Grandma Takes Care Of Stray Cat. Grandson Dies Of Laughter When He Learns It’s Not A Cat At All

Grandma Takes Care Of Stray Cat. Grandson Dies Of Laughter When He Learns It’s
Not A Cat At All Eric Hertlein is used to his grandmother taking
in stray cats. During one recent visit, however, he noticed
one of the “cats” wasn’t a cat at all. Eric’s grandma is known to set up soft,
warm beds on her porch so that the stray cats in the area can have a safe place to sleep
and something to eat. Sometimes, she will even invite the cats into
her home. What she didn’t know, was that one of the
recent strays to wander into her home was actually an opossum. As per usual, Eric decided to swing by his
grandmother’s house to say hello. When he walked into her home, she was there
to greet him, along with all the normal array of cats that he’s used to seeing. There was one “cat” that seemed a bit
odd. Snuggled up in a corner amongst all of the
cats was an opossum. It was enjoying a nice comfy bed all of its
own. Eric had to post a picture on Twitter.Eric’s
grandma could tell that he seemed a bit shocked by the “cat,” but she reassured him that
he’d be coming around for a while now and that she’d named him Tete. Eric didn’t know whether to be alarmed or
completely amused by his grandmother’s naivety. “She reassured me it was one of her cats,”
Eric told The Dodo. “I told her it wasn’t what she thought
it was.” After her grandson told her that Tete was
actually an opossum, the grandma was a bit shocked and confused at first. “I laughed for a good five minutes,” Eric
said. “She didn’t realize what I was laughing
about until I started pointing out the pointy nose and skinny tail. She didn’t realize he wasn’t a cat.”Having
trouble wrapping her head around the fact that she’s had an opossum in her home for
the past few weeks, she got a little closer to get a better look at Tete. As it turns out, the fact that he was an opossum
didn’t seem to bother the grandmother whatsoever. “She kinda just sat there,” Eric remembers. “Then she got a little closer … and slowly
looked up at me with the biggest grin on her face and said, ‘Well, he hasn’t bothered
me yet, so I’m OK with him being here!’” Not only has Eric’s grandmother accepted
the opossum as a foster pet, but the cats don’t seem to mind at all either. How Tete seemed to adapt so well to the other
kitties, as well as humans, was a bit of a mystery. It’s assumed, however, that the opossum
was most likely orphaned as a baby. When he first showed up to Eric’s grandma’s
house, he looked a bit like a wet kitten. Like this.Even after finding out the truth
about Tete, Eric’s grandmother still welcomed the opossum into her home like she would any
other animal in need. It speaks volumes to her character; it is
clear that she is a very kind and compassionate woman. “She loves animals and taking care of them
whenever she can,” Eric said. “It kind of just motivates you to do better
and treat other beings better too.”

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  1. Opossums are really cool and cute animals. It’s extremely unusual for them to ever get rabies because their body temperatures are too low to incubate rabies germs. They can also survive serious poisoning by other creatures because their blood contains a potent pan-antidote that can defeat many kinds of toxic bites—even ones they never evolved around to develop immunity against! Scientists are trying to study opossums to develop an antivenom that can save thousands of people.

  2. I'd pretend to be a cat if a sweer lady offered love food warmth and care….sounds completely logical for the opossum

  3. That reminds me of a friend who said she had 7 cats. Last time she had 6 cats. Turns out she had an opposing eating the cat's food.

  4. She has a big heart for homeless animals….I understand the great love that God has for his creations and no less for His animals….giving life to such noble and loving heart like this old beautiful lady. Thank You God for her!

  5. Do yall realize how nasty a fucking possum is I have seen them crawl up a dead cows ass and eat there way out

  6. My thoughts on this:
    1. Grandma finds and takes care of an opossum.
    2. Shitehead gandson finds out and Hello to new Youtube/Fakebook content.
    3. Shithead grandson claims his grandma confused the opossum with a cat.
    4. Shitehead grandson gets 1 minute fame but nobody remembers his shitface.
    5. Shithead grandson.

  7. Cat, opossum, squirrel, guinea pig… doesn't matter to me. They are all warm, fuzzy and cuddly. The more the merrier! ❤️

  8. Forty-five years ago, my sister's boyfriend nearly ran over a tiny baby opossum that had apparently fallen off his mother as she crossed the road. He brought him to our house because of our love of all animals. Long story short, we raised him for eight months until the opportunity arose for a forest ranger to give him a more appropriate home and the chance to live free if he so chose as it wasn’t fair to make this wild being a pet. Very originally, we called him Possum-he was loving, affectionate, house-broken, so sweet and smart. With lousy eyesight, which is normal for opossums. He loved to climb up my neck, tangle himself tightly in my long hair, curl up and sleep as I went about doing whatever I was doing, just as he would have done with his mother. He was wonderful and I’ve never forgotten him.
    It’s lovely of this lady to give this little one a chance to show the true, truly wonderful nature of opossums.

  9. We have a opossum that comes to our food bowl and eats with our 2 outside kitty's❤ he or she has finally stopped hissing at us. And looks up at us when we talk to it. So weird lol

  10. we have 2 possums that utilize the shelter and food on oour porch the cats just scoot over n let them in, but they tend to eat everything and drink all the milk I put out yes I know cats are not supposed to have milk but it's only one dish for six cats two possums and an occasional raccoon not really great with raccoon but I'm not going to go out and try and stop it from eating the thing about cats if you watch them at any point especially ferals or strays they will eat a little bit and no matter if there is a colony they will never consume everything they always leave enough for the others especially the older cats and make sure that the little cats eat

  11. This is a beautiful story of a very kind-hearted lady – A true animal lover. Cats and 'possums often play together – They are not enemies. God Bless this lovely human being. 💕

  12. What a sweetheart she is! Well they do say we alll have a mission to do here that will determine where we will go……this beautiful lady will be going to heaven, no doubt!

  13. Nobody could mistake a possum for a cat.. I have known people who thought a possum was a rat.. It's been my experience that cats get along with most wild animals..

  14. There's a colony of cats in a park canyon in LA here and they live and eat with skunks possums and raccoons all in harmony. They've been there so many years this woman started a rescue and feeding service bringing them bags of food every day.

  15. When I was 12 my dad brought home a baby opossum that had become separated from his momma. I was always taking care of strays so my brothers, sister, and I raised him. He was so sweet and dang smart too. We raised him to adulthood then released him back into the country where he came from. Nothing but fond memories of that dear boy.

  16. I was taking care of 6 cats and 2 dogs. while I was watching tv one night, I thought, why are those cats so close to each other. When I turned on the light it was a possum. I almost had a heart attack…lol. My son and I ushered it outside, even though it didn't want to go.To this day, I have NO idea how it got in. The cats were indoor cats.

  17. God bless you grandma! Any animal you help is a good thing! I feed squirrels, stellar jays, crows, finches, thrush and raccons. Every animal in the area knows they can come and eat, drink, rest and be safe, I like that 🙂

  18. If this woman is serious about wanting to help these feral cats then she should take them all to the Humane Society's many free vet clinics and have them ALL spayed/neutered. All she is doing by feeding and housing them is encouraging them to breed to out of control numbers which in turn harms other wildlife like birds. Right now in California the number of feral cats is at all-time high numbers and it's having HORRIFIC effects on a number of endangered species of birds; especially the California quail.

  19. OMFG!! Friggin' possums! Those giant demonic rats used to hang out on my porch all the time, eating the food I put out for the ferals. No I NEVER let them in the house, but they did get into the feral cat beds. Ohio is a cold place in the winter. I'm in Florida now and I don't put food outside anymore because it can draw coyotes or worse. Grandma really does have a big heart, because I didn't give those possums much of a warm welcome!

  20. The only part of the title I saw was “Grandma takes in stray cat. Grandson dies…”. Thought the cat had killed him or something lol glad this story didn’t end that way

  21. I have a friend that has a rescue for rabbits she laughs at her night visiters they eat the leftover cat food and sleep on the cat stand. One night her cat came home with two new friends a skunk and a possum just like they had been friends for years. Georgie is a strange cat.

  22. what's up with the automated voice???? there's nothing that makes me click off a videos so quick when I hear that. honestly whats the reasoning behind doing that??? I'm sure there's a reason, if the guy can't talk couldn't he get a friend to narrate it for him, it's just sounds so silly

  23. I had a baby possum that would & eat with my cats & kittens. The cats would be eating when the possum showed up,the kittens would stop eating & would just sit & watch the possum. The looks on their faces were priceless.Their faces looked like they were thinking 'What the hell is that'?They eventually got use to it & didn't pay it any attention. It was funny to watch them.

  24. It's a cute video, but seriously, how can someone not tell that's not a cat?? Unless she was visually impaired, of course..

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