Greta Thunberg – Inspiring Others to Take a Stand Against Climate Change | The Daily Show

Welcome to The Daily Show. -Thank you so much.
-And welcome to New York City. You came here
on a zero-emissions boat, and part of me thinks that’s
because you love the climate; the other part of me wonders if that’s just
your Viking heritage. -(laughter)
-Maybe it is. -It might be?
-Yeah. Tell me why you did that. Why didn’t you fly
to New York City to come and, you know, speak
at the U.N. and-and, you know, inspire people to move forward
in the climate change movement? I did it because I have,
since a few years, stopped flying
because of the enormous impact aviation has on the climate,
uh, individually. And, um, just to make a stand. And, uh, I am one of
the very few people in the world who can actually do such a trip, so I thought, why not? Wow. (applause, cheering) Wow. I, uh… I mean, I know
I wouldn’t do that as a kid, -and I wouldn’t do it now. Um…
-(laughter) But what-what is inspiring
is your determination, and what’s inspiring
is that it doesn’t just affect other young people. It started to effect
older generations in Sweden, in Germany. People are starting to call it
“The Greta Effect,” where people are taking
more trains– since you started
this movement– they’ve said they feel ashamed to fly unnecessarily
in Europe. Your mom is an opera singer
and she stopped flying, which means she couldn’t perform
the way she used to. Do you sometimes feel bad
that she can’t perform, or are you more excited
that she’s not part of, I guess, polluting the planet? I don’t care, honestly,
about how she performs. -She…
-(laughter) She… (laughter and applause) She’s… She’s doing
musicals now, so, I mean,
she had to change career, but it wasn’t that big. (laughter) And the planet is the most
important thing for you. Yeah. I mean, for all of us,
I think it should be. Why… (applause) Why do you think… Why do you think young people are so focused
on climate change now? There’s a definite, uh,
disconnect between older generations
and younger generations when talking about the climate. Why do think that is? I mean, I think it is
because we, in a way, feel like it is more
a direct threat. Others feel like, “I won’t be alive then,
anyway, so screw it.” But we…
But we, we actually know that these consequences will face us during
our lifetime, and it is already
happening now. And it will get worse. And, uh, so I think
that is why so many young people,
especially, care about this. And, uh, and, of course, the awareness is not
as it needs to be, it’s not as much
as it needs to be. People are still very unaware,
it’s my experience. And, uh, so we need to continue, but you can see
that among young people the concern is bigger. What do you think people need
to learn about climate change? Many people have heard
of the climate warming up. Some people have a small
understanding of what it means, but what do you think is lacking in the understanding
of this issue? I think pretty much everything
because, I mean, we know that something is wrong,
that the planet is warming because of increased
greenhouse gas emissions, and that might lead to– that the ice caps will melt, and the global temperature
will rise, and there will be more extreme
weather events and so on. But they-they don’t understand how severe
this crisis actually is, and it is because
they have not been informed. Um, I mean, we are right now
in the beginning of the sixth max–
mass extinction, and, uh, people don’t know
these things. Up to 200 species go extinct every single day, and, uh, people don’t even know that we have… For a 67% chance of limiting the global temperature rise
to 1.5 degrees, we had, on January 1, 2018, 420 gigatons of carbon dioxide
left to emit to stay within that target, and now we’re already down
to less than 360. If we continue at the same
emission level as now, we have less
than eight and a half years until that budget is gone according to the IPCC
from the SR15 report. And that is for a 67% chance. Wow. And, um… Wow. 67% chance, and we’re not even hitting
those targets. What do you think
people could do, and what do you think
governments should be doing? I think people should do…
should do everything, but I think right now, if I were to choose one thing
everyone would do, it would be to…
to inform yourself and to try to understand
the situation and try to-to push
for a political movement that doesn’t exist because the politics needed
to… to fix this -doesn’t exist today.
-Mm-hmm. Um, so, I think what
we should do as individuals is to use the power
of democracy that… to make our voices heard and to make sure that…
that the people in power actually cannot continue
to ignore this. That’s powerful. -(cheering and applause)
-Wow. Do you… Do you feel a difference
in the conversation traveling from Sweden to, um, America? Is-is there a different feeling
around climate change? Uh, I would say yes. Um, because, here, it’s… it feels like it is being
discussed as something you– whether you believe in
or not believe in. -(chuckling, applause)
-And, uh… where I come from, where I come from,
it’s more like… it’s a fact. -And…
-(cheering and applause) So then I-I have
to ask you this. You sail from Europe
to New York City. Um… New York City is, um, quite an assault on the senses, um, when you come
from anywhere else. What is the biggest thing
that has stuck out to you in New York City? Uh, I mean, just everything. All the impressions. Everything is so much,
so big, so loud. -And, uh…
-(laughter) people talk so loud here
as well. And, uh, because– when you are on that boat, when I was on that boat, there is nothing. There’s just the ocean and, uh, of course,
the sound of the waves crashing. -But that’s it.
-Mm-hmm. No-no smells. (laughter) -A-Apart from sweat, but…
-(chuckles) Right. So, I remember
the first thing I noticed when I… when I–
when we came into the harbor was I woke up and, suddenly, it smelled something. And, of course,
it-it was pollution. But it’s still something. And that… and that was… It was i… -undescribable, to…
-(laughter) to-to go
from this extreme environment. -You’re disconnected from
everything and everyone. -Right. You only have yourself
and the ocean and the boat, of course, um, to New York. That is a-an accurate
and brilliant description of New York. It is undescribable
and it smells. (laughter, applause) -Yeah.
-I think that is fantastic. -(cheering and applause)
-I’m excited for your journey. I can’t wait to see
what else you’re gonna do. -Thank you for making time
for us. -Thank you. The next global climate strike
will be on Friday, September 20. To find or register
your local strike, go to Greta Thunberg, everybody.

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  1. First I wanna say SHUT THE FUCK UP to anyone who wants to say u disagree with her because she has a mental condition. Because there was once a guy named STEVEN HAWKING who IN YOUR EYES was stupid as fuck so yea. Just debunked your stupid ass excuses for not believing in the facts of climate destruction. I STAND WITH HER.

    OLD PEOPLE who disagree. Just know were gonna clean up your mess or were gonna die trying!

    And young people who disagree. FUCK OFF!

  2. Greta amazing her manner and sincere hope that climate conrol will change for the better. I am so impressed by this young Girl.

  3. She’s indirectly making fun of the audience(who I assume are all American)
    And they just keep on clapping and laughing like wtf…😂

  4. Does she really equipped with abundant knowledge to address the serious issues? She should receive more education before making her conclusions.

  5. She is a fine girl and trying to contribute to a desirable change! Sometimes I really dislike when American talk shows try to push stupid humor in everything.

  6. Using a handicapped minor as a tool to spout leftist propaganda is a super new low trevor. Brainwashed by her antifa supporting parents it's a horrific example of child abuse. Telling highschoolers to skip school on fridays makes no difference in climate, in fact I'd say that is just the opposite of what should happen, why if u want to educate on climate, you would advocate skipping school, wouldn't a all day climate lecture make more sense? People dig a little deeper then the headlines, this girls life is being used by politicians.

  7. Is no one going to bring up the fact that she had a crew obviously who sailed with her and then they all went home via plane? That's more carbon footprint than if she were to just fly there. Or am I wrong here?

  8. Greta: Aviation has enormous impact on the climate.
    Also Greta: Sails across the Atlantic with at least 7 crew. The crew had to FLY back home a few days later… AND they need to FLY back to the US when Greta wants to continue her sailing journey. This is a farce..Where are the serious journalists?. No one is asking these questions.. But then again, that’s why “they” use children, because you can’t criticize or to be harsh on children. Please people, THINK. This is propaganda. They have used children like her before to scare the younger generation..

  9. If every human planted a tree we would say Fuck You to the none believers. I hate all these people taking with no actions. What is the point of these talk shows talking about it, if they are not helping the cause.

  10. It is true, there are some people who are even afraid to have kids because of climate change. The older generation may not care because most of them won't be around, but we have to live here and our kids kids and the temperatures is just bad, deforestation, animal extinction. Look whats going on in the amazon. All the facts are there and politicians and corporations only care about money. They shouldn't be laughing about this, I don't get why when something serious is happening people take it as a joke.

  11. I’m so relieved that even my leftist friends understand that Greta is NOT genuine. She’s working for the very people who creates the problems.. the “climate change” is the biggest cash cow for a certain few people..

  12. Very disappointing. Really loved you before trevor but you're Americas tool now and you were one person I thought wouldn't become a tool. Sick to my stomach over you. Wont follow you anymore

  13. Oh poor Greta! The United States does have a politician who would fight for Mother Earth. The problem is that the corporate media and their puppets (i.e. Trevor Noah) slander and smear him so that they can maintain the status quo.

  14. Is there connection or is it random?

    ”Pope Francis' Video Message to UN Climate Action Summit, 2019.” på YouTube

    We will understand when it's too late.

    What is to come.

  15. This is absolutely absurd. Can you say propaganda. Is there any happiness in this little girls life. She's a child and the way she is used is heartbreaking.

  16. Even if things changed and everyone on earth stop using fossil fuels like today it would still be to late becuse the reset has already started.

  17. And yet the team that was meant to return the yacht to Europe was flown across? Any carbon-saving she made during the trip was thus nullified? Pointless exercise, like most things "activists" do……….

  18. She forgot to mention, that the boat she came in is being regularly heavily coated with chemicals that are supposed to stop corrosion etc.
    She also forgot to mention, that the 2 people commanding the boat had to fly back to Europe by plane because the boat had to be prepared at a harbour in the US for the next journey.
    She can't take the boat back to Europe so I am guessing she is either taking a plane, or using a boat that causes plenty of emission 🙂

  19. I think the speech is a Plot which is prepared in advance. And someones behind the girls are the people who talk about environmental protection but don't practice it 小小年纪就沦落为别人的工具

  20. Governments and corporations suppressed free energy for more than 100 years. Since we pay $5Trillion per year for energy, this suppression cost everyone collectively about $250Trillion in otherwise unnecessary expense.

    Research terms with DuckDuckGo:

    siriusdisclosure Energy-Suppression-Gary_V pdf

    theorionproject Stan_Meyer_Full_Data pdf

    siriusdisclosure Griffin pdf

    brilliantlightpower MHD_Paper_082719 pdf


  21. Hey europe hates that cunt we had one in belgium you dont hear about wy? We just bullied her away and she is next 😉 and by the way walhalla is not going to except that little laying dip shit…. long live odin and thor

  22. Anyone older than 30 thinks she's extreme. Anyone younger than 30 knows she's 100% right, correct and that its time for action now.

  23. She has certainly inspired me to take a stand against climate change!
    I'm cutting all 4 cats off my Lincoln tomorrow! V8 POWAHHH!
    Also decided to burn some old tires, and burn some plastic….Also gonna go out and chop down a few tree's and then celebrate with some juicy steaks, beer, and perhaps some unprotected sex…(baby's are cute co2 making machines.)

    Perhaps even put an engine on my bike that way even it burns some gasoline and oil.

  24. I don't have a problem with her directly, I have a problem with people using her to push an agenda. I want a great environment as much as the next joe, but I can voice my concern myself, thank you.

  25. The NASA on the positive effect of carbon gas

    The truth is that without carbon gas all plants would die.

  26. Whoever thought it would be a good idea to have a 16-year-old girl represent environmentalists or the climate change movement ought to have his head examined. It doesn't matter how smart or motivated she is. She's only 16 and that's not old enough. She doesn't have the life experience or academic attainment to represent so many people in such an important cause. She's not capable of it. Nobody is when they're 16. She gets too emotional too often because she doesn't have the maturity to deal all the things people expect from her. Greta's not playing the violin. She's not old enough to make decisions for other people.

  27. If climate change was a really big issue – it would be dealt with by sciencetists. Not exploited by politicians and these jackasses on TV.

  28. "Wow that's powerful!" – audience claps.
    Lmao now were have a mentally I'll child being exploited by her looney ass parents. I'm genuinely shocked at how naive and dumb people really are. So stunning and brave 🤣

  29. the boat btw , was purchased in US, shipped to Europe, then they sailed to US with boat.
    Just think How much money was spent here.
    a talkshow? How about build some millions of solar panels and plant acres and acres of trees like China did.

    ye you all have cutting edge tech and good cause, but everything stays in lab and on stage.
    shame .

  30. If you think taking advice from a CHILD is a good idea then you're as big a naive fool as that CHILD… NOBODY that is an intelligent adult comes to a CHILD for hope, an adult teaches the CHILD how to create their own hope by showing them how to learn, adapt and survive, to be a well adjusted human being that can form meaningful and productive relationships with society at large and hopefully create a family of their own and carry on the name or bloodline. That CHILD ranting about stolen dreams doesn't have a F^CKING clue what stolen dreams are, she doesn't have a clue about TRUE loss, agony or desperation. NEVER take political, social or life advice from a child, they lack the life experience to do anything more than throw a CHILD'S tantrum spouting nonsense about issues they have little to no real understanding of and if you listen long enough you can hear it for this AUTISTIC CHILD. Human beings account for 1/10 of 1% of ALL greenhouse gasses the rest are a product of the Earth itself, you see little girl the Earth (our planet) isn't dying, it's in absolutely no danger of dying. Humans on the other hand are breeding themselves out of sustainable existence in countries like India and China that are over breeding and poisoning their lands at a catastrophic level for themselves and other nations. If you want to direct your anger and DRAMA QUEEN BULL$H!T at someone then blame India and China and call on the rest of humanity to put both of those filthy nations in check. Greta you display (quite pathetically and predictably I might add) TWO DIMENSIONAL THINKING. Stop giving that CHILD anymore attention… Oh wait the mass media see her as a USEFUL TOOL for ratings.. Shame on you parasites.

  31. 5:30 Why did she use air quotes around "fix"? Was that a tell that deep down she realizes that this is mostly just a political movement?

  32. Hi, letting a kid talk about serious stuff beyond her capabilities is as stupid as letting an egocentric old man who owns casinos to run a government.

  33. How Many Plants did she planted??
    How many times she choose NON AC things.?
    What has she done rather than shouting and protesting??

    Before anyone Points me out.. Let me tell you i am from world's largest NGO RSS. And we have planted more than 1 lakh trees in recent years. We dont prefer AC. We are Vegetarian. Prefer Public transport than Cars.

    Instead of suggesting someone.. Or shouting.. We must do our part.

  34. There is so much we can do for this planet we live on. Drink tap water . It is drinkable. You shower with tap water. You brush your teeth with it. . That will greatly reduce plastic containers. We should go back to the day where glass bottles were returned for deposits and reused. Bottles are made out of sand HMMMMM. We should go back to using paper bags for groceries. I have seen tree farms to make paper products. DUUUUUUHHHHH. There is much we can do for this planet but nothing changes. Most people don't care. As individuals like me, you, Greta nobody is going to listen until it becomes a real big problem. Some of these products I mentioned are big money. no individual is going to change anything. Generations ago they had a much better "GREEN THING" going on compared to today.

  35. I can’t believe this stupid guy supports child abuse – this why I don’t support the demoncrats – they espouse delusion

  36. While the elites actively prepare a global nuclear holocaust, the activists are paid to divert young peoples attention to the environment, veganism and animal rights.

    Notice that they, these activists, never mention to their young, gullible, immature and inexperienced audiences that a nuclear war is the worst thing ever for the animals and environment.

  37. Because of Greta…a million kids want to clean up the Earth. A million parents want them to start with their rooms.

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