Gotham Comedy Minute: Tony Woods on Returning to The Motherland

I don’t know if y’all can see because it’s television,
the light is different but can you tell I’m black? (Laughter) Right? But look at me, look at me I can’t just go
back to Africa like: “You what’s up dawg, I’m back!” (Laughter & Applause) (Sound of a blow dart) Ow! Who the fuck did that? And you know, as a black American you be sensitive
you know, you done went to the motherland and these little fuckers shot you with a straw! You be like: “Hey, common man! I’m the same as you!” “No you are not” “No. No. Look at you. You are Kool Aid we are juice” (Laughter) It’s a watered down beverage. Because you looked like you were asking him. He don’t know what Kool Aid is. You should have looked over here, he knows.

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