Gozu [2003] {English Subs} Dir. Takashi Miike | Surrealism, Black Comedy, Gangster Film

Morning. Good morning boss. Brother, it’s the boss. Good morning. Morning. Get going already. Well then… If you have any matters to report,
please speak now. Anything at all? Endo, ain’t you got nothin’? …If there’s… Who was that saucy vixen with you? Did you bang her? No, no, no, naw… If there’s nothing further then
we have something… …Well what? Everything I’m about to
tell you is a joke. Don’t take it seriously. See that dog outside? Dog? Dog. Please don’t stare. It’s a trained
‘yakuza attack dog. It kills only Yakuza “made” men. Yakuza attack dog? Yakuza attack dog. That little dog? I better be careful, huh? If there’s nothing further then
the chairman’s closing remarks. Me? I don’t got much
to say this month but… Boss! Better get him before he gets you. GOZU We there? Lt’ll be just a while longer. Did the old man say anything? What do you mean? This Nagoya trip. Fuckin’ crazy, huh? Checking in with other crews
at a time like this! Uh… Can I take a piss? Excuse me. Minami. Yes. What do you think of our crew? It’s a good one. At this rate we’re not gonna make it. As long as the old man’s in charge. As long as you’re there
Brother Ozaki, we’ll be fine. The old man thinks with his dick. Being crazed over women
at his age spells the end. I’m thinking about having
the old man step out of the action. When the shit goes down,
someone might end up getting hurt. Trust me. You with me til the end? Since you… Since you saved my life,
I’ve been ready to lay down mine. No matter what… I’m behind you all the way. Son-of-a-bitch. Stop! Minami! Get out! Out! Okay. Get down! Down! What is it? That car… It’s a yakuza car,
remodeled to kill yakuza. Huh? No… Brother. That looks like
an ordinary car to me. Besides, there’s no such thing
as a yakuza car, right? Minami. If something happens to me,
you know what to do. Die motherfucker… Brother! Go! Now! Brother… Brother! Yes, Minami here. Where are you? Near Nagoya. Bit fuckin’ late. And Ozaki? Asleep. Perfect. Get a move on. You’re not still having doubts,
are you? Look, Ozaki’s crazy. Get him to the dump in Nagoya ASAP.
You got it? Understood. NAGO YA 1 KM Brother? Brother, Brother. Brother. OUT OF SERVICE AREA Nah, ‘tween the two,
Today’z colder, yah. Nah, yesterday waz hotter, yah. Nah, today’z lotz colder, yah. I dunno.
I can’t believe ya, ya idiot… Yah, it’z cold.
Come over and find out. …Hold on, the phone’z goin’ beep…
Gotta put in 10 yen yah… Welcome. Nah… The day b’fore yesterday
waz hot you betcha. Coffee. I waz wearing a t-shirt, yah… Ya don’t believe me? Ask anybody.
Nah, it waz hot, yah. I’m telling ya, it waz hot, yah. I waz wearing a t-shirt, yah… Ya don’t believe me? Ask anybody.
Nah, it waz hot, yah. I’m telling ya, it waz hot, yah. I waz… Here you go. Ya don’t believe me? Ask anybody.
Nah, it waz hot, yah. I’m telling ya, it waz hot, yah. I waz wearing a t-shirt, yah… Ya don’t believe me? Ask anybody… I only ordered coffee. It’s complimentary. Enjoy. I waz wearing a t-shirt, yah… Ya don’t believe me? Ask anybody.
Nah, it waz hot, yah. I’m telling ya, it waz hot, yah. I waz wearing a t-shirt, yah… Ya don’t believe me? Ask anybody.
Nah, it waz hot, yah. I’m telling ya, it waz hot, yah. I waz wearing a t-shirt, yah… Ya don’t believe me? Ask anybody.
Nah, it waz hot, yah. I’m telling ya, it waz hot, yah. Got a problem? Ya ain’t from Nagoya, are ya? Are ya!? Ya ain’t from Nagoya, are ya?! Not from Nagoya… are ya?! So I say, “Yesterday waz hotter, yah. ”
And he sayz, “Hotter, nah. ” He goez, “Nah” and I go, “Yah”. Ya did? Then I go, “What the heck?” The guy’s an idiot. You said it. So the phone beeps and
I’m out of coins. Ex-excuse me.
Did someone come in? Someone? Like who? When… when I was in the bathroom.
Someone came in, right? Did someone come in? Dunno… Someone did, right? Nah, I dunno. Come on. Whatta ya say we go? What the fuck’re you telling me? You whacked Ozaki good, right? If Ozaki’s dead then he couldn’t
go wandering off… You dumb fuck! And if he’s alive, we’re screwed! He’s after my life! Anyway, find him dead or alive and
get his ass to the yakuza dump! You understand boy? Ah… Ouch, ouch… My balls… Owwwwch… Ah, ouch!…Hey, you near Nagoya now?Yes… close by.A guy I know has been running a crew
for ages. The Shiroyama crew.
Shiroyama crew! Go see the boss.
He might cooperate with you.
The address is right but I’ve
never heard of this Shiroyama crew. I asked someone who’s been living
here a long time but… Could be that it’s moved somewhere? Moved… To where? How about trying the police? The police. They’re your best bet. Yes? What? Where’s the Shiroyama crew? Shiroyama crew? What’s the address? This is for the Shinhonno Temple. I just asked someone there.
Said he didn’t know… You ain’t from Nagoya, are yah? Tokyo? Yokohama? Me, I’m from Hong Kong. What does this Shiroyama crew do? Forget it. I’ll find it myself. ‘Afternoon. Whatever. Not again. A bone. A bone. I knew it. Now that’s a flat tire. Shall I help you? Does my face bother you? Take a good look.
I hate it when people look half way. I was born like this.
Not enough pigment here. Is it icky? Not really… We got loads of tires at the factory.
I’ll bet there’s a match for your car. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Can you sing the blues? No. Ever kill anybody? …No. Hmm… You probably eat curry rice and
hayashi rice together, huh? Nope. Your grandma’s name is Kiriko, right? It’s Keiko. …Keiko. Just, just what are you getting at? Nothing… I was thinking how
much we have in common. YAMA SHIRO YAMA CREW Hmm… The name Azamawari
doesn’t ring a bell. Do you know the guy? No, I do not. Is the missing man
that important to you? He is. Then, I’ll cooperate with you. A friend in need is a friend indeed. But on one condition… If you can answer this question,
I’ll help you find him. But if you can’t… I won’t cooperate and I’ll take
something important from you. If it’s money, I’m broke. Is money what’s important to you? My life? I doubt I’d take that. I’m just talking about taking
something very important to you. Wanna try? Okay. Okay then. Here’s the question. What ‘takes’ but… also ‘passes’?
30 second time limit. 30, 29, 28, 27, 26… 25, 24, 23, 22… 21, 20, 11, Ten seconds. Hey! You skipped! No, I didn’t. Time… There’s no time! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Time! Time passes! Zero. Correct. Congratulations. I’ll help you find him as promised. Help him out. You got it. He knows more than most about
what goes on around here. I’m most obliged. It’s getting dark so
let’s search tomorrow. Let’s not. I’m in a hurry. I’m helping you out so
we’ll work at my speed. If you don’t like it then
you’re on your own. Make haste slowly! MASAKAZU INN Let’s go. Hello. Hello. Hello! Hello. Hello? Welcome. Oh… I was just out digging lotus roots.
… Would you like a room? Is there a vacancy? Both of you? Just me. We have a small room available but… Fine? No problem. He’ll take it. Kazu! Customer. MASAKAZU INN
Best Food in Town Show him the room. Which room? That room. Walk this way please. Thanks for today. I look forward
to your help tomorrow. Don’t! I’ll be fine. I’ll just check on the room.
It worries me. No, I’ll be fine. Would you care for dinner? Please. Eh? Eh? I’ll talk to the owner. Pretty nice room, isn’t it? Yeah. Maybe I’ll stay too. Fine with you, huh? No, let’s leave it to tomorrow. How cold-hearted.
After all I did for you… I appreciate all your help but I can’t
sleep with someone else in the room. I won’t try anything funny. No… it’s not like that. And that’s final? Sorry. All right. I’ll leave. Have it your way! Who do you think you are? Asshole. Is your companion leaving? Yeah. Would you like to have dinner? If it’s too late, I can go out to eat. No… We can fix you something but… Anyhow, today’s menu is limited. Usually we could offer you
the A course but… Today, unfortunately,
we only have the B course. Would that be all right with you? Sure. I’ll have the B course. As you wish. Uh, sir, the meal will be a while so… how about taking a bath
while you wait? I’ll do just that. Go down the hall
and turn left by the… pride of our inn, our rubber tree. How’s the water? Fine thanks. Is it now? What? Shall I wash your back? No thanks. Are you sure? No, I said no! I can do it myself! Lately, lots of guests
say the same thing. Please give me your towel. I said no. Good gracious… There’s no need to hide something
as fine and dandy as that. My breasts are big, huh? Huh? They squirt milk. What? Care for some? What? No normal person drinks… Lately, lots of guests
say the same thing. Have some. I said no thanks. Come on. No means no! I’m only joking. Dinner… is… served! I’ll drop by later. Excuse me. Why are there two portions? It’s complimentary. Complimentary? No! I’m fine. I can do it myself. Okay then. Yo, Minami. Yes. Did the circumcision go well? Yes… Somehow. Well show me. Huh?
There’s not much to show really. I said show me. Really? If you don’t, I’ll kill you! Okay then… Just… wait a moment. Wow, so that’s
what a circumcision does. Your wiener looks
just like Frankenstein’s. But damn if it ain’t as giant as ever.
Enchanting. Uh… Brother,
can I zip up my pants? Now, you can finally get laid.
Am I right? Yeah. Here’s a present. What’s this? Chick underwear. Thank you. Give these to the chick
you want to do. Okay. It’s a good luck charm so good luck. They’re Givenchy
and they’re crotchless. Thank you. They’re nice so take good care of ’em.
Givenchy man. I got you. You got it man? Don’t be throwing ’em away. I won’t. – She puts them on and you screw her.
– With them on? You do her with ’em on. I do her with them on? ‘Cause there’s a hole. So take good care of ’em. I’ll take good care of them.
Thanks. Today’s breakfast is the A Course. Morning. What’s up with that? It’s obvious. I got injured. I had a hunch something bad
would happen last night. So I didn’t want to leave.
It’s all your fault. I brought a tire so
let’s go change yours. After we change it,
where shall we go? So the place is back in business. They went bust
and the place was empty. I see… they’re open again. Welcome. That what you said? So I say,
“Yesterday waz hotter, meow. ” And he says, “Hotter, woof. ” They were here yesterday. Suspicious, huh? Ready to order? Coffee…
Without the chicken custard. Coffee…
With the chicken custard. You got it. Those guys might know something. I tried asking but they played dumb. Let me try. Excuse me… I’d like to ask you… Well… If it ain’t Nosechi
from West Junior High. Huh? Nosechi! In the flesh! Don’t ‘huh’ me, Nosechi. Nosechi, yah! I knew it. Sit on down. How long’s it… Shochan and Mocchan? Not Moroccan! What’re ya up to? You’re a sight for sore eyes.
Have a drink. I just ordered. Don’t worry about it. Help yourself.
Bring his drink over here. We’re gonna borrow
Nosechi for a bit. How long’s it been? What’z with ya head? I fell down again. Again?
You waz alwayz falling on ya ass. I fell too and can’t move. Calamity after calamity. I can barely stand up. Anyway, take a load off. About yesterday… Who’s he? Nobody… I sort of know him. When I was in the bathroom,
did somebody come in? You remember? I dunno. I see yah mouth moving
but I don’t follow. What gives? You know I was here yesterday. Around what time? Noon, you idiot. I don’t recall you… Even if you don’t remember, I do. You’re all in on this, aren’t you?
Aren’t you? He’s nuts. You’re hiding something!
Yeah, Asshole! Minami, please calm down!
Hold on… Lemme go! What the fuck! You expect me
to take that shit! Come on! Hold on. You expect me to take that shit!
Come on! Screw them. Let’s go Nose! No… If you’re going,
please go alone. What the fuck? Why don’t you try hiring
a private eye? I wasn’t crazy about helping you
in the first place. Nosechi. The day b’fore yesterday waz hot. Real hot. T- shirt time.
Take a look. All he ever…
Ever since junior high. So I called my friend
and he goez, “Nah”. Wait here. Signed, Nose. So you’re searching for someone?
Here you go. Thanks. So, did you find any leads? Not a one. You poor boy. Minami… Have you ever heard of
spiritual mediums? Like ESP psychics and stuff? There are some similarities but… Actually, my brother Kazu,
over there has had… a mysterious power since way back. He can ‘incant the spirit’. Incant… the spirit? Yes. A spirit possesses his body and… that spirit utters words
using Kazu’s mouth. Maybe that spirit… might provide a clue
about the missing person. Wanna try? Can he… actually do that? It’s worth a try. Maybe I will then. Wait right here. So… you’re siblings. Sorry to keep you waiting.
Okay, let’s give it a try. Kazu, take off your shirt. Eh? Like we always used to do!
Come on. Spit out the candy… Snap to it. Hurry up and strip. Moving right along,
we’ll summon the Spirit now. Minami chant… “gean-keruke-mister-amore”
over and over in your mind. What? Could you try saying it for me? Gean-keruke-mister… amore. That’ssss fine. Here we go. You ready, Kazu? …Ready… Oh Spirit, we summon Thee! Owwwch! Oh Spirit, we summon Thee! Ouch! Oh Spirit, we summon Thee! That hurts, sis! Spirit, are You here? It’s just me, sis! How about now? Ouch, that hurts! Please help me. Can you incant the spirit? No, I can’t! Hold it! He says he can’t do it. Doing it or not doing it,
isn’t the point! Gean-keruke-mister-amore!
Gean-keruke-mister-amore! Even if he can’t, he has to try.
Service is our inn’s motto! You! Ouch! Sis, that hurts! Get back here! Mr. Nose. Mr. Minami… I’m scared… Huh? Those two guys at the coffee shop… Yeah. They lead the ‘bad boys’
in junior high. I was scared to disobey them…
Forgive me. I have no idea what you’re…
Were they? I’m scared Minami. Really, really scared. Pull yourself together. You’re an adult now. That’s not it. What’s not it? The shop owner… Yeah… The waiter, right? He died. Three years ago… in a car accident. Huh? What’s a dead guy
doing serving coffee? That I’d like to know. And there’s more. They saw a man who resembles
your Brother. Really? You were in the bathroom, right? Right. A late 40s man strolled in
and asked where he… could buy glutinous rice. Glutinous rice? They said, “This ain’t no rice shop. ” And gave him the address of
the nearest shop. Here. Glutinous rice?
Had a customer just yesterday… Did he… kind of look like this? Kind of. Sort of. What’d he do next? Asked for sesame and red beans. Sesame and red beans? We were out so I told him
to try the liquor shop. Did he go there? Maybe. Where? The nearest liquor shop. Where is it? You gonna go there? I plan to… You’d better not. Why not? The owner’s wife… is an American. What’s wrong with that? Plenty. They used to only sell Japanese sake. But she’s more Japanese than
us Japanese. It gets me. An American selling
Japanese sake… That’s crazy. Can I have the address? You like Americans or something? Not me. How ’bout ya? I a-fraid I can’t re-call
the de-tail-s how-ever… a man who might be
the one in ques-tion… vis-it-ed our store last night
and in-qui-red if we had… any ses-a-me and red beans. He did? What? When I was out
playing pachinko? When you ‘goed’ to pachinko,
he came in and… ‘buyed’ sesame and ‘led’ beans. And where did he go next? I know it. If you know, then spit it out. My bad. He then ask-ed if I knew of
a cheap inn nearby so… I in-form-ed him of some-where
I was ac-quaint-ed… Where’s the inn? The Ma-sa-ka-zu Inn… An inn man-aged by a
sis-ter and a bro-ther. Domo arigato gozaimashita! Oh? It’s you. Did you find… the person? Did someone other than me
stay here last night? Someone did! There’s no need…
to raise… your voice… I can hear you. Kazu… What time was it? One… Around one… in the morning. He stayed? It was past our hours but… I told him… no… because… we didn’t have a room. …But he begged,
“Please, I’ll sleep anywhere. ” So… Reluctantly,
I showed him to the storage room… on the second floor. You’ve got a second floor? Directly above… your room. Those who deliver milk are… healthier than those who drink it. Huh? Brother… It’s his scent. Where’d he go? He left early…
without paying the bill mind you. So we were forced to take
the food left in his room. We took the glutinous rice,
sesame and red beans… and made red rice for breakfast. Could I stay here tonight? This is… not a guest room. Last night’s room is open so… there’s no need to sleep here, right? But Brother might come back. I’ll have to charge our standard rate.
Will that be okay? Brother? Brother? I’ll wait for you at the dump. Ozaki. Brother! Hello! Brother! Brother! Brother! Brother! Brother! Whodda ya want disposed of? Did this man come here today
or yesterday? Yep, he did. Really? Whodda ya want disposed of? Keeled over in the entrance. Keeled over? Somebody must’ve brought him. Where is he now? He’s gone. Whodda ya want disposed of? We pressed him. You fuckin’ pressed my Brother! Maybe. The… The insides… are here. Whodda ya want disposed of? That dried nicely. Where’d I put him? What design was it? Here, here, here we go. Lovely. This… This. This is your Brother?
Here. You’re late. I was waiting for ages, Minami. Who? Ozaki. Your senior. Trouble finding the place? Who the hell? Don’t you believe me? How the hell can I?
My Brother is a man, your… Minami…
Did the circumcision go well? Well show me. Wow, so that’s
what a circumcision does. Your wiener looks
just like Frankenstein’s. But damn if it ain’t as giant as ever.
Enchanting. Believe me now? What do you think of my outfit? Strange, huh? Huh? I’ll go change so wait here. Hold it! What is it? Surprised to see me so beautiful? Cut the shit. Who are you? Still don’t believe me, huh? How can I? I wonder how I can… For example… Like you’re still a virgin or… Like the first time you masturbated
you used photos of dogs mating… or that you often get the urge
to shave your pubes. I wonder if you’ll believe me now. How’d you know that? You told me so, right? I told Ozaki. And him only. Like I told you. I’m him. He’s been disposed of. Sorry to worry you. But… I’ve run into a little snag. No, Ozaki was properly disposed of.
Yes. It’s just… It’s hard to explain.
Can I tell you when I return? I’ll be back in the morning.
Okay. Good bye. Go ahead. Okay. Watch yourself. Hey you! Yeah you! Okay, okay, okay! What were you thinking? But he invited me. You’re supposed to be my Brother! I apologize for the love hotel. I’m sorry. It doesn’t bother me. Tomorrow’s an early day so please… rest well. Won’t you sleep here with me? No. I’ll sleep here. Sure? I’ll get the lights. Good night. Gozu…
Gozu… Kemuu… pasu-pasu-pasu-pasu-pa… Kemunpa… su-pasu-pasu… Pa-su, pa-pa-su-pa-su… Gean-keru… kemister… Amore… Amore… Amore… Wanna have sex? I’m sorry. Wanna do it? I’m really sorry. If you feel like having sex,
make sure you wake me up. Thank you. About last night… I’m very sorry. I waited up for you Minami. Brother… I gotta go by the office first. It’d be best if you didn’t come. Check into a hotel and relax. I’ll go too… I wanna say hi to the old man. I don’t follow… Do you? Nope. Do you? No. You’ve totally lost me. That’s only natural.
I barely believe it myself. But this woman is our Brother. Minami… Do you wanna go to the dump? Keep talking nonsense and
I’ll take you myself. But, it’s the truth. Is this the Azamawari Crew office? Not yet. Who’re you? I’m Sakiko. Daughter of Torada who
is most indebted to your chairman. I’m Azamawari but…
Whose daughter are you? Torada Ushikichi’s daughter, Sakiko. Torada Ushikichi? Does that ring a bell? …Well let me… Have a seat. Outta our way. Ushida Torakichi huh? Torada Ushikichi. In his lifetime, he always said that
you had helped him many times. His lifetime? He died of cancer last month. Oh no… You… You poor dear. I got it! He fought for justice… …regardless of the opposition.
He was that kind of guy? That’s him. Oh! Tora… You know, Tora?
The guy I looked after. So…
So what are you doing here? I have a favor to ask. A favor? Could you help me find a job? A job? Actually, I’d like to work here. Here? What’s with you!? Sakiko honey. – Yes.
– Come here. I have to sort some documents
at home. Will you help me? With pleasure. – Hey!
– Yes? Tell Endo to visit my uncle
in the hospital. Good bye. Don’t worry your pretty little head. I’m gonna take great care of you
from now on. Rest easy. Really? Really, really. Shower? The scent of soap or of me.
Which do you prefer? You baby… Wait. I’ll get prepped. I can’t get it up without this. …Owch… Oh, baby! Whew…
I almost ‘blasted off’ without you. Oh no! What the… Ah! Whoh! Help! Help me! What the? Minami! Help me! Hurry! What? Hurry up! What the fuck Minami?! I won’t… let you have Brother! You fuckin’ punk! Stand up! …Minami… Wow… Brother… Please accept these. What are they? Givenchy crotchless panties. The ones I got from you, Brother. But I’d like you
to accept them Brother. Thank you.
I’ll put them… to good use. Wow! Come here. Put it in me. Wow. Are you okay with this? Sure.
Leave it to Brother. I’m so wet. Put it… inside me. Yes. Come on. Yes… More. Deeper. No! I can’t! You’ll bust, Brother. More. Please… Deeper! More. Please! It’s in… What… What the… Too tight! What the! What the fuck! Holy fuck! Let… let go! Let go! Brother!? Oh… Brother! …Minami! Brother. Brother! We put the girl in the tub
and she was back to normal.

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