Grandpas Smoking Weed for the First Time | Strange Buds | Cut

(hip hop music) – Hi there, my name’s Robert. – My name’s Marvin. – I’m Graham, and I’d never smoked. But now I’m dying to try it. – Well, the reason I
never tried it is because there was taboo, and you
know, the environment I was in was sort of a church environment, so we were never around
it, it was never around us. – Never had the urge to. Even though my friends were
smoking and sniffing glue, paint, I just never had the
urge to, not even drink. I was just a happy-go-lucky
guy, all the time. – It’s always been a
negative thing in my mind, and I’ve never really wanted to jump off that particular bridge. (muttering) – Enjoy; here’s a lighter. – Huh, paraphernalia. That’s what they call it. What’s the, this here? I’m more used to cigarettes, man. I’ll try one of these things. Whew, man. – Ah, it smells like a
dead skunk, doesn’t it? – Nasty. – This is weird. You put your lips inside of this? It’s like a porno thing. – Whoa, he’s a smoker, man. (coughing) – There’s some smoke in there, still, if you wanna puff on it. – I don’t even like this
stuff, man, is what I’m saying. (coughing) Gotta cough to get high? Shit. That’s crazy. (coughing) This is crazy, man. – This is being sponsored by
Luden’s cough drops, right? (clock ticking) – I let my daughter know
what I was gonna do. And she goes: I can’t believe
you’re gonna do that, Dad. – I don’t think it does
anything to you, really. You sure this is not a placebo? Look, even though you’re
like, like a fish in a bowl, or something, you know,
everybody’s watching. – On the count of three,
we all swim up to the glass and make faces at them. – And turn the light
around on them. (laughing) – Try it. – No, man, I’m done. I’m done. I drank a lot, and this has no comparison. – I think I’d rather do this than drink. – Cough the rest of your life? – Well, at least I know I could drive. – My dad, if he was still
alive, he would disown me. – Well, they never talked
about ’em, you know? My older brothers got caught up in it, and it messed ’em around, some of them. You know, needles, things of that nature. So that kept me more
and more away from that. You know, that kind of madness. (coughing) Looks space-aged. If it opens, it opens
on either end, right? – Yeah, that’s what I’m kinda figuring. Push this end and a buzz to, oh, oh, it’s changing colors. – What is it, a flashlight? – It changed color. (inhaling) Yeah, yeah, that, oh definitely. I definitely feel a little bit different, after inhaling that thing, there. – Never have I ever had a golden shower. – And I don’t even know what that is. – A golden shower is
when you put yourself out and somebody stands over and pees on you. – Yeah, well, like a water sweeper– – Supposed to be fun for some people. – Well, not me. – Yo, it’s getting kinda hard to read. I feel like I don’t, no, never mind. I don’t know what the
hell I was gonna say. – Talk to me, my friend, shoot. You got the flow. – Yeah, just start, it’ll flow. – Now, what the hell was I gonna say? My mouth feels like a
mouth of peanut butter. – Is the lighter ringing now? – I don’t know, I’m just really relaxed. (laughing) What was that? To you. – Yeah, you go underground. Six feet deep, that’s what I believe. – I believe that you have a soul. – Ah, I don’t think I
heard anything you said. – We don’t know how long
the sun’s gonna last. I mean, it’s a fireball. How long is that thing
gonna stay like it is. Is it real? I don’t know; it feels real. I can’t reach out and touch it. (laughing) (faint whistling) – I don’t wanna lift my head, my arm, or lift my eyebrows. – Everything feels a
little different, you know? Like, you’re used to wearing loose clothes and all of a sudden, somebody
wraps you in duct tape, or something, your skin
would feel different. That’s kind of how I, ah, I feel like my brain is probably three sizes bigger than my skull. – I think it should be legal. It should never have been
illegal, is what I’m saying. Isn’t that right, Graham? (muttering) Huh? Isn’t that right, my friend? – [Graham] Oh, I am so relaxed. – They’ve come to expect
that everything would be, you know, rainbows and unicorns,
and I see a lot of really frustrated people, because
they’ve hit that brick wall. Oh, God, you know, life is just no fun. – Yeah, but the ones coming behind us, that’s gonna be running
it, they’re laughing, because they’re having fun with what they’re getting ready to do. – See, I could hear everything in here, but I’m like, too tired to move. – That’s called: being stoned. – Man. (scoffs) They call it the computer, but what is it? You know, other than
something that’s holding a bunch of knowledge
that humans put into it, you know, but it’s advanced everything. – I remember when they discovered Pluto. – You can remember that? Hey, Graham. Did you know they just discovered Pluto? Not me. I couldn’t picture it. Well, I just, you know, I
just don’t feel comfortable with whatever is happening, you know? – I don’t know. I’ve still got an open mind about it, but this definitely feels weird. I don’t know how I feel
about feeling weird. – Ah, yeah, but I think more slower. I’m okay! I just feel really relaxed. Oh yeah, like I am floating. I really have to do this more often. (laughing) – Hey everyone, thank you for watching. We hope you liked the video. If you did, please subscribe
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58 Replies to “Grandpas Smoking Weed for the First Time | Strange Buds | Cut”

  1. Wtf these dudes are like ancient and they know nothing about smoking weed. I’m 13 and know much more than them about smoking weed 😂😂😂

  2. Graham was definitely my favorite! I think the other two guys we're just a little too close minded for me, they acted more like someone who had to do it instead of someone open to try it!

  3. For the ones that don't believe it honestly it was my very first time

    I just never was interested in smoking or drinking..

    Even though you could buy a four-finger baggie of weed for five bucks


  5. i agree with the black guy, weed is the best thing that ever happened in my life, if i hadnt started smoking at night, i would have killed myself a long time ago, i prefer not to smoke until after 9 PM, cause i dont wanna be a pot head or a druggy

  6. absolutely the most beautiful clip on youtube , if you smoke yourself
    and that ending , man , head slumped down … completely relaxed …. '' i really got to do this more often !''
    brilliant !

  7. You get old people high and your first question is "what do you think happens when you die?" Whatta buzzkill guys. Especially with bright ass lights in their faces. Graham just wanted to chill. Be more considerate

  8. Can we get Graham back on again? Have him just chillin smoking a fat cone telling us stories about his past, that would be so awesome.

  9. The middle pa didn’t even really give it a chance he was thinking negative the whole time. I don’t see his point of coming on if he didn’t want to go in and TRY.

    Graham: I don’t think I heard anything you said. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Middle Pa: boring

    Other Pa: Funny

    Graham Again: I can’t lift my eyebrows 🤣🤣🤣👏

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