German satire on 2nd Trump Clinton debate (English subtitles)

What’s still missing? Of course there’s missing a movie by Jens Böttcher, Karsten
Deutschmann and Henry Sperling. This time: the one and only TV debate. Let’s welcome the two most rundown
presidential candidates since Edmund Stoiber! Now give each other the high five
and then push out the pleasantries! This ole broad won’t get my high five. Say, Donald? Yo mama has got so much underarm hair, you think, she’s got a hippie in a sweatbox! And yo mama has altogether so much hair,
the yeti is taking photos of her! Are you also able to say things with substance? Dumbnald is a psycho, he says
evil things about Mexicans! And that he wants to press the nuke! And that he sucks women he doesn’t know! Hey, that was only pubertal swank
about the wall for the bean eaters and Third World War! That I like groping broads just like
any healthy hetero is completely clear! And now a silly audience annotation! I think God loves us Americans the
most as long as we just pop all others in the world and aren’t gay! I feel good about God, I meet him
in my mirror every morning! Do you two mad ones seriously think you could
be good presidents for all the American people? Mh, the peeple I’ll guzzle for breakfast. I only want a big bank account and
to whack those fucking Russians! But you’re really, you’re a quite cute one! Maybe I’ll cancel throwing
you in prison! Well, I’ve won. No way, I’ve won. America has lost. I’ll emigrate to Mexico hoping
that the wall’s gonna be built really. But you’re shaking my hand! Only because I’ve got the chicken pox!

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  1. thanks to Youtube…such evil humor…I waste too much time here…But, as I always say, live every day as if it were your last and one day you'll be right…

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