it on me Yeah, Go on Funky music Does it look as good as it feels phoof . Okay Does it look alright? I look, its like that scary movie You know Jason You know like the Jason, Scary movie (AHAHAH noise) ah here you sit here This is what we do when we’re on holiday We like to beautify ourselves and make sure that we look our best For what? For the Zug Spitze tomorrow Yep we are going to the Zug Spitze tomorrow Mum is doing tomorrows video She doesnt think she’s doing tomorrows video but she’s gonna do it Aren’t you mum What do the video? Tomorrow? Yup she’s gonna do the vlog for tomorrow yeah yeah yeah, you’ll be good slurp What was that?? (slurp) Your’e not supposed to drink it oh bropf brofjd phew Oh god, you don’t want to get it in your mouth I know oh Oh your alarms on, you can go Now what you do is, just peel it off And just go wowwwwww Gosh you look amazing like that Music Baby Face? Oh Mate You are just a completely a new woman I don’t even recognise you you look 20 years younger laughs again music outro

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