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Audience put your hands together for someone that fights for our rights to fight online Put your hands together for the obsessive
comedy disorder Sapan Verma! Thank you for coming out Have you guys noticed that as old people get
older they try to act younger Like my dad has started doing this thing where now he has started wearing sneakers
and denim and stuff He’s learnt how to use emojis now The problem is he never gets the context right Like last week I texted him saying, “Dad, I’m still stuck at home. I will be home late” He sent me 3 winky emojis back to back The other day his phone was ringing He was not around, so I just saw that who’s
calling The name said ‘Bro Dinesh’ I’m like dad’s become cool Calling his friends bros and stuff He came to the room, he answered the call Put the phone down, turned to me and he said, “Chalo, naya ghar dekhne chalna hai, broker
ka phone aaya tha” So not so cool after all But it’s true we’re trying to look for a new
apartment in Mumbai People call it house-hunting I call it ‘aukaat yaad aana’ Okay because here’s a thing, there are some
things that are very peculiar about house hunting in Mumbai
that you will not find in any other city I’ll give you a hint No matter you look for a flat any side of
the sea link every flat, according to them, is a sea-facing
flat Kahin se toh sea-facing hai Okay so I saw this one apartment There was a giant building, obstructing the
view I ask the broker, “Yeh sea-facing kaise hai?” He’s like, “Sir, hum toh sea-face kar rahe
hai Beech mein koi aur aa gaya toh hamari kya
galti hai” Like yeh kya logic hai Iske hisaab se toh duniya ke saare ghar sea-facing
hai eventually It makes no sense Right? After searching for about 6 months for a flat We liked this apartment, we’re about to lock
it down 5 minutes before my dad goes, “We can’t buy
this” I said, “Why?” He’s like, “It’s on the 13th floor” I said, “So?” He’s like, “Bhoot aayega” ‘Im like, “Jagah kaha hai Bombay mein ‘bhoot
aayega'”? There’s no space for you and me in this apartment! You can’t have ghosts or ghost stories in
Mumbai Have you noticed all the good horror films
based in the west are based in these giant bungalows Like my favourite horror film and favourite
horror scene was in this movie called “the conjuring” Where this ghost pops up from behind And he goes like, “Hey! You wanna play hide and clap?” Right? Can’t have that scene in my apartment in Mumbai The ghost is like, “Hey, you wanna play hide
and clap?” I’m like, “Sorry sir. Jagah nahi hai” No hide and clap, pakda pakdi. Carrom khelna hai toh batao, yaha pe laga
hua hai What like ghosts, Santa Claus want to enter
your house in Mumbai Santa Claus is supposed to enter through chimneys We don’t have chimneys If he tries to enter the society’s main gate the watchman will stop him He’ll say, “Kahan jaana hai, register mein
entry maaro In time, out time, aadhar card number, PAN
card number Sab daalo yahan pe” He’ll call you up on intercom saying, “Sir, koi Santa ji aaye hai Amazon se parcel
leke bheju ki nahi bheju, kya karna hai batao” And I thought my dad is cool, as I said, right? I realised the truth while house-hunting Because everytime you would enter a flat, my dad and I would look for 2 very different
things Like everytime you would enter a flat The first thing my dad would do He’s old right? He would open his phone Open the compass app Check north-ease direction for vaastu and
stuff I am young I would enter the same flat, open the Zomato
app Check out the nearest pubs around, what time
they’re open till and stuff My father is old He would always go down and ensure there’s
a day and night chemist around, you know, incase of a emergency I am young So i would always go down and ensure that there is a day and night chemist around You know! Incase of emergency Some of you got the joke , some of you are
really confused right now… Like this guy is like ‘kya inko hajmola lagta
hai kya raat ko pata nahi I don’t know! Thankyou guys! That’s my set. Thankyou so much. Thankyou guys! That’s my set. Thankyou so much.

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