Ghostly Children Laughter?!

Scruffs Mckenzee, Here we go, Oh Boy We’re doing a special Halloween Edition Or Tuespukie! Alright, so we have this red fedora here again and I’m just gonna be drawing a question here Oh right, this is my question The next Tuespukie Question! You are sitting alone on the computer when you suddenly hear Disembodied children laughter What do you do, Oh Jesus (Tuespukie Music Plays) The first thing I would do after hearing Disembodied child laughter is, straight up, Shit my pants Because that is the most terrifying thing ever Umm, well first, Shit Myself, because that is like literally the most uhhh literally the most scary thing, you could ever hear Honestly I probably wouldn’t hear it uhh well, I mean, it says I hear it, but honestly I probably wouldn’t be paying attention I would probably look around first and you know, I’d probably, you know, just go back to uhh, doing what I was doing on the computer If they started laughing again, I’d probably you know Freak out, but I’d be the one to go and investigate because I used to be involved in that stuff I used to, I used to do, I used to be be really into the ghost hunting shows And the worst part about that is, I’m going to be stuck in my room Because that’s where I do my computer stuff and there’s only one way out, so there is no escape, There is no fucking escape That’s coming from outside that door, I would probably Huddle up in a corner and just cry, while defecating on myself I don’t know what it is about children, and ghost children but that is way scarier, than like and old man lauging uhh, I’ve never, never had any sort of paranormal activity You can throw shit and be a ghost, You can be super spooky and an adult ghost But if you are a child ghost, That scares the absolute living fuck out of me Don’t know why, don’t know why, but children ghosts It’s probably because children are fucking evil, Let’s be real here Like Ghost adventures, Ghost Hunters, umm, There was actually this one British show called Most Haunted That uhh, that I used to watch all the time The minute you hear a child, I don’t know why, why are children so scary? Like in real life I just want to smack them But in like dead life, I don’t wanna, I don’t know what I’m gonna do with that I, They’re just terrifying, They’re a whole different species Okay, children are evil, just think about a child ghost They don’t know better, so like, they’re probably going to think they’re playing with you, when they, you know, just walk up and snap your fucking leg the opposite direction it’s supposed to go And think it’s no big deal I’m one of those people who always goes and “Well what was that, Lets me go look, To a point, I’m not going in any fucking basements by myself, and if the lights don’t turn on, not going in it uhh, I’d probably just keep doing what i’m doing, whatever I was doing Just attribute it to something else, and ignore it And then they’ll continue to play with you until you’re dead Think about that everybody, that’s pretty fucked up isn’t it Whereas, an adult ghost would most likely, Just snap your neck, You know Finish the job, or I guess poltergeist in that situation, Either way umm, so, Yea, I would, I would kind of investigate it but, but At the same point, I would be afraid, as to where it’s coming from or Or I’d be afraid, as to, you know, if I’m be, If I’m like alone In a dark room and all of the sudden, the childrens laughter like, comes up right into my ear If I walk through, like, the hallway, the lights on, I’m like alright I’m pretty safe The lights on I can see everything, but the lights go off halfway through I will just breakdown, right there, I’m not gonna lie everything in my body Is just gonna, just go out, that or I’d go nuts, There’s two things I’d breadown and cry, or I would just rage and run around like a maniac With like an axe or something Yea, I mean it’s really, It’s really that easy when it comes to this Kind of stuff, just like, whatever I would most likely eventually investigate, So I could get out of my room (Laughs) And escape, but, you know, any other thing I’m fine with That is literally one of my worst fears though, disembodied children laughter Or just children, Deadly spirits in general, because that, that is just not cool No, I can, anything else, bring it on, not that, not that, No What would I do, I would piss myself, look for it, breakdown And or flip my shit So my answer is most likely, First, Shit my pants, Then cry in the corner Then investigate and escape, That seems to be the best course of action For that particular scenario, Yea, and anyone who disagrees You don’t, you don’t know no children spirits, So, Don’t play that game No, No, Don’t play that game, just shit your pants and run That’s all you gotta do, just run away, and then you can clean up later Sorry to disappoint Well isn’t that another Tuespukie question, Well this one was actually incredibly spooky Yea this one was way Tuespukie This is Spukie That I I read that question and literally, just wanted to shit myself thinking about it I may have shit myself when I read the question, I’m not gonna lie But you know, if you liked this question, you can press that like button And you could also subscribe, to see more Tuespukie questions Or just WITY Life Questions in general And if you really really want to, and you do. Why don’t you tell us down there in the comments What would you do if you heard disembodied child laughter, While sitting alone! – Alone, On your computer in your room – You have no friends, be honest what are you doing right now – Yea, You’re watching us, Good job. – You’re watching us by yourself, way to have friends – Yea, we like You, we’re your friends now, we’re your friends now – Get outside, get outside But be honest, Tell us how much you shat your pants, because that’s what would happen-One of us That is what would happen, I’m sorry David, I know you probably were like “uhh Ghosts” But no, that’s what would happen, you would shit yourself, and then you would like cry in the fetal position in the corner like me. That’s what you would do But anyway, if you have any other questions for us, You can also drop those in the comments below – Down there you know – or you can put it on Twitter Facebook – This is true we never actually say that But we do have Social Media – We do have social media, exactly – You can drop your questions there You can even private message us, If you think your question is that damn good – Yea! Yea, and you don’t want anyone else to know, that might be good too, that would be a good one That is good – I like that – mmmhmm – We should make people do that hhhmmmm

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