Hey, guys! A random question. Have you guys seen
a Mexican restaurant on the beach here? – I think there’s one a little down that way. – It’s this way, right? I figured.
– Yeah. – Second question. I saw you
guys walking this way. You look great, by the way.
– Thank you. – Are you – I see you holding hands. Are you guys just friends or…
– No, we’re dating. We’re together. – I thought you were gay for a second. Are you guys actually
like together-together? – Yeah.
– Yes, we’re dating. – Okay. Well, on a scale of, like, one to ten,
how serious are you guys dating? – Um – I would say a ten. – [INAUDIBLE]
– A ten? – Yeah, we’re dating, man. – You’re smiling. Are you sure it’s a ten?
– I’m positive! – Okay. Well, I just came from LA.
I’m staying in Miami for a couple of nights. Do you want to, like, get drinks and –?
– We’re really… – Look, man! This is my girlfriend. Back off! – I don’t have a problem.
Just asking her a question. – It’s fine. It’s fine. – Geez. All right. No worries. [REVS ENGINE] – Now let’s see if she comes back. – Um, wait.
Is this your car? – This is my car.
Yeah, why? Can you not lean on the window a little bit? There you go. Yeah. Thank you. What’s up? – I love Ferraris. – You love Ferraris?
– Yeah. This is actually a Lamborghini. – Um – Well, it matches my bathing suit. – I know. It does. That’s why I approached you is I thought you would look great
next to the car wearing green. But, I mean, you’re with him, so I get it. I actually gotta go now
cuz my friends wanna hang out. – Wait, what is your name, though? – I didn’t give you my name yet because
you guys were, like, saying you were together, and you walked away.
[CHUCKLES] So… – Well, maybe, we could, like,
get a coffee or something. – You wanna get coffee?
– Yeah! – Your boyfriend’s standing right there, though. – I mean, it would…
It’s just coffee. – [INAUDIBLE] – It’s just coffee.
It’s not a big deal, right? – I mean, I was thinking
a little more than a coffee. But later on, maybe,
after the second or third date. But if you’re with him, that’ll be
a little awkward to do, right? – I mean. – Hold on. Let me get out of the car. – Do you care? – Yeah, I f***ing care. – Okay, let me get out of the car. – It would be just one date. – One date?
You have a boyfriend. – I mean, I like you. But I can’t really take you on a date
if you’re … with him. – No, I get that. But, like, I just… It doesn’t…
I don’t see, like, why it’s a big deal. – Um, because we’ve been
dating for the past five years. And you want to get in some
random guy’s Lamborghini… because it matches
your f***ing bathing suit? – Well, okay.
I just actually, like, I’ve been thinking that we should
take a break anyway. So… – Oh, you want to take a break? – Yeah! – I just took you to Italy.
You met all my family. Now you want to take a break. – But, like, okay.
I haven’t been happy. You know that we’ve had issues. – Okay, but there’s… That justifies the fact that you want
to get in some random dude’s Lamborghini? – You don’t have a Lamborghini. – Are you…
– Wait. What car do you have? – I have a Benz. – Does that bother you? – It’s not a Lamborghini. – True. – So, you’re a gold digger, pretty much. – I mean, look.
No, no, no, no. Look, I still, I still like you. I would totally
take you on a date right now in this car
if you wanna go. But I can’t do it unless
you’re done with him – like done. You delete his number right now. You guys do this breakup.
[DRIVER HONKS HORN] It’s okay. Just let her go. Yeah. You guys gotta, like, break up
right here, you know what I mean? If you’re cool with that, then I’m…
All of this never happened. – Is that what you want? You want to break up right here? – I think maybe we should. – “Maybe we should.” Whatever.
[INAUDIBLE] – Is that cool? I mean, look, if you
want to get in the car, just go. – I mean, if it’s cool with her, then here. Get in! Get in the Ferrari. Get in. – Wait, wait, wait.
Hold up, hold up, hold up. You are a gold digger! A couple of minutes ago, you were, like, on his arm and you said
you’ve got a boyfriend. You said “no” to me. – On a scale of, like, one to ten,
how serious are you guys dating? – Um, I would say a ten. – Now, you see my car and it’s matching your bathing suit
and you want to go with me? That’s your boyfriend right there. – Okay, is this, like, are you guys serious
right now? – Yeah… I mean, you just broke up with him
over a car. So, honestly, bro,
are you done with her? – Golddigger. You’re f***in’ – you’re done.
– No! – Okay. Hey, hey. Yo. Get in the car, coz we’re gonna go to the club
and find you a real girl. – Get out of my house – all your s***. – No. no, no.
Do not get in the car. – Hey, put this shirt on.
Put this on. – No, do not get in the car. – Put this on. – Get in the car.
We’re gonna go find you a real girl. – [Inaudible]
– We’ve been together for five years and you’re just gonna leave me?
Stop! No! – Just like how you
were going to leave me. – No! – Get the f* out of here, b**. – I literally get like… – You got exposed!
Sorry! Adios! – What the f*** [CAR SPEEDS AWAY] [Music]

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